Monday, February 24, 2014


I miss the Animaniacs.  I used to love watching that series of cartoons, as well as Tiny Toons.  Well, I encountered a group of bloggers who have recently appeared who might well be called the "Trannymaniacs."  Yeah, I hate that word, but they seem to embrace it, among other bizarre things, so, why not?  The other name I thought of using was "Bat Sh*t Crazy Trannies," but I really don't care for profanity.

I encountered them after I read an article they had posted through the "Transgender News" mailing list.  I read it as a possible source for article ideas.  Entitled "The Transgender Hierarchy of Evil," it was a diatribe about the "imaginary" transgender hierarchy.  You know. the one that supposedly ranks people and goes something like:

Post-Op Transsexuals
Pre-Op Transsexusls
Non-op Transsexuals
Pre-Transition Transsexuals
Fetishistic Transvestites
Drag Queens

Of course, never mind that most transsexuals do not even identify as being member of the transgender community, nor do many drag queens.  And some have started excluding crossdressers, fetishistic transvestites, and drag queens because, well they are just too darned embarrassing.

Well, I read the post, and left a simple comment…
Sorry, but no…I am a post-op transsexual. I am not transgender. I reject that term and the political silliness it represents. I changed my sex, not my gender. One is "transgender," if, and only if, one identifies as such. Otherwise, it is a meaningless term. The hierarchy is meaningless, because transgender is meaningless.
And, well, I set off a fire storm of controversy… A little over an hour later, I got a reply from some kook who calls himself "Jessica Lynn Cummings."  Mr. Cummings' post was followed about 3 minutes later by a post from his wife, "Mark Angelo Cummings."  Yes, you read that correctly…you see, Mr. Cummings claims to be a "post-op transsexual," as does his wife…  Now, this sort of thing happens, but they are not remotely transsexuals.  Not judging by the insanity that followed….

Right off the bat, Mr. Cummings went full-blown gender fascist, telling me that I am not allowed to not identify as transgender.  Worse, as things went on, they basically let it be known that transsexualism (remember, they claim to be transsexuals themselves) is not legitimate.  Their rhetoric sounded more like the sort of crap spewed by Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence (and yes, Lawrence also claims to be transsexual) than anything else.

Things went down hill from there…I'm not exaggerating when I say this bunch is seriously insane.  All told, there are six members of this bizarre little cult.  The more I went back and forth with this bunch, the stranger it got.  Apparently Mr. Cummings and his wife (not remember, Mr. Cummings is "Jessica" and the wife is "Mark") fancy themselves some sort of transgender messiahs, who are going to "take their show on the road."  Or, to put it a bit more accurately, they have bought a motorhome, and are going to become traveling grifters.  It appears that neither is employed, though Mrs. Cummings claims to be an "Occupational Therapist, Nutritional Consultant and Master Personal Trainer."

I'm really not completely sure what is going on with this bunch.  On the one hand, a lot of their stuff, including the attacks on transsexuals, is straight out of the classic transgender playbook.  It sounds a lot like old school Arnold Lowman (you may know him better as "Virginia" Prince), or classic Phil Frye (aka, "Phyllis," Mr. "Cristan" Williams' role model), but there is also almost a hardline, right wing tone to it.  It makes me wonder if Mrs. Cummings, who on at least one of her numerous websites, speaks of her "faith" might be trying to balance involvement with fundamentalism with his lifestyle?  She would not be the first person to have issues with this.

Her attitude almost comes across as, "You can be a transgender, but don't think there is any real legitimacy to your identity.  You're not "really" a woman, (or a man in her case) but as long as you accept that, and identify as a transgender, it's okay.  But if you get uppity, and think you're really a "woman," or really a "man," then you are delusional.  It would also be consistent with her being married to a man in a dress.  That way, she can be the "husband" but not have to deal with being in what would be, in the eyes of some religious people, a "same sex" marriage.  On the other hand, they can let lose with profanity that rivals that of most sailors, so I don't know.

Whatever the source of their beliefs…fundamentalism, or just extreme transgender, they are clearly some of the most insane transgender kooks I have run across in some time.  They spend a lot of time accusing anyone who disagrees with them of "self-hatred," "shame." "arrogance," "transphobia," etc.  But that seems to be exactly what they are suffering from.  They are clearly dealing with some serious mental issues, and are taking them out on anyone, and everyone who dares question their views.  But, they also spend a lot of time parroting the same tired crap you get from the usual mindless transgender types.

In any case, the whole thing deteriorated into them posting a series of articles attacking me, and violating the copyright on this blog site.  I have contacted Google to complain (they also use blogger) with them threatening me with the "Streisand Effect."  I am sure this isn't over, especially when they see this article…but, I admit, I don't suffer fools, and especially bigoted fools well.  Sometimes it is fun to see just how badly they will get when they fall apart.


Jessica Lynn Cummings said...

Nice work DUDE LMAO!!! Touche =)

Mark Angelo Cummings said...

Thank you for the mention, and the publicity. Nice work Mr Jenny. Glad to be of service of such inspiration. Wink

Just Jennifer said...

Well, now, you see you should get together with your "investigative reporter" (what a laugh) "Zierota" Slingen (why do transgender kooks so often come up with such absurd names) and make sure you are all on the same page… It seems he said:

"PS. Notice how we continue to respect your gender identity? We could call you mr. JJ if we feel like it and mimic your transphobic tacticts, but we've learned that it's better to stay respectful and be a better example. Miss Just Jennifer." I guess he didn't get the memo…

You see, having some twits like you two call me "Dude" or "Mr. Jenny" is meaningless. I'm not, and it really doesn't bother me. Clearly, however, it hits a nerve with you two…but the truth always does.

And really, 4700 hits in two weeks… Yeah, uh huh, sure… When you make up a lie, try to be a bit more believable. Exaggerating like that is just silly. But, hey, thanks for playing.

Elizabeth said...

Actually Jessica you are the one claiming to be a DUDE.

Those two are the two most screwed up nimrods I have ever come across. Jessica left the wife and kids for that douche. Nine move.

Jennifer I have no idea how you find these fruit loops

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, Elizabeth, I agree… And I found them when I saw their "article" on the Transgender News mailing list, which is an excellent source of humor, tragedy and the occasional idea for another article. I simply pointed out to them that I do not identify as "transgender" and they went totally nuts...

rollerdiscolips said...

Let people love each other and be happy, who they are should not matter to anybody.

Just Jennifer said...

Unfortunately, the gender fascists want to tell people what they must identify as...