Friday, February 28, 2014

End Game

After wasting far too much time, the curtain has come down, at least for the moment, on the gang of extremists I have been tangling with.  The whole thing began when I responded to a post on a relatively new blog aimed at "shaming" transgender people back into line.  The blog was started by a couple of massive egos that are the strangest pair of kooks I have encountered in some time.  Mr. "Jessica Lynn" Cummings is a classic non-op autogynephilic type who met a egotistical FTM equivalent, Ms. "Mark Angelo" Cummings.  And they decide to become a couple.  Now, this is not really new, FTM/MTF couples, while rare, are not unheard of.  I remember one being featured on the TV show "That's Incredible" many years ago.  But this one is particularly strange, because both are pretty much classic "transgender extremists," making a big deal out of being non-op.  Mr. Cummings still has his penis, so he and his wife, "Mark" can have intercourse in the usual way….I am sure Blanchard and Bailey would have a field day with this one….

Anyway, I responded to an article on the "transgender hierarchy," in which pointed out, as an aside, that I do not accept the label "transgender" and they went ballistic.  And, as I wrote about in my last article, they resorted to censorship, but then backed off…somewhat surprisingly, but they also went on the offensive, finally tracking down the crap that the cyberstalker who calls himself "Diane" Lask has been pushing for years.  And of course, they were just thrilled.  They thought that I would curl up a die, or something.

Hey, like I said, it is all lies, and pretty obviously so.  

In any case, "Mark" who isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch, FINALLY, after twice having posts blocked here for violating the One Rule, figured out that, "DUH!" he could do the same thing,  Now, he has resorted to moderating posts, so he can prevent me from embarrassing them.  

In the end, it got downright hilarious.  One of this gang of idiots, a very masculine transgender from Canada, who fancies himself a "writer" (he vanity published a book) even went so far as to post threats of violence…why do they always want to resort to stalking?  This is copied, verbatim…and is by the "writer" Mr. "Jacqueline" Waters.  I leave it to my readers to decide for yourself if this sounds like a woman?  Or like some insane drag queen?
And honey, no man here and I will out bitch slap the fuck out of you any day. You see, I don;t mind flying anywhere at anytime to deal face to face with any cunt..I will even show you my pussy while I am there so you can come back and apologize for how stupid you really are.
 So if you would like to set up a meeting so we can discuss matters in person, just let me know. Other than that shut your pie hole (no doubt the only hole you have besides the one in your head where a brain is supposed to be located).
Unlike you, I have a life and work to do that goes far above playing silly little games with a bitch boy keyboard commando troll.
 So when and where? Just let me know. If you live in a nice place I will come back and let everyone know they were wrong about you being poor and near homeless. I mean all this shit is easily resolved. You show me yours and I will show you mine ok? 
Aside from posting this after there is no way I can respond (which is probably why he posted it, since he is confident I wouldn't be able to take him up on it) this is almost hilarious. Now, I have no desire to invite some violent man to come visit me in San Francisco. I am certainly not going to allow some nut case associated with this band of lunatics to gather private information, like where I live, and such. And I sure am not going to expose myself to some pervert.

But this, I fear, is a classic example of transgender mentality.  My feelings on the subject can be summed up in a post I made in response to an article defending "transgender ideology" there.  I responded directly to a could of statements in the article. Here is the cold, hard truth that finally pushed Ms. "Mark" over the edge…
"You expect to be properly identified and treated as any other woman (If you are Female-to-Male then the same logic will apply for you as a man.)"
And your answer to this is to publicly identify as something that clearly marks you as NOT be a woman (or a man, for the FTMs) at all. In spite of your silly claims (based on male-sexist concepts that only "drop-dead gorgeous" women…which is ironic at best for this bunch, matter) I live as a woman, not as a "trans woman." You can tell me what you think, but I know what I live.

