Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Know Mr. "Cristan" Williams Is a Liar, But He Really Came Up With a Whopper!

It is no secret that Mr. "Cristan" lies like a cheap rug, but his latest really pushes the limits.  In a comment on the blog of Mr. "Dana" Taylor, a man who thinks lesbians should be forced to have sex with "trans women" (i.e. men) Mr. Williams said this....
But then again, JJ is someone who admitted that she felt better after beating women – and then tried to pass off that bit of her personality as if it was someone normal trans people deal with.

I mean. I know he has no qualms about twisting facts, using logical fallacies, intellectual dishonesty, and bullying to win arguments, not to mention outright lying, but this is a new low, even for him.  I have already pointed out that he has tried to twist what my daughter said, and make something out of it, that wasn't there, but this is a complete fabrication.  I never "admitted" any such thing.  First off, I did not "beat women."  That is a nice bit of exaggeration  of the sort that sleaze like Williams love.  But to then go on and claim I said it made me feel better...that is over the top.  

Then, he goes on to add even more twisting and lies....
Whatever personality disorder makes someone beat a woman because it makes them feel better and then really believes that it’s somehow normal seems to be the same issue that drives GM and Nicky. They both enjoy trying to cause others pain because it makes them feel good. It’s what they do and if they have to just make shit up in the hopes that it hurts someone, they’ll happily do it.
Again, it did not beat anyone.  Second, it did not make me feel better.  And I certainly never said it was normal.  Then again, if Mr. Williams did encounter something that was "normal," he would attack it.  Normalcy is the one thing he really hates.  As to the rest of what he says here, well, that sounds like he is describing what he is doing by posting such lies.

The Mr. Williams goes on to add this...
Not even Brennan wants anything to do with GM and she gave JJ the boot. There’s an awesome post where JJ scratches her head wondering why The Bug won’t be her friend. I actually laughed so hard I wept a little when I read that one.
That last is in response to a remark about Cathy Brennan blocking me from following her that I made right after I joined Twitter, and had no real understanding of the culture surrounding that particular system.  A bit naive, but then this is, Mr. Williams, who will twist any fact until it is unrecognizable.  I said nothing about her being my "friend."  Shoot, I allow pretty much anyone to follow me on Twitter.  I even allowed Mr. Williams to do so, and would still do so.  I consider Twitter to be sort of like a blog.  Anyone can read what I say here.  Then again, Mr. Williams, being a very controlling man, would probably not understand that.  For pretty much the same reason, I approved any post that does not violate on very simple rule.  I have blocked two lately, one from Mr. Williams, and one from Mr. Taylor. In both cases, I explained why.  Mr. Williams heavily censors his blog, and do most transgender extremists.  It's the only way they can lie and not have people expose it directly.

So, we have Mr. Williams, a man who lies with impunity, and Mr. Taylor, another man who thinks lesbians should be forced to have sex with men they don't want to.  And they wonder why the radfems hate them, and I don't want to be associated with them.  Boy, clueless doesn't begin to do them justice.  

And one final thought, do seem awfully obsessed with me, even while they try to dismiss me as insignificant.  I don't care.  My blog is not ego-driven like theirs are.  Maybe I am insignificant, but they don't seem to think so...

And the Clue-Meter is Pegged on Dead Zero

Another day, another update on the continue saga of Mr. "Dana" Taylor's death spiral into absurdity...

Yesterday, Mr. Taylor posted a comment concerning a person who comments here, and number of other places, on Gender Trender.  Not only was this comment completely off-topic (the article it was posted to was about an excruciatingly bad vocal performance by some kook singing about how the New York Senate should pass GENDA.  I suspect it is more likely to cause them to pass a ban on torturing people with truly awful videos.  It is tempting to say it falls into the "so bad, it's good" category, as it is laughable, but no....this video is just excruciatingly horrid.  But I digress...

Mr. Taylor did not, unsurprisingly, get the response he expected.  Instead, he pretty much was made to look like a fool.  Not that he is likely to realize that.

Gallus Mag responded:
Dana, your hobby is ingesting massive quantities of synthetic female hormones so that you can expel a form of male breast milk from your moobs which you then post pictures of on your blog. I don’t think you are in a good position to call out another man for “perversion”.
And that was followed by a picture of Mr. Taylor's blog page, complete with the infamous photo of his trophy milk.  Now, anyone with sense would have slinked off in shame, but not Mr. Taylor....  He came back with...
So you excuse actual sexism? Okay…good on you. Thanks for sharing my photo.
I almost feel sorry for Mr. he really that arrogant?  And again, he said...
Gallus is okay with Nicky’s sexism. :) Thanks.
No, that is not what was said at all.  What was said was, "I don’t think you are in a good position to call out another man for “perversion”.  Big difference, but totally lost on Mr. Taylor.  

If that wasn't enough to get across to Mr. Taylor that maybe he had made, shall we say, a major strategic blunder, you would think this would:
Okay this dick can afford a dual electric breast pump. I never thought I could get more angry at one of these bastards but this just triggered it. F**K NO women who have infants can’t afford one of those. To rent one is crazy expensive–sick. People a dual electric breast pump is top of line like $300. You disgusting prick. He bought a breast pump for his fetish and women who actually need them to express for sick infants in hospital can’t afford them. You know what? When the vote to keep keeping this dicks out of womens spaces comes up my state I am on the state house steps handing these pics out. Come on by Dana I will be with the La leche women. Trans Rights live the sick fetish to the fullest. Dana your gonna be famous baby. I honestly did not think these guys could come up with anything else–I was wrong.
I have to say, Mr. Taylor is doing far more damage now, than he ever did when he was delusional enough to think he as actually a transsexual.

No, someone with a shred of intelligence would realize they were licked at this point.  But, not Mr. Taylor.  He was back this morning with yet another clueless post on his website:
For those who seem obsessed with my breasts and lactation. When I first lactated it was totally unexpected. I did some research and found more information about Prolacton. Prolactin is important in development of the breasts. I am currently trying to naturally increase the size of my breasts and increased prolactin will hopefully help. No matter how many of you haters try to same me for having control over my own body, it won’t work. So keep crying. I live of the tears of haters.
There are several points this pervert needs to grasp...

