Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mr. Williams' War on Women

Well, the man who wants to be the world's leading gender fascist continues his war on women.  I do not, repeat, do not agree with a lot of the extremism that comes from the Radical Feminists, but when I see the sort of crap that Mr. "Cristan" Williams is trying to pull, it actually makes me feel sorry for them.  Williams apparently has no clue as to how he comes across, or more likely, just doesn't care.

It started when, born of his anger that Victoria Brownworth does not support the right of men who claim to be women to force themselves on the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.  Williams is also heavily involved in the "Cotton Ceiling" silliness, where "male lesbians" attempt to demand that real lesbians must have sex with them.  They cannot seem to accept the pretty much absolute right of someone to decline another as a sexual partner.  This really does begin to come very close to rape.

Well, Williams dug up a five year old article Brownworth did about pumping parties, which mentioned a young FTM, including the appearance of his genitals. Williams tried to accuse Brownworth of pedophilia and went so far as to contact authorities in an attempt to have charges filed.  Since then, Brownworth has alleged that she has been subjected to threats of violence and rape.  

Now, there is no way of easily ascertaining if Brownworth's allegations are true, but Mr. Williams' claims have been pretty much laughed away by everyone he has contacted.  If Brownworth's allegations are true, and it is very probably that they are, it would not be unreasonable to suspect that Williams might be responsible.  That does not mean that he is, just that he would be a reasonable suspect.

Williams now claims to have contacted the police and is alleging that statements by Brownworth, that she has contacted the police, are not true.  It should be noted that what he has specifically claimed is that a police report has not been filed against him.  While Brownworth did allude to Williams when mentioning filing a report, in reality, under such circumstances, unless Brownworth can show, objectively, that Williams is the culprit, the police would not have a report that "names" Williams.  Further, while the police might tell someone that they do not have a specific report on them (as in, no we are not looking to request you be arrested at this time) that does not mean that a report has not been filed.  Williams considers himself a master of spin, and this would not be the first time he has, in effect, lied like a cheap rug.  

I do know Mr. Williams can be quite obsessive about those he sees as an enemy.  He has very little respect for boundaries, unless he is the one setting them.  His behavior in this matter is outrageous, and his contempt for real women is highly disturbing.  And he actually wonders why transsexuals want no part of his little "movement."


Nicky said...

Ain't it very obvious that most of the transgender community including people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams are extremist and very violent when they don't get their way or can't accept "NO". It's clear that they are using threats of violence, intimidation and infiltration to erase biological woman to a sum of body parts. It seems to me, that the transgender community is getting more violent, more extremist and more intimidating to the point that one wrong move will send a huge backlash on to them that they will never ever recover from. It's why because of transgender people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams, people such as radical feminist are waking up to see what people like Mr. "Cristan" Williams are really all about. Sooner or later Society is going to wise up and see all the con games these male trans such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams are playing on to society and will drop them like a hot potato.

Just Jennifer said...

The sad thing is, they really do seem to be so clueless. I don't know if they don't care how they come across, or really don't know.

Rosenkreuz said...

To make it clear, Williams is only a "man" in the biological sense. If anything, he is more like a little boy or an idiot teenager who thinks the world revolves around his dick.

For him, the idea of lesbianism has nothing to do with the sexual orientation of females and everything to do with his sex fantasy of "lesbians" having sex with him. Corrective rape, to borrow a radfem term.

Nicky said...

It seems like their stupidity on top of their narcissism is very common within the transgender community and people such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams. It clearly shows at what lengths these trans will go in shoving their delusions onto people and society.

This is a classic example of transgender people who are threatening, intimidating and infiltrating women's only spaces.

Their's one site the documents all the harm that male trans have done to people and how they are attempting to erase women as a biological, social and gender class.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, he can be very childish.

Just Jennifer said...

As I have said, I would not want to be somewhere that I am not welcome. Most women would be uncomfortable around the radfems. While I don't think I would be clocked, I would not care for some of their views, thought I respect their right to hold them.

That is part of the problem with trans extremists. They will not tolerate any dissent from their views.

Nicky said...

Which is why your seeing transgender extremist such as Mr. "Cristan" Williams having a temper tantrum because biological women are not letting him in and calling him a woman.

On top of that, You have Transgender extremist threatening and intimidating anyone who disagrees with their logic or delusion. The more they do that the more it will backfire on them.