"And for those transsexual extremists out there.... if you hate transgender so much, why spend all your time attacking the people who do feel comfortable with the term?" 
When you stop trying to use us as your beards, when you stop demanding that society accept idiocy like "women have penises," and "men can become pregnant," when you stop advocating that just because some dude claims he feels like a woman, he has to be accepted as one, when you stop defending perverts like Colleen Francis, when you stop demanding the right of pre-op (who, if legitimate, would NEVER do such a thing) and so-called "non-op transsexuals" (an oxymoron) to be in women's spaces where nudity is likely, when you stop trying to get the right to change your birth certificate without actually changing your self (again, women do not have penises, and men cannot get pregnant) and especially when you state, without qualification or reservation, that ONLY people who self-identify as transgender should ever be referred to as transgender, then and ONLY THEN, will we stop attacking you. Until then, well you deserve to be made to fill like the extremists you are. And no, we won't "shut the hell up!" We will speak out, and oppose your extremism. And we will help bring about the coming backlash, and hopefully prevent if from consuming us along with you.
Time will tell what happens.  Ms. Cummings made a couple of threats that could come back to haunt him if he follows through, but as they say, "Spoilers, darling, spoilers…"  I will check that blog from time to time, as I do other transgender blogs, but since they have gone full blown censorship, I won't be posting there.  I think I have pretty much said all that is worth saying to them there anyway.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Transgender Kook Triple Play

There is a pattern that seems to play out repeatedly when one deals with transgender extremists.  The more they are kooks, the more precisely it plays out….  And in my recent adventures with the Trannymaniacs I wrote about last time, it has played out very precisely.

So, what is the Transgender Kook Triple Play?  Well, it works like this…

First, they try to show you the error of your ways.  They inform you that you are wrong, and that they want to show you the "right path…"  (BTW, all of the weird grammar and spelling mistakes are in the original…just consider everything to include (sic) where appropriate.) They will be firm, but that "only want to help you out."  Here is part of what this bunch's self-appointed "messiah", Ms. "Mark" Cummings had to say at the beginning...
Transgender is not meaningless it is who you are and will always be. You can run but you cannot hide. Say all you want, scream from the top of your lungs. But you don't full anyone. Now if you feel the need to think you are a woman and that gives you peace, then by all means wish away. But you are only hurting yourself in the long run. You were not a mistake from the word go, we are here to show the world the true meaning of duality, and to think you can kill who you were, is only an act of delusion.
As I said, a bit firm, but after all, she has to set me straight…  But, he tries a somewhat softer approach after I pointed out to him that, no, I really didn't buy into his crap, and was not going to accept his advice…
You can repeat it all you want and believe it. It is your choice, your life, but the world knows otherwise. My life is amazing and I am so at peace, before I use to think like you, and I woke up. You are no more of a woman than a transgender woman who still has her penis. Your penis has been inverted but it still has male written all over it. It is fake, it does not lubricate, it does not self dilate. It is a wound at best, having that does not make you a woman. You were born a guy. You and all of us have a hormonal imbalance that makes us feel, in your case feminine and in my case masculine, but that does not make us the gender we claim we are. No matter what surgery, no matter what procedure. You are not a mistake, you don't need to prove to the world one thing. You were fine the way you were. Now I have nothing against transitioning but knowing why we are doing this and why we have been placed here on earth.
Now, she drags out some classic transgender tropes, but she also tries to be a bit condescending, but also tries to gently set me on the proper path…  And I decline to accept her correction

At this point, Ms. Cummings' "husband," Mr. "Jessica" Cummings joins the discussion…
Actually Jennifer I am post op and had my surgery in April of 2013 just FYI. I identify as a woman but I am proud to be Transgender so your fetish theory holds no water with me. We are all equal unfourtunately some of us that are proud of who we are post real pictures of ourselves and those of us that are ashamed hide behind fake photos such as a cartoon character.
Now, I had pretty much told Ms. Cummings that I was not buying into their crap in no uncertain terms.  I was already seeing a bit of what was going on, but I hadn't read enough to know the depths of insanity this group holds..  For example, while I would come to suspect something was amiss, I did not yet know for certain that Mr. Cummings was lying through his teeth when he claimed to be "post-op."  Yes, he, like Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen is a post-op eunuch, not a transsexual.  And I had not made the connection that he was the "husband" of Ms. Cummings.

