Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What are the Gender Fascists so afraid of?

Well, after making some polite comments in support of an article on the Bilerico Project website, and enduring more than a few insults, I have just discovered that I was banned. Worse, the message in which they stated this is untrue. A while back, I was given a suspension, and was told I could return as a registered user after a week or two. I forget the exact time period. When a topic I was interested in was posted, I decided to comment, and joined. Of course, anyone who actually refutes he pary line of certain there is going to be booted. In fact, I am surprised they even allowed the post I responded to, as it was contrary to what is acceptable.

This is typical of certain people who can be though of, collectively, as the Gender Fascists. Their view is that gender is a social construct, that transsexualism has no legitimate basis, generally that SRS is not only unneeded but is actualy "evil" and that anyone should be able to change their "sex" simply by saying they have changed their sex. Contradict them, and you are going to pay the price of being insulted. Actually refute their arguments and you will be shown the door.

It used to be said that reality is for those who can't handle drugs. I guess Bilerico is perfect for those who can't handle reality.

What are they so afraid of? That is simple. They are afraid of the truth.