  1. No one is obsessed with his moobs...
  2. We are simply using him has the poster boy for transgender idiocy and perversion.
  3. Trying to cover your...uh, posterior, is only making your look every sillier.  
  4. Those are tears, except, perhaps, from laughing so hard.
BTW, look closely at how he worded that.  After having made an effort to produce milk, and having spend a ridiculous amount of money for a toy (, you know the old line), he goes back and tries to find something to try to hide his perversion behind.  He didn't know this before, and makes that clear, but tries to now act like this is why he did this.  I mean, really, this is hilarious.

And, in the final bit of cluelessness, the crowning touch, if you will...I have to say, he picked the perfect website.  They have a section on Male Breast Enlargement.  And that is their words, not mine.  No "Trans Woman Breast Development, or something else like that, but what it really is, breast development for men who want to indulge in fetishistic fantasies.  They certainly know their audience:
It (sic) you’re a biological male who dreams of having beautiful, voluptuous female breasts, there are several routes available to take you there. Many of them require some research, some planning, and a lot of gumption. None of the methods listed below are going to transform a male body into a female body overnight. But regularity and time can produce the breasts you’ve always dreamed of.
It's like...well, Mr. Taylor's dream come true.  The perfect place to indulge his fantasies.

Ah, Mr. Taylor, the gift that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ironic, isn't it....not to mention, very, very sad...

Much has been made about some comments that my daughter made on a blog that were written about ten years ago.  They were written at a time when she was going through some very difficult times, and were certainly never intended to be read by the creepy men who are now using her to stalk and attempt to bully me online.

She refers to things that happened between my first go at transition, and my second, and final one.  The first ended when issues having nothing to do with being transsexual seemed out of control, and reached a point where I was facing a mental collapse, were compounded by issues that arose from my realization that perhaps, to my surprise, I was actually a straight woman (tons of irony there, but that is a story for another day) came together and combined with having a truly incompetent and unprofessional therapist to cause me to, as I have said, flee back to the devil I knew.

I tried to convince myself that I was doing the right thing, and I became, for seven terrible years, a very miserable person.  I tried finding some point where I could live with myself, and others could live with me.  I finally realized that transition was the only choice, and in October of 1999 I again went full time.  

During those seven years, I hated myself, and I admit, I took that self-hatred out on others.  I don't excuse what I did, and I am certainly not proud of it.  I felt I had no control over my life, so I tried to control others.  I did not know how to be a man, so I simply impersonated my father.  Suffice to say, that was not really me.  And it was a poor choice to copy.  On more than one occasion, when I confronted my father about things he did that hurt me, he lied and denied that they ever happened.  I don't know if he thought he could make them go away by doing so, or if he actually didn't remember, but I did.  And you know, almost twenty years after he died, they still hurt.  But either way, he never felt the least bit of shame for what he did.

Those who are actually transsexual can relate to trying to be something you really are not.  Ironically, those like Mr. "Cristan" Williams, who is trying so desperately to control me, along with a number of other people who don't agree with his extremist agenda, should understand also, but in a sort of reversed manner.  I was was trying to be a man, and did a horrible job of being a parody of one.  He is trying to be a woman, and well, he is not even coming close to even parodying one.

But I have realized something from all of this.  What my daughter wrote about, describing me when I was faking it, is exactly how Mr. Williams, and some others, like Mr. "Dana" Taylor, are acting now.  They are trying to control me, and bully me, the same way I tried to control and bully my ex.

When I finally accepted that I really was a woman, and that it was doing far more harm than good to try to please others, the hurting stopped for all of us.  I knew my marriage would end, and it did.  

There are parts of this story that would clear up a lot of the misunderstanding about what my daughter wrote.  But those parts are as much, or more, her private business as mine.  I am not going to expose that.  Besides, if I did, Mr. Williams  and others, would just scoff and claim I was lying.  That is there stock in trade, just as they scoff and claim that women who have real fears, that men like them can never understand are also lying.

Williams expects women to relate to him like men.  That is why he tries stuff like taunting them when they will not submit to his demands.  He does not understand how such an approach feels to a woman.  He thinks what would work on a man, will work on them.  Only a man could think that way.  And of course, being a man, he thinks he can do no wrong.

My daughter and I have long ago moved past those dark days.  I waited, and she reached out to me.  She and I have both grown a lot since then.  I have admitted my mistakes, and she has forgiven me.  And she has admitted hers, and I have forgiven her.  As someone once said, "When I was 18, I thought my parent's were idiots.  When I was 30, I was amazed how much they had learned in 12 years."  Unfortunately, Mr. Williams want to use that tragic period to control me, but he can't, and he won't.

He should be ashamed, but like a lot of men, including my father, he has no shame.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Well, Mr. "Dana" Taylor just gets weirder and weirder.

First he posts...
Not bad for a crossdresser, eh Mr. Jennifer Usher? Had to throw that dig in. I am done paying attention to the bigot and hate monger.
Then he proceeds to make the next five out of six posts about me, with the most recent being  a link to a juvenile (in more than one way) video, where he makes the claim that I have asserted that his man boobs are hurting women all over the world.  


Now, where he gets that I remotely said that in a post which was actually about how his behavior exposes him as just another  autogynephile (Bailey and Blanchard would have a field day with some this crazy) is, well, it just doesn't make ANY sense.  

Not to mention his regular comments here...and his persistence in mentioning me in comments every chance he gets.  

In any case, Mr. Taylor's obsession with me continues...  

Update:  Make that six out of seven...

He has posted two in one day.

Does he support rape?  Well, that is a matter of opinion, but he did decide to turn against the radfems, simply because they don't want to have sex with him.  I mean, that is what the whole cotton ceiling silliness is about...trying to force lesbians to accept transgender men, pre-or post op, to have sex with them.  No, I don't trivialize rape.  Mr. Taylor does when he tries, on the one hand, to force women into having sex with him against their will, and then tries to put on a show of false piety about the subject of rape to prove he is just one of the boys in dresses, whoops I mean, one of the "girls."

I take rape very seriously.  People who are very close to me have been raped.  And that is all  I will say on the subject, because I don't violate confidences and privacy.