Now, he drags out some classic transgender tropes, but he also tries to be a bit condescending, but also tries to gently set me on the proper path…  More classic transgender silliness…"shame," "hiding," etc.  In their mind, someone who is leading a normal, quiet, and happy life as a woman is somehow actually miserable, ashamed, hiding, and in need of correction.

Of course, when this approach fails to work, the second stage of the Transgender Kook Triple Play is to start insulting the person they are arguing with.  As sure as the sun rises, the insults will come out.  The break is not always clearly defined, and there is usually some mixing of the two…
I don't care if you agree or disagree with me, I don't need your validity or anyone elses. I am speaking my mind and that I am entitled to do. And yes I have walked my life in both genders as have you and as all other trans people. Glad we provided you with amusement since your lonely ass has nothing else better to do. I am sure dilating gets boring after awhile and since you have not been able to use that expensive man made vagina, I wonder how much regret you actually have and need to boost yourself by saying you are better than us trannies who won't put ourselves through that unnecessary procedure that at best won't be able to satisfy anyone, not even yourself. You did come and throw the first stone, by saying transgender is meaningless therefore, you must understand that we don't take very lightly to snobby transsexual women who are uptight due to lack of sexual pleasure and filled with regrets.
Actually, she clearly does care, and she clearly needs my validity.  Now, keep in mind the irony of the statement that she is "speaking my mind and that I am entitled to do," given that she repeatedly informed me that I have no right to not identify as transgender.  Now, it should be noted, I never said I was better, and actually said there was no basis for comparison.  My position throughout this discussion, including what started the whole mess, was simply to point out that the idea of a "transgender hierarchy" was bogus, in part, because the ones supposedly at the top are not necessarily transgender.  

And yes, I said "transgender is meaningless" because, well, it is.  It is an artificial, social/political construct that is highly subjective and which has no objective basis.  In reality, the only criteria for being "transgender" is if one chooses, of one's own volition, to identify as transgender.  Of course, this offends the extremists, who, as much as anything, need numbers.  And they wish to use transsexuals as their "beards" to hide behind. 

Now, when things really get rough, they bring out their favorite insult, and violate Godwin's Law…
I can't believe these HBS nazis have to be just like the TERF is today. Because that's why their scientific theories are not being taken serious and the proposal of having the term transsexual changed to HBS is thus rejected.
There is a page dedicated to debunking the entire series of claims made by HBS nazis who tried to get a page up on Wikipedia.
Now, at this point, they have effectively lost the argument…but, hey, the funs only starting.  I will spare you the endless back and forth of nasty insults.  I admit, I was not exactly kind in my responses, but as I have said many times, I don't suffer fools, or bigots, well.  And when you are dealing with she extremely foolish bigots…it is not going to be pretty.  But the main thing I did was meet their stupidity with facts, and that, of course, just made them madder, and madder, which brings us to the final stage of the transgender triple play…the inevitable end of battle.  But first, we should look at a bit of irony…

This band of kooks chose to use the image I have on this blog in their attacks on me.  Now, the content of this blog is copyright, by me, and as they say, all rights are reserved.  I don't object to "fair use," but copying my artwork and using it as they did is not fair use.  Quoting is fair use, but taking an image is not (ironically, because of this, I did find out that some bizarre plastic surgery blog, which is not in English, has actually stolen my image as well.  Not much I can do, as I assume it is hosted in China, which does not recognize copyright as a rule…but sort of weird…and a little creepy…).  When I notified them of this, they went totally loopy, claiming I was trying to censor them.  No, I simply said, "Remove the image you stole."  I did not say, "Take down the silly insults you have thrown at me…" or "Remove the outrageous claims you make on your blog…" or even "Stop lying about having had surgery you haven't had…"  No, I did not try to censor them…BUT….