Mr. Taylor...I think he is doing more harm to the transgender cause no, than he did when he was lying to himself (he was never a transsexual separatist, because, quite frankly, he was never a transsexual to begin with).

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Do Transgender Kooks Do Such A Lame Job of Lying?

I was about to turn in for the night, and on a hunch, I decided to take a quick look at Mr. "Dana" Taylor's blog, since he spent quite some time trying to harass me in the comment section.  Let's just say, it is quite absurd...

In a post entitled,  Dear Mr. Just Jennifer he says:
You have made me regret posting photos of my breasts and their functions on my site. I get this weird creepy feeling knowing you are paying so much attention to them. Kind of like a pervy man would. I posted the medical aspects of my breast development, not something for you to pant over. Please stop looking at my photos, creep. Thanks.
And learn how to read, idiot.

BTW, a few days ago, after starting high doses of Saw Palmetto, I actually began to lactate. It has since stopped because the herb made my head feel a bit funny. 
So, slowly introducing it now.
Not intentional induction of lactation.
This is what is know as "misdirection."  He assumes that people are too stupid to actually read what he posted in another entry.  Oh, and this references something I didn't do more than glance at.  Sorry Mr. Taylor, but I'm a straight woman.  I'm really not the least bit interested in your breasts, even if they are man boobs.

So, what is he directing attention away from?  What is that makes the above into a complete lie?  What shows who the real "idiot" is here?

This post entitled Quick Update On My Breast Development:

I have increased in size a bit but more noteworthy is that I have begun lactating! This did happen once before but it felt like a fluke. This time I used an electronic dual breast pump designed for expecting milk. The only changes I have made to my program is an increase in Puerana Minfica as well as a couple of days of Doperdomine.
I have removed the rather bizarre picture of his "trophy" milk...
If really just have to see it, follow the link above. 
But why you would, I have no idea. 
Not bad for a crossdresser, eh Mr. Jennifer Usher? Had to throw that dig in. I am done paying attention to the bigot and hate monger.
Now, I was curious.  I had never heard of Doperdomine, so I did a Google search.  Turns out he misspelled it (not that I had heard of the correct version either) and the correct name is 
Domperidone.  This is a drug that is not even approved in the United States.  It would have to be obtained through from another country.

Notice, both places make it clear, it is taken to increase lactation.  And thehe whole gist of the second blog post is that he "begun lactating!"  And that he got himself an "electronic double breast pump."   And that he thought the first time was just a fluke.  Yeah, sure, he didn't do it "deliberately."  Uh, huh...sure.  I mean, seriously, does he really think he is fooling anyone?  

No, I am not "paying so much attention to them."  I'm not "panting" over them (seriously, this sounds like even more of his autogynephilic fantasies).  No, I am simply pointing out what a complete and creepy pervert he is, and he is trying to scramble and save face.  The smart thing would have been to pull the posts.  Then, if he could have made a desperate attempt to claim they never existed, and hope they are not on the Internet Archive.  But, I guess he is too proud of his little trophy to do that.  So, he pulls this stunt instead.

Oh, and Mr. Taylor, there's your problem right seems I can read quite well.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Clueless Man in a Dress

I sometimes get taken to task for referring to, uh, "trans women," as men, using male pronouns, and what some refer to as "scare quotes."  (Hmm, does that quotes around scare quotes make them scarier?)  But, here is another example of complete cluelessness and total disregard for the rights of members of the same group that they want to claim member ship in.

The story, by a transgender man who calls himself "Zinnia" Jones, concerns complaints at a women's shelter in Maine about two men who the women believe are posing as women simply to get into the shelter.  Hmmm, don't the transgender extremists claim that no man would ever do anything like that?  Or have they stopped since the number of such cases has been climbing?

Mr. Jones, in classic transgender style, attempts to dismiss the very real concerns of the women in the shelter.  Here is how he presents a quote from this article.
But the women who complained said they believe that in at least one case, it was a ruse. They believe one of the people in question is a man who occasionally dresses as a woman to get into the shelter, perhaps for voyeuristic reasons. That person did not have any feminine mannerisms and often dresses in a T-shirt and jeans, sporting a 5 o’clock shadow of male facial hair, they said.“If they’re really living as a woman, I think they have every right to be there,” said one of the women who complained. “But he wasn’t wearing makeup or wearing eyeliner or anything. Just a man wearing a skirt. It was just odd.”
Now, here in San Francisco, the local shelters admit, uh, "trans women," as well as transsexuals. In fact, it is required by City law, so there are few, if any complaints made, though believe me, there are complaints. I know of what I speak...
The emphasis was not in the original article.  But I find it curious that Mr. Jones seems to focus on the part about how they were dressed and makeup, but glosses over the part about facial hair.    Now, I realize that someone living in a shelter might not be able to afford electrolysis, but I find it hard to imagine anyone who truly identifies as a woman being comfortable being seen with a beard shadow.  Shoot, I often dress in a t-shirt and jeans, so I agree, that is silly.  But I suspect that the real issue for the women was probably more the beard shadow, and the mannerisms.

Ten years ago, when I first arrived in San Francisco, I spent some time in the shelter system. Even though I was pre-op, I did not openly identify as transsexual except to a few close friends.  On one occasion, when I assumed that someone who was, well, quite frankly transgender, probably had read me, I was shocked to heae that person state that they had thought about it, and finally decided I was not a transsexual, but had been born female.

At this particular shelter, one was initially given an overnight bed.  Theoretically, beds were assigned by lottery.  If there were openings for a long-term bed, they were assigned to the first people on that night's list.  After that, the overnight beds were assigned until they ran out.  Anyone left over was taken to whatever shelter had space.  Of course, there was not really a lottery.  It was rare that they didn't have enough beds, at least in the women's section, so most nights everyone got in.  And on most nights, a few people got a long term bed.  What was really going on was that they observed people, and decided who to admit.  Most people waited about a week.  And some people never got anything except overnight beds, like one woman who would show up with a cart full of junk.  She was there, night after night, week after week, but never anything but an overnight bed.  One of the staff told me, off the record, that she never would get one either.