Yes, in the classic endgame for a transgender kook, they played the censorship card.  Mr. Cummings has this to say...
@ Jennifer we have Sat back and entertained your childish actions on every article. It is getting old. We have yet to censor you and shut you up but if it keeps up much longer I will personally start deleting everyone of your comnents from this point forward. So you can waste your time babbling your hypocritical, disrespectful, and manly comments and I will simply make then disappear. Poof =)
And, after I pointed out the irony of this, in light of them doing an entire blog post on their false claim of being censored (Really, this people have NO sense of irony, no sense of humor, and well, no sense, period….) one of them replied:
Well you getting blocked won't be determined by the amount of farm animals you've f****d, but by the amount of stupidity and hate you put into pixels in these commentsections. I take it you've blocked people on your blog too since you're so privacy sensitive about things you've put into the public domain! Ouch! That had to hurt. (And yes, I did censor the profanity in this one…)
My reply to this one was, quite simply, factual…
ROTFL! Well, I guess you should block me then, since I would never match you on the first (since, as I said, I don't engage in your sexual practices, sir…and if you actually thought, about it, you would realize just how incredibly ignorant AND impossible such a suggestion is) and I am also not going to make stupid remarks, since I clearly disagree with your idiocy. But, as you point out, Blogger (alas) does not have a blocking function. And again, your understanding of "public domain" versus copyright is laughable. Hurt, only in the sense that it always hurts to see someone so completely, and woefully lacking in knowledge.
And I still love the irony of you all whining about censorship, and then threatening it because you realize you are actually losing the argument. Classic transgender mentality.
And, of course, they removed my post…along with another, earlier one, where I pointed out, in response to a similar childish remark suggesting that I live in Texas, and well, engage in what I can only assume is a sexual practice this person is quite obsessed with…he keeps mentioning it) along with the suggest that I should therefore "copyright animals"…
Well, first off, I don't live in Texas, nor do I engage in your sexual practices. I do however understand the difference between copyright law, and patent law. You see, copyright applies to creative works, like writing, art, photographs, and movies. It would not apply to an animal. Patent law would, but only if you invent something sufficiently new. Now, genetic modifications are covered, so it would be possible to patent an animal, but one has to keep in mind that patents are in effect a much shorter time than a copyright. Now, sir, it is obvious that your statement was, as usual, mind numbingly ignorant, but that is to be expected.
Anyway, this has all been fun…I admit a certain guilty pleasure in giving kooks fits…and I could sort of see how it would end…it almost always does, unless someone higher up the food chain prevents it (as has happened at LGBT Weekly where Mr. Sandeen is not allowed to censor like he would like to).  I will probably occasionally monitor these kooks, and bring you response to anything truly insane, as I do with other kooks.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I miss the Animaniacs.  I used to love watching that series of cartoons, as well as Tiny Toons.  Well, I encountered a group of bloggers who have recently appeared who might well be called the "Trannymaniacs."  Yeah, I hate that word, but they seem to embrace it, among other bizarre things, so, why not?  The other name I thought of using was "Bat Sh*t Crazy Trannies," but I really don't care for profanity.

I encountered them after I read an article they had posted through the "Transgender News" mailing list.  I read it as a possible source for article ideas.  Entitled "The Transgender Hierarchy of Evil," it was a diatribe about the "imaginary" transgender hierarchy.  You know. the one that supposedly ranks people and goes something like:

Post-Op Transsexuals
Pre-Op Transsexusls
Non-op Transsexuals
Pre-Transition Transsexuals
Fetishistic Transvestites
Drag Queens

Of course, never mind that most transsexuals do not even identify as being member of the transgender community, nor do many drag queens.  And some have started excluding crossdressers, fetishistic transvestites, and drag queens because, well they are just too darned embarrassing.

Well, I read the post, and left a simple comment…
Sorry, but no…I am a post-op transsexual. I am not transgender. I reject that term and the political silliness it represents. I changed my sex, not my gender. One is "transgender," if, and only if, one identifies as such. Otherwise, it is a meaningless term. The hierarchy is meaningless, because transgender is meaningless.
And, well, I set off a fire storm of controversy… A little over an hour later, I got a reply from some kook who calls himself "Jessica Lynn Cummings."  Mr. Cummings' post was followed about 3 minutes later by a post from his wife, "Mark Angelo Cummings."  Yes, you read that correctly…you see, Mr. Cummings claims to be a "post-op transsexual," as does his wife…  Now, this sort of thing happens, but they are not remotely transsexuals.  Not judging by the insanity that followed….

Right off the bat, Mr. Cummings went full-blown gender fascist, telling me that I am not allowed to not identify as transgender.  Worse, as things went on, they basically let it be known that transsexualism (remember, they claim to be transsexuals themselves) is not legitimate.  Their rhetoric sounded more like the sort of crap spewed by Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence (and yes, Lawrence also claims to be transsexual) than anything else.

Things went down hill from there…I'm not exaggerating when I say this bunch is seriously insane.  All told, there are six members of this bizarre little cult.  The more I went back and forth with this bunch, the stranger it got.  Apparently Mr. Cummings and his wife (not remember, Mr. Cummings is "Jessica" and the wife is "Mark") fancy themselves some sort of transgender messiahs, who are going to "take their show on the road."  Or, to put it a bit more accurately, they have bought a motorhome, and are going to become traveling grifters.  It appears that neither is employed, though Mrs. Cummings claims to be an "Occupational Therapist, Nutritional Consultant and Master Personal Trainer."

I'm really not completely sure what is going on with this bunch.  On the one hand, a lot of their stuff, including the attacks on transsexuals, is straight out of the classic transgender playbook.  It sounds a lot like old school Arnold Lowman (you may know him better as "Virginia" Prince), or classic Phil Frye (aka, "Phyllis," Mr. "Cristan" Williams' role model), but there is also almost a hardline, right wing tone to it.  It makes me wonder if Mrs. Cummings, who on at least one of her numerous websites, speaks of her "faith" might be trying to balance involvement with fundamentalism with his lifestyle?  She would not be the first person to have issues with this.

Her attitude almost comes across as, "You can be a transgender, but don't think there is any real legitimacy to your identity.  You're not "really" a woman, (or a man in her case) but as long as you accept that, and identify as a transgender, it's okay.  But if you get uppity, and think you're really a "woman," or really a "man," then you are delusional.  It would also be consistent with her being married to a man in a dress.  That way, she can be the "husband" but not have to deal with being in what would be, in the eyes of some religious people, a "same sex" marriage.  On the other hand, they can let lose with profanity that rivals that of most sailors, so I don't know.

Whatever the source of their beliefs…fundamentalism, or just extreme transgender, they are clearly some of the most insane transgender kooks I have run across in some time.  They spend a lot of time accusing anyone who disagrees with them of "self-hatred," "shame." "arrogance," "transphobia," etc.  But that seems to be exactly what they are suffering from.  They are clearly dealing with some serious mental issues, and are taking them out on anyone, and everyone who dares question their views.  But, they also spend a lot of time parroting the same tired crap you get from the usual mindless transgender types.

In any case, the whole thing deteriorated into them posting a series of articles attacking me, and violating the copyright on this blog site.  I have contacted Google to complain (they also use blogger) with them threatening me with the "Streisand Effect."  I am sure this isn't over, especially when they see this article…but, I admit, I don't suffer fools, and especially bigoted fools well.  Sometimes it is fun to see just how badly they will get when they fall apart.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Madly Spinning….

I don't remember which presidential election it was, but I do recall, after a debate between two candidates, the news commentators started talking about "spin doctors."  "Spin" had entered our lexicon to describe a type of propaganda that is attempted by providing an interpretation of an event or campaign to sway public opinion in favor or against a certain organization, idea, situation or public figure.  It usually involves a heavily biased portrayal of an event or situation.  Sometimes it is just plain lies.