When I was admitted to a king term bed, there was an uncomfortable moment when the person doing my paperwork looked at me, paused, seemed to ponder a few things, and then, without asking, marked my paperwork as female (male, female, and transgender were the options).  I knew he was thinking about the fact that I am a bit tall, at 5'10".  

But, there were occasions when we did have, uh, "trans women." who were problems.  There was one, rather obvious man, who would show up wearing absolutely clownish lipstick sort of smear around his mouth.  I mean, there was no effort to even try to put it on properly.  And his behavior was extremely male.  He made a lot of us uncomfortable.  He also never got more than an overnight bed.

There was another, uh, "trans woman," very obvious, who did get into a long term bed.  And who, very publicly, and rather disturbingly, proceeded to lie on top of his bunk and masturbate.  Yeah, another example of the sort of thing the transgender kooks claims, never happens.

The bottom line?  There needs to be some balance.  Like requiring evidence that the person is seeing a therapist, is on hormones, and that they behave appropriately.  But, of course, the extremists will never go for that.  And that is why the extremists really are, just "clueless men in dresses."

Random Items

There have been a few interesting things that don't quite rate individual articles, but which are at least worth mentioning...

The first comes from Mr. "Dana" Taylor, who has whole-heartedly embraced gender fascism, and the worst of transgender idiocy....

In his exceeding autogynephilic post Quick Update On My Breast Development, along with a photo of his "breast milk," and details about his medication, which includes a drug banned in the United States, he includes the following:
Not bad for a crossdresser, eh Mr. Jennifer Usher? Had to throw that dig in. I am done paying attention to the bigot and hate monger.
He then goes on to make me the subject of his next three posts, as well as adding a note to a comment on that particular article that identifies someone I have never heard of as Just Jennifer follower.  And I get accused of being obsessive?

Over at Transadvocate, Mr. "Cristan" Williams seems to be determined to prove what I said about him to be absolutely accurate.  I do believe he simply cannot control himself.  He is again obsessing about Victoria Brownworth.  His verbiage is downright hilarious...
And be warned, if you’re trans and point out any flaws in her logic, Brownworth will lie and publicly claim that you just want to rape and murder her. If you point out her fallacies on a blog, she’ll publicly lie and claim that her employer is in the process of suing you. If you’re not immediately silenced, she’ll again publicly lie and claim that she’s filed a police report against you. She might even trymisgendering you.
The only problem is, Mr. Williams is kind of short on facts here.  He hasn't pointed out any flaws in Ms. Brownworth's logic, he dismisses threats as false (without any evidence that they are other than his denials), he hasn't pointed out any fallacies, and he hasn't really provided any evidence that she did not file a police report.  As to "misgendering," I am sure that if Ms. Brownworth ever referred to him using female pronouns, she is certainly not doing it any longer.

But seriously, as if there were any doubt as to what his vendetta against Ms. Brownworth was about, he provides a lovely quote to remind us all...
If I were running MWMF, this is what I would say: No penises. No male privilege. No oppression of women. Just fun, music, dancing, celebration. Solidarity…. But if you can’t set your male privilege aside, as well as your penis, then MWMF is not the place for you, and your presence will harm other women… But Michigan isn’t about transphobia—it’s about maintaining a safe space for lesbians. - Victoria A. Brownworth, July 2013, Curve magazine
What really makes it all so funny is, this is not an unreasonable position, and actually seems to be far more moderate than hardline.  Now, I wonder what Mr. Williams has a problem with?  No penises?  No male privilege?  No oppression of women?  Clearly, Ms. Brownworth is open to those who are post-op attending MWMF.  But, that is not enough for Mr. Williams.  To him, it is women's space, and he wants in.  The real irony is, this reminds me of something from the Transsexual Empire, by Janice Raymond...
Transsexually constructed les­bian-feminists may be the first men to realize that “if you can’t fight them, join them.” In a short story entitled “The Women’s Restaurant,” by T. C. Boyle, which appeared recently in Penthouse, this point is well made.

The story begins by setting the scene in and around Grace & Rubie’s Restaurant and is written from the point of view of the voyeuristic narrator. “It is a women’s res­ taurant. Men are not permitted.. . . What goes on there, precisely, no man knows. I am a man. I am burning to find out.” The narrator then proceeds to caricature Grace and Rubie as butch and femme, as well as to relate his several attempts to gain entrance. After two unsuccessful endeavors, he goes to a department store, buys a pink polyester pantsuit, a bra, pantyhose, and cosmetics with which he makes himself up to pass as a woman. He gains entrance and is able to experience what he has been missing.

Here I was, embosomed in the very nave, the very omphalos of fur­ tive femininity—a prize patron of the women’s restaurant, a member, privy to its innermost secrets.. . . There they were—women—chew­ ing, drinking, digesting, chatting, giggling, crossing, and uncrossing their legs. Shoes off, feet up. Smoking cigarettes, flashing silverware, tapping time to the music. Women among women. I bathed in their soft chatter, birdsong, the laughter like falling coils of hair. I lit a cigarette and grinned. No more fairybook-hero thoughts of rescuing Rubie—oh no, this was paradise.
Having drunk six tequila sunrises and a carafe of dinner wine, the male intruder/narrator finds it necessary to re­ lieve himself, but forgets to sit down when he urinates in the rest room, at which point he is discovered by Grace. The story ends with his savoring of the triumph of temporary infiltration and a plan for permanent invasion.

I have penetrated the women’s restaurant, yes, but in actuality it was little more than a rape.... I am not satisfied. The obsession grows in me, pregnant, swelling, insatiable with the first taste of ful­ fillment. Before I am through, I will drink it to satiety. I have plans. . . . The next time I walk through those curtained doors at Grace & Rubie’s there will be no dissimulation.... There are surgeons who can assure it.
The first time I saw this story, I thought it rather odd.  I saw it in a copy of Penthouse that a friend had.  It seemed pretty outlandish, and I remember wondering why that magazine would print such a thing.  Granted, I always saw Penthouse more as trash than anything having any real literary quality.  But the idea that a man, who clearly is not being represented as actually transsexual, would undergo SRS, just so he could visit a women's restaurant, seemed, at the very least, to be quite laughable.

Then, I saw it again, when I first read Raymond's book.  Again, I thought it an absurd story, and its inclusion only served to further discredit the excesses of Raymond's views.  

Then, in more recent years, I have come to experience the idiocy of people like Mr. "Dana" Taylor, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, and Mr. "Cristan" Williams.  Back in the 1970's, when I first read this, I had never met (as far as I was aware) another transsexual at all.  In the 1990's, when I began my transition, I knew several, but none (at that time) were anything like this.  One, Mr. Dallas Denny (again, that is his birth name) turned out to be a very bad example of this, but he was keeping that aspect of his personality well hidden at the time.  

I now wonder, were people like this around in 1978?  Were they more hidden, without the Internet to amplify their perversions?  Were they kept in check by the more rigid system of gender clinics that were the primary gateway to surgery?  Well, there was one good example, Renee Richards.  But now, they seem to be a growing phenomena.

Sorry, I guess that was enough for a separate article after all....

Anyway, moving on along...

I got into a rather nasty flame war (well, at least that is what it deteriorated to) on Twitter with someone who calls himself @AliceAnneRipley.  At first, I actually thought this person might be legit, though somewhat caught up in transgender silliness, but after a few exchanges in which I tried to get them to actually think, rather than spout the TG party line, they finally got angry and the truth came out.  The last I saw, he was still a bit obsessed two days later.  On top of that, I got a phishing message from him, that tried to steal my password.  At first I thought it was a really stupid move, but I have noticed that his account is being used as a spambot, so I suspect he has had his account compromised.

Finally, I want to call your attention to an excellent post at Notes from the T side entitled 
Transgender Activists and Stealth.  I had been considering a post on that topic myself, but hey, Elizabeth's is excellent, and I don't know that there is anything more that needs to be said.  If you haven't seen it, take a look.  

Finally, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, has posted another hilarious post over at LGBT Weekly.  This one, entitled Sex appears to be easily definable, but it’s not is an attempt to argue the transgender doctrine that sex and gender are totally and completely separate.  If that were true, then half of all males would have what we currently would call a female gender, and half of all females would have what we call a male gender.  Simple statistics.  Clearly, gender and sex may be two different things, in the sense that sexual differentiation of the body and sexual differentiation of the brain are two separate events that take place at different times during development, but they are still closely linked.  The vast majority of males have a male gender, and the vast majority of females have a female gender.  And, the wiring of one's brain is essentially immutable, as shown by people like Mr. Williams who has a clearly male psyche, even though he claims to be a "woman," or more properly, a "trans woman,"  You can change your clothes, you can change your name, you might even get carried away and change your body, but if your brain is male, it will remain male.  

Well, that wraps up this look at some random bits from various sources.  I hope you find them interesting, and maybe have learned something.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just WHAT is Mr. "Cristan" Williams So Afraid Of?

I just noticed where Mr. "Cristan" Williams is bragging over on Transadvocate about how he got a radfem bounced from Twitter and also had her blog shut down.  In fact, Mr. Williams devotes a major about of his time towards trying to silence anyone who disagrees with him.  And on top of that, he posted his little trophy under "humor."  I guess he thinks letting women know who's boss is funny to him.

In fact, trying to silence anyone who dares disagree with him seems to be a major endeavor of Mr. Williams.  He maintains tight control over who can post replies on his blog.  When I first encountered him, I got into a debate with him on his personal blog, and I quickly realized that he is extremely intellectually dishonest.  He tried, repeatedly, to use logical fallacies, and dishonest debating techniques to narrowly define the parameters of the debate to his advantage.  I refused to allow him that control, and he quickly banned me.  He then posted about "the Jennifer Shuffle," his mocking term for my refusal to allow him a dishonest upper hand.

He has been both dishonest, and quite vicious in his ad hominem attacks on opponents.  His ongoing war against Victoria Brownworth, and other women who do not share his rather absurd opinions.  Mr. Williams is on a crusade to crush this source of dissent from the transgender idiocy.  Ironically, his approach is remarkably similar to one of the cartoons from the website he gloats about that was removed.  Men accusing women of making up rapes, or in this case, threats of rape.

And given any opportunity, he will resort to the most vicious, and dishonest, of ad hominem attacks.  If he finds the slightest flaw, it suddenly becomes a major defect.  Even if that flaw is a figment of his imagination.  Or, perhaps, something manufactured to provide a basis for a lie.

But just as striking as the viciousness shown to his opponents is, something else is equally striking...the absence of any logical arguments.  Oh, Mr. Williams will carry on for days when someone declines to be suckered into one of his dishonest debating forums.  No one with a shred of sense would agree to that.  But Mr. Williams will only debate when he controls the forum.

So, what is the bottom line here?  It brings us back to the original question...what is Mr. Williams so afraid of?  Why does he work so hard at misdirection?  Could it be that the truth is the one thing he fears?

Like how he totally rejects the concept of male privilege, but then invents an imaginary "cis privilege" which he throws out every chance he gets?  Sort of a red herring, one might say.  Or how he is so quick to claim that Victoria Brownworth has filed a false report against him, but he encourages others to do exactly that.  Not, of course, that he would be stupid enough to risk it...but he hopes someone will do his dirty work for him.  

Transadvocate, the website he is now editor of, has numerous examples of his approach.  In the past three months, he has obsessed over what he terms "TERFs" or Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists.  He has devoted article after article, not to actually refuting their logic, but to tossing ad hominem on top of ad hominem in an attempt to bully them into silence.

And when Mr. Williams does attempt to make an argument, it is pretty much inevitably a miss-mash of several logical fallacies.  From straw men, to the bandwagon fallacy, he pretty much runs the gamut.  He cherry picks his authorities, and jumps at a false cause.

Oh well, I guess when you are defending the indefensible, you don't have much else you can use.

Update:  Wow, the "ink" wasn't even dry on this post before Mr. Williams did it again...

In a headline article titled The TERF Empire Declares War Against Trans People Mr. Williams cranks up the rhetoric and rolls out a number of logical fallacies.  This, uh, "declaration of war" is actually a rather well written letter sent to Mr. Dallas Denny (no need to put his name in quotes since that is his male, birth name.  The last I heard, the middle name is still Henry.) that points out a pretty solid strategy for dealing with the task of "...questioning transgender as a valid political movement..."  