There has been more than a bit of spin being tossed out in the wake of Janet Mock's appearance on the show Piers Morgan Live on CNN.  Mock, who now apparently openly identifies as transgender was the victim of an attempt by Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen to co-opt her experiences as a transsexual when she chose to participate in Dan Savage's It Get's Better video series.

At the time she went public, I expressed the hope that she would return to being a private figure, but unfortunately, she seems to be embracing the role of being publicly "trans."  I do note that she prefers the term "trans" over "transgender" or "transsexual."  For myself, I reject the term "transgender" completely, preferring to simply refer to myself as a woman.  I recognize that "transsexual" is the medical term for the condition I was successfully treated for, but I don't wear it as my identity either.  But the fact remains, Mr. Sandeen has no business giving anyone advice, and he certainly does to need to be, again, trying to, again, puff himself up by association with someone who has become something of a celebrity.

In his recent attempt to spin things regarding her appearance on CNN, Mr. Sandeen refers to himself as "being a minor public figure – a 'sublebrity…'"  That is more than a bit of an exaggeration.  At best, Mr. Sandeen is the perfect example of my mother's advice that "fool's names, and fool's faces are often seen in public places."  Mr. Sandeen is the epitome of a "wannabe."

Sadly, Mock seems to have chosen a very public, and political, path following her decision to  participate in Savage's video series.  I am not going to judge her motivations, though it does make me wonder about her.  Granted, she chose to live stealth for a period, and perhaps, having made that first choice, found it difficult to undo what she had done.  Once the genie is out of the bottle, as they say, it can be hard to put it back.

I will grant, Mock did not start out choosing the path that Mr. Sandeen has, of openly being a clown, imagining himself the transgender Martin Luther King, Jr.  On the other hand, Mock did create the silly, and rather offensive "#girlslikeus" that was immediately, and enthusiastically embraced by the "men in dresses" crowd.  Mr. Sandeen doesn't use that one quite as much, but still does occasionally.

I have no reason to think that Mock is not truly transsexual, but she has clearly decided to follow the transgender "party line."  That is a shame.  She is not only hurting other transsexuals like herself, but is also, ultimately harming her own interests.

As to how Janet Mock was treated by Piers Morgan, well what did she expect?  Well, of course, the answer to that is clear…she expected to be pandered to, because she was there as a transgender, which is the current hot item in "identity politics."  The expectation is that they will be given special treatment, and not asked "hard questions."  Look at the silliness about Katie Couric's interview with "Carmen" Carrera and "Laverne" Cox.  Now, here were two men, who claim to "really" be women, with Cox referring to the two them as "possibility models" (I don't even want to think about what possibility she has in mind…), and they went ballistic because Couric asked them about their bodies.  I guess reality is off-limits when you are a "possibility models."  The facts are simple.  They put on nice dresses, and they may look like attractive women, but as Austin Powers said, "It's a man, baby."  And in this case, it's the truth…  These two have penises, and like the vast majority of "transgender women" (i.e. men in dresses) they want to keep their penises.  But they insist that they have to be accepted as "female."  Uh, "females with penises…"   Uh, no…

Now comes Mr. Sandeen, who complains that Mock is being defined by her transition.  One problem that Mr. Sandeen is so quick to ignore…Mock is the one defining herself by her transition.  In the article he wrote at the time, Mr. Sandeen predicted:
"Among those new realities she will experience will be a partial loss of membership in the ‘club’ of women.  There are now going to be a large number of women who will forever now look at her not as a woman, but as a man in a dress. Those will include less than accepting coworkers who will smile to her face, and then viciously rip into her behind her back. And, members of the religious right will likely soon be calling Mock a ‘mutilated man’ too, and identify her relationship with her boyfriend as a ‘homosexual’ relationship.”
There is a measure of truth here.  Of course, a lot of this is caused by people by Mr. Sandeen serving as the public face of 'transgender."  When you have kooks like Mr. Sandeen, and Mr. "Cristan" Williams, and such as the public face of transgender, and insisting that they are "just like transsexuals," or worse, that they are actually transsexuals themselves, that is going to lead people to thing that is what being transsexual is about.  And by identifying with "transgender," Mock is basically associating herself with the men in dresses crowd, not with women.  She can protest all she wants, but she has made her bed, and has no business complaining that she now finds it uncomfortable.

The transgender crowd, including any transsexual insane enough to align with it, needs to realize that once they go public, their history becomes fair game.  They have no right to demand to have it both ways.  If they want privacy, they need to keep their private life, private.  If they want to be be exhibitionistic, and that seems to be a major part of being transgender, they need to accept that people are going to ask questions they may not like.  And if someone is a transsexual, but decides to join the transgender crowd, they need to be ready to accept that their are, perhaps permanently, forfeiting any chance of being truly accepted as a member of their true sex.  Like Esau, they are selling their birthright for a "mess of pottage."  And no amount of spin will ever really change that.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Example of Transgender Extremists Just NOT Getting It

Recently, I learned about the suicide of someone named Essay Anne Vanderbilt.  Vanderbilt was the developer of a rather bizarre looking putter that was apparently quite revolutionary.  It could help golfers sink putts, and it had attracted the attention of a golfing writer who became someone obsessed with tracking down the inventor.

As he investigated the story, he found more and more inconsistencies.  Suspecting some sort of possible fraud, he dug deeper, but what he eventually found was that Vanderbilt was a post-op transsexual who was quite stealth.  When he made it clear that he planned to expose her, she committed suicide.  Naturally, a few transgender kooks have jumped on this to cluelessly blather about how rough it is for transgender people…mostly completely missing the simple fact that she was almost certainly not one of their ilk.

Another author, again completely missing the point, has taken a slightly different approach…but still misses the point entirely.  "Dana" Beyer, one of several transgender extremists who have found a home at the Huffington Post, has written an article whining about  Vanderbilt being in the closet.  Of course, Mr. Beyer is quick to point out that Vanderbilt had a history of being suicidal, and had a history of "emotional struggles."  He also makes the obvious error of referring to her as a "trans woman."  Vanderbilt was nothing like Mr. Beyer and the rest of the cadre of kooks who pontificate at the Huffington Post.  Vanderbilt clearly had no desire to be anything other than simply a woman…something the transgender crowd blanches at the thought of.

This is one several things that are lost on the transgender crowd in their rush to force transsexuals under their umbrella.  We are not the same.  Transsexuals have an absolute need to correct their bodies, and an equally absolute need to simply live as the women (or men, in the case of FTM transsexuals) that we really are.  Transgender people have a need to be, well, "transgender."  For them, the idea of not being "out, loud, and proud" is as equally offensive as the idea of being such is to a true transsexual.  They want people to know their history.  It is central to their identity, just as being simply a woman is to mine.

And that brings us to the core of what this article is about….Mr. Beyer's clueless drivel…  For example, he utters this ridiculous bit:
When any life is lost, it is a tragedy. When it is lost because of unbearable social pressures, it is an unnecessary tragedy. Her story is, unfortunately, still way too common.
Obviously, this poor woman killed herself because she feared something kooks like Mr. Beyer embrace with total enthusiasm.  While I believe that Vanderbilt overreacted to the situation, I can understand what she felt.  She would have been outed in, at least from her view, a very public manner.  Now, in truth, the situation might well have been ultimately manageable, it would have been difficult.  She no doubt had a lot invested in the product she had invented, and her future income probably depended on building on that success.  Simply picking up and moving somewhere she was not known would not have been an option.  

How one deals with being outed depends, in part, on the nature of the outing, and on where one lives.  For some, it can be hard to escape public scrutiny.  For others, it can be as simple as packing up and moving to a new town, or even a new part of town.  What she was threatened with (as best I can tell, she was not actually outed until after her death, but she should have been assured that her private life would remain private.  And, it is possible, if she had simply explained her situation to the person planning the article, that would have been respected.