So, what horrible crimes do these war-declaring, uh, TERFs, plan?  Well, here is an example:
Ideologically, as educators and women, some feminist, others not, we see the classroom as an open space designed for the investigation of controversial ideas and a forum to embrace our commitment equally to academic freedom, women’s rights and free expression. Our students deserve no less from us. These freedoms that we exercise (even if it really pisses you off) are above all sacred. But so too is teaching, and helping students to make sense of what is going on in the world. We highly doubt any student is so profoundly unsophisticated or uncritical as to accept the canard of hate speech that you attempt to make. Students know bulls**t when it presented. These undergraduates will arrive at more honest and apt conclusions simply by drawing facts into the conversation. In other words you do not get an opportunity to lie like a rug on our watch. We will dismantle the basic claim of “transgender” oppression. Once exposed the list of fraudulent claims that follow falls apart.
Wow!  No wonder Mr. Williams is so furious...  They are doing the one thing he fears...exposing his claims to the light.  Ah, but it get's even better:
In the classroom the first order of the day will confront the ever ubiquitous over used manipulative claim of “transphobia”—which sounds hollow when students see that the primary victims are natal women who happen to hold opinions and write things that you and others do not happen to like. Again we will address, why? The claim of transphobia, once undressed and parsed is revealed as a bullying and shaming tactic used specifically against natal women. A point-by-point analysis of all the false analogies will speak to the ever-worsening manipulations of a misogynistic movement. The classroom will be a platform to pursue truth, and students will have opportunities to check facts and question the use of statistics and finally realize that movements lie and some are bigger bulls**t masters than others.
I had intended to mention how Mr. Williams trots out "transphobia" ever time someone disagrees with him, but I forgot to.  But, they didn't. 

Oh, and this part is also quite good:
We are not using anything by which any our identities are accessible to you or any other person that has demonstrated a past inclination and criminal like pathology to threaten or slander women. You both have demonstrated this pathology clearly. This is not only a logistical decision; the choice is made in consideration of our physical safety—yes “die cis scum” has a kind of scary ring to it. Simply put, we’re “stealth”. We’re confident that you realize this piece of correspondence is not meant in anyway to be interpreted as part of dialogue. It is meant to let you know that you just secured Sheila Jeffreys another generation and your attempts to censor her are a case study in: the reach exceeds the grasp. By the time we are done the transgender movement and those names attached will be more accurately seen as like carnival hucksters and boss man thugs and Sheila Jeffreys will drop a note on personal stationary thanking you for the spike in sales.
I can't say as how I blame them at all.  Both Mr. Denny, and Mr. Williams can be rather scary. They both seem too smart to actually be linked to a threat, but they are more than willing to have an anonymous cohort do it for them.

You can read the entire letter here.  And you really should.  Read it, and read Mr. Williams' totally absurd article that makes it sound like the, uh, TERFs are planning a lynching party or something.  

A funny thought...  Mr. Williams has put a lot of effort into having the, uh, TERFs, declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Read the letter, and imagine that this was the sort of tactic used by, oh, say...the Ku Klux Klan, or other, REAL hate groups.  I don't know about you, but I think if they did, the world would be a much kinder, and gentler, place.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Example of How I Know Mr. "Cristan" Williams Is a Man

Update:  I made a mistake, and wrongly attributed the above quote to Mr. "Cristan" Williams. No, apparently it was from a person using the name "Rebecca."  I have a pretty strong suspicion who that person is, namely a non-op from my past who used to troll Usenet, and who had an obsession for something like twenty years over a transgender activist in Canada.  A very disturbed person...  

Well, unlike some, when I make a mistake I own up to it.  In this case, it was a careless one.  The wording was so similar to Mr. Williams, I guess I simply assumed it was him.  But, in this case, I was wrong.

Suffice to say, however, that Mr. Williams' response to another message from that shows that  he shares this person's disregard for women, and that what I said about him is still basically the truth.  He shows no sign of even having a clue as to how women think, let alone thinking like one.

I have pointed out, many times, that Mr. "Cristan" Williams is a man.  I'm not the only one.  He is well known among many women for his clearly male, and quite violent, language.  But here is a truly sick example posted on Mr. "Dana" Taylor's blog.
To add to the already overflowing derp coming from crazyland, Jennifer is threatening to call the cops on Autumn Sandeen for having the gall to leave a supportive comment in her daughter’s blog. What a heinous crime! According to Jennifer, Autumn’s comment has caused her daughter grave emotional distress. More likely Daddy (oops, I mean “Daddy”) was so angered by the comment that she caused her own daughter all that emotional distress. I wonder if Jennifer punched a hole in the wall, since the ex is no longer around to use as a punching bag.
Mr. Williams again shows his tendency toward logical fallacies, and he shows his complete insensitivity towards a woman who was distressed by what was done.  No, my daughter's distress was not caused by me.  She happened to discover the comment, and expressed upset at it.  She was the one who asked me to deal with it.  For someone who claims womanhood, he again shows a remarkable lack of kinship with women.

Now, the idea that this was simply an attempt by Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen to be supportive is ludicrous.  I imagine that Mr. Sandeen was more likely trying to get any information he could from my daughter.  But, that failed, miserably, so he cooked up the "support" claim.  He blew that one when, in the middle of his "heart-rending" pleas on Twitter, he posted a link to Mr. Williams attempt to take advantage of something personal and private.

Just as an aside, I don't play their games.  For example, I knew Mr. Sandeen's birth name for at least a year before he revealed it.  I could have, as they say, "weaponized it."  But I didn't.  First off, I didn't need to, but more importantly, it would have been hypocritical.  I ask people, clearly in vain, to respect my privacy, but, unfortunately, we are talking sleaze here.  Outing someone is a classic tactic.  Likewise, I would never try to contact anyone of his children.

I prefer to focus on the issues, and simply show the absurdity of the transgender position.  Of course, that is why they are so vicious in their attacks.  In a sense, I am hitting below the belt. In more ways than one...