But, I suspect that kooks like Mr. Beyer, and a long litany of others I won't bother naming, contributed to her death by pushing the concept that "transgender" people have no problem being "outed."  After all, I suspect some of them should probably be more likely to be suicidal if people didn't know their history.  After all, where is the fun in bullying people into ignoring reality and referring to you as a woman, if they are not fully, and unquestioningly aware that you were, and in many cases, still are, a male.

Some of the crap spewed by Mr. Beyer is just incredible…  For example, he exhibits both the cluelessness of a man, and a complete disregard for the safety, perhaps, of those who don't share his love of the spotlight:
Leaving the closet of her pre-transition male life, she created a new closet, with a narrative that clearly was flawed when she presented as a highly successful engineer and inventor. I'm amazed that her story didn't immediately raise eyebrows, as she was a middle-aged 6-foot-3 woman with a low-pitched voice, degrees from MIT and Penn, and a résumé of work on the stealth bomber and Bluetooth technology. Maybe we've progressed sufficiently that many are no longer aware of the profound sexism that infected the realm of science and technology back in the '70s and '80s. Few women received those degrees and worked on those projects. The ignorance evinced by the author and his editor tell me we still have a long way to go.
First off, Mr. Beyer would have kicked Vanderbilt right back into that first closet, where he still resides.  Mr. Beyer continues to, effectively exist as a man.  He may demand, and even force people to "acknowledge" him as a female, but they do it only by suspending reality.  He continues to exist as, in effect, a man.

Second, he ignores the fact that, yes, some women, not many, but some, did manage to have careers in those fields.  But he also makes sure to emphasize things that might clue his readers in on how to play "spot the tranny."  Yes, folks, that tall woman, with a voice that is perhaps not quite as high pitched as you think it should be…she just might be a man, so don't hesitate to make that assumption.  Especially if she has the "wrong" degree…  Talk about ignorance…Mr. Beyer exhibits it in bulk.

Worse, Mr. Beyer goes on to not only absolve the author of any guilt, but to actually suggest that he was justified in what he put Vanderbilt through…
The LGBT community pounced on the writer and his editor, blaming them for causing her death, even though she had killed herself before the story had been published. There were complaints that she should never have been outed, even though her gender history was clearly pertinent to the mystery that was her life. It was implied that there was no compassion for her, a claim we have no way of evaluating. Causation was implied where there was only correlation, and the trans community lashed out at what it saw as a miscarriage of justice and vicious cyber bullying.
After all, how dare she choose stealth.  She must join behind those like Mr. Beyer, in transgender lockstep.  Anything else is unacceptable.  Besides, what Vanderbilt was subjected to was not unlike what many, including myself, have been subjected to by transgender extremists seeking to punish those who refuse to be assimilated.  One blogger was literally driven into hiding because she dared speak out.
The question that haunts me is how we, as trans persons, can become full and equal citizens as long as we keep our true selves from our friends and neighbors. How can we overcome the need to reinvent ourselves in a manner others might consider deceptive when those others create such pressures that some trans persons see no way out? How can we be free as long as we stay in the closet or create new closets?
What Mr. Beyer really wants to do is force people into the closet of being what they are not, because, quite frankly, he can never be what they are. Mr. Beyer would deny to those who are truly transsexual the life they seek, because he finds it "deceptive."  What he actually demands is deception, not the other way around.  What he really means is, if the truth gets out that transsexuals are not transgender, and that the idiocy spewed by the extremists is, well, idiocy, then he might not be able to successfully bully people into ignoring reality.
My answer is that we simply must come out. The risks may be great, and the act of coming out may be fraught with peril, but as our gay allies have learned, the only way to acceptance and affirmation is to first accept and affirm yourself.
Mr. Beyer is a classic "gender fascist."  He thinks he has a right to dictate what is right for me, and those like me.  I do accept and affirm myself…as the woman I am, not a man in a dress like Mr. Beyer would have me be.