And the comment about punching a hole in the wall?  Over the top, classic Mr. Williams.  And classic logical fallacy.  

And no, I never used my ex as a punching bag.  Another logical fallacy, this one known as "misleading vividness."

Oh, like most of Mr. Williams' silliness, this is all another, classic logical fallacy...

A red herring to distract from his own behavior. 

I have to say, he doesn't miss a trick.  He has rolled out the "sock puppet" fallacy, wherein the attempt is made to dismiss someone as a fake supporter as well.  Sorry, but nope.  Again, not a game I would resort to.  But a classic dodge.

I do love how he works so hard to avoid addressing the real issues, but what choice does he have.  Truth and reality, are not his friends.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fact Twisting 101

Well, Mr. "Cristan" Williams wasted no time firing up his attempt at trying to make something out of a post that was basically none of his business, after a cyberstalker went to great lengths to invade my, and my daughter's privacy.  And of course, the nasty boys all rushed.  Now, Mr. "Dana" Taylor has joined the fray.

Of course, Mr. Taylor can't quite seem to figure out how to spin it.  In one post, he goes for blood, trying to make me out to be a violent person.  Again, unless one has full knowledge of the context of what my daughter wrote, and let me repeat this, it is not anyone's business but her's and mine, what that context is, they can find all sorts of meaning there that is, well, completely wrong.  But that's how Fact Twisting works.  You just make it up as you go.

Of course, that is all the nasty boys have.  I don't need to twist facts.  Mr. Taylor posts about how he is "lactating" and has been going at his, uh, "breasts" with an electric breast pump.  And he wonders that women would find that sort of behavior creepy?  Does he have a moment of retrospection and think, "Could this somehow be a warning sign of an issue I should deal with?"  Of course not.  He's a man, and men don't have moments of retrospection.  Instead, he goes on the attack, and tries to deflect attention from his perversion by taking advantage of someone's cyberstalking, and with no regard for the pain he is causing my daughter.  She is just collateral damage in the transgender crusade.

He focuses, in one post, on something he has no real knowledge of, but does not hesitate to make into something it was not.  This is classic of the transgender extremists.  The one thing they cannot abide is truth, especially if they can use a lie to further their cause.  Again, there are things that are really no one's business.  But, suffice to say, when one is hurting, one can cause others to hurt.  My daughter understands that now.  But that was in the past, though in the spirit of fact twisting, Mr. Taylor makes it out to be current.

And let me make it clear.  If anyone continues to mess with my daughter, they will be very unhappy.  I am not a violent person, but I will not hesitate to rely on law enforcement to deal with the situation.  And well, my son-in-law is not happy about what his wife is being put through.  

Oh, and as to "Satin Lacy," I have no idea who that pervert is, or was, or whatever.  Some years ago, I wrote a rather putrid bit of satire parodying the worst of several genres of transgender fiction.  My intention was to write something so bad, it might get people to think about some very real problems.  It was inspired by a member of the Alabama State Supreme Court, the chief justice, who would have jumped at the chance to execute people for being gay, and I would assume transsexual.  Unfortunately, people took it, not as a parody, but as what it was a parody of.  I got some very creepy emails, and I took it down.  Unfortunately, someone calling himself "Satin Lacy" had reposted it, and well, the obsessive creep who has cyberstalked me for years found it.  

Facts are not the transgender extremists friend, so, given a bit of truth, they can create a number of lies.  

Of course, the most common example of transgender fact checking is that any disagreement or challenge to the transgender idiocy is, of course, hate.  If you don't think that a man becomes a full fledged woman when he puts on a are a hater.  If you don't think men should be able to invade women's spaces, you're a hater.  If you are a lesbian, and you don't want to have sex with someone who is transgender, you are a hater. If you don't think men should be able to force lesbians to have sex with them, against their will, you are a hater.  If you disagree with even the smallest point, you are a hater.  Sort of makes any reasoning with them impossible.

Another major part of transgender fact twisting is the word "identify," which is sorely abused. Identity is given magical powers to change reality.  Simply claim you identify as a woman, whatever that is supposed to me, and you are mystically changed into one.  I guess if you identify as a dog, you should be rounded up and hauled to the pound, unless you are on a leash, and wearing a proper tag.  Give me a break.

Yes, at one time, I "identified" as a crossdresser.  That was back when, in spite of Mr. "Cristan" Williams' lies, there was no "transgender."  You were either a crossdresser, or a transsexual.  No much else, except perhaps "drag queen."  In truth, I simply knew how I felt, and I worked with the terminology available to me.  The important point is, identify isn't reality.  I remember many times reading stuff, and finding myself thinking, "No, that is not me."  But, I was the victim of bad information.  The same sort of information that some will now cite if it suits them.  

And an even more important point was, I was not a crossdresser.  No matter what label I mistakenly adopted, I learned the truth, something Mr. Taylor, and some others, are fighting hard to avoid.  

There was a time when therapists took things more seriously.  A good therapist still does.  But there is also good money in pandering to fantasies.  And while not universally true, as is claimed by some, like Blanchard and Bailey, a lot of transgender people do lie.  Mr. Taylor is quick to claim he has been "diagnosed" with gender identity disorder.  One wonders, has Mr. Taylor updated his therapist on his breast milk perversion?  I would imagine not.  A competent therapist would find that very telling.

Mr. Taylor claims he is on "planning" for surgery in December of 2014.  I hope he reconsiders.  We don't need another person who had the surgery, and then regrets it.  I regularly did reality checks pretty much right up to the day I left for the hospital.  I wanted to be sure, and I did the right thing.

And that brings us to the worst, most tragic example of transgender fact checking.  As I have said, I was a miserable person before I transitioned.  I was in a lot of pain, and that caused people around me a lot of pain.  I transitioned, and things changed.  In spite of the lies pushed by the nasty boys in dresses, my life improved.  I was able to deal with things that would have been devastating before.  My daughter and I are very close.  But, for so many, the exact opposite is true.  Men who had successful lives as men, suddenly become, for all practical purposes, mental health basket cases when they decide to pursue life as women.  And, being the kooks that they truly are, they think this is a good thing, because, after all, that is how they think women are.  

And they wonder why radical feminists despise them...

Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them...

You know, the transgender extremists would be downright comical if not for the very real harm they do.  They try to terrorize women who don't want to sleep with them.  And if you  expose the absurdity of their positions, they will relentless try to stalk you and destroy you.

I really should be asleep, but I have been engaged in a back and forth with Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen," on Twitter where he has tried to justify causing my daughter some serious emotional stress by invading her privacy.  And in the middle of his "pretending" to be sorry, he posted a link to the latest garbage from Mr. "Cristan" Williams.  

Someone, it is still not completely clear who, went on an obsessive expedition to dig up some dirt on me.  They managed to uncover a journal that my daughter had online almost ten years ago, during a time when she and I were estranged.  I am not going to violate either of our privacy, except to say that the primary source of the break in our relationship had little to do with my being transsexual, and far more to do with some very personal matters that, well, are not anyone else's business.  Nothing I am ashamed of, and in the end, the matter was resolved, and we are very close.

And I should note, this says a lot about Mr. Williams.  This person, who really is clueless about how he comes across, again, has no qualms about invading my daughter's privacy simply so he can create a distraction from the truth about his lies and absurd rants that I have exposed.  My daughter was very disturbed by what was done today, well now yesterday.  For  Mr. Williams, women are not a group he actually has anything in common with, just a nuisance to be swept aside in his pursuit of a goal.

During the time she wrote that we were not communicating, she wrote some things that were meaningful to her, but are also not very kind to me.  There is truth there, but not what Mr. Williams is trying to add to it.  Simply put, what she wrote is the portrait of a true transsexual at the breaking point.  I had struggled for years, in denial about being transsexual.  Yes, we all hear those heartrending stories about the "transgender" person who worked for 20, 30 years in a highly successful career as a man, before finally, either during a mid-life crisis, or worse, at retirement, "finally" (i.e. suddenly), after years of being a closeted crossdresser, realizes (okay, let's be longer gets the same thrill from his little hobby) that he is a woman, and transitions.  Yeah, I've heard it over and over....

It's true, my ex was the breadwinner.  I was, in effect, a housekeeper.  I stayed at home, and kept house, cooked,cleaned, and such.  It worked.  Yes, I had trouble keeping a job.  I was a miserable person.  I wasn't alway that great with money.  Not something I am proud of.  I guess I could have gone a different route, and drowned my sorrows in substance abuse, but that always seemed a bit absurd to me.  I spent money on books, and technology to a large degree.  I have always been a bit of a geek.

And yes, there was some abuse.  It went both ways.  I am not happy about it, but again, I felt trapped.  I was trying to be something I wasn't, and I acted the way I had seen my father act.  Not something I am proud of.  And yes, I could be rather rigid.  I felt like I couldn't have what I really needed (I had been convinced by bad information for years that transition was not possible for me) and I guess I expected everyone to be as miserable as I was.  Also, I wanted to protect my daughter from some of the mistakes I made, and unfortunately she made similar ones.  Again, I am going to respect her privacy and say no more.

So, what we have here, is Mr. Williams thinking he has found his ultimate prize.  Not that he cares...  He has something he can build a whole set of lies out of, and he is going for it with all he's got.  He also links to a post, which is by the person I rather strongly suspect is the source of the snippet from my daughter's journal, where said person proceeds to prove, once again, that there are lies, damn lies, statistics, and statistics in the hands of a vicious liar.  Said kook proceeds to take a few facts, and creates some pretty big lies. 

Did I have a number of email addresses?  Yes.  Was this part of some nefarious plot?  Nope.  I had accounts on Compuserve, AOL, Earthlink, and Genie (which he seems to have missed).  I also was on several BBSs, including Fidonet, and the Matrix (a local BBS at the time that was one of the first to offer real email).  Two of those addresses were with Bellsouth.  They changed the format.  One seems to be the same one twice, a couple are not even me, and the rest?  Well, back in those days, ISPs were not always reliable, and if you found the one you were using was not very good, you switched.  You know, back in the day, we did not have Gmail, or such.  Ironically, today, I have several email addresses.  Two primary ones, and some others that I use less often.  

And no, I did not pretend to be a "young boy hacker."  I never lied about my age, or pretended to be anything I was not.  But this is the pattern.  Make something up, throw it out, and move on quickly in the hopes that the reader doesn't think too much.  Like the bit about AIDS.  What I pointed out was, there were some cases that doctors could not figure out.  In some of them, they saved tissue, and after AIDS was discovered, they went back and found the virus in the tissue.  Patient died with the same symptoms, and had the virus present.  Was AIDS prevalent back then?  Clearly not.  But there were very rare cases.  A right wing conspiracy theory?  Huh?  Seriously...more like a geeky fact I came across, but twist it out of shape, and you have something you can run with...

Did I discuss my faith on a cyberpunk group?  Yes, but if you go back and take a look at the thread, I did not start the discussion...I just joined in to something that others had already started, and was on topic.  Funny how you are not told that.

And finally...did I post a huge number of messages on Usenet?  Well, yes....and no.  Again, lies, damn lies, statistics, and statistics in the hands of a vicious liar.  Back in the day, messages were often crossposted to numerous groups.  Responding to one message might result in it appearing, at least to Google's statistics, that you had post two, three, four, a dozen...  So, yes, in one sense I posted a lot of messages.  In another, I posted considerable less.  Yes, I was prolific, but not as prolific as someone would have you believe.  

Oh, and I saw the supposed claims about Nicky.  To be honest, they looked kind of bogus to me.  But I will leave that for him to address.

How can you tell Mr. Williams is lying?  Well, whenever he posts, tweets, or opens his mouth...chances are good he is.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wow, The Boys Want to Play Rough!

Let's see...  I just had to censor (something I really hate doing) a comment from Mr. "Cristan" Williams, because he violated the one rule I have here, which is you don't invade privacy.  First off, he mention something about a regular commenter here, and that alone was grounds for his post being blocked.

But then I noticed he has joined the recent effort to get really nasty with cyberstalking me.  He quoted something that I was not familiar with, that allegedly came from my daughter.  Well, of course I placed a phone call to her.  She had me send her the quote, which she was rather surprised by.  

Now, she did something rather smart.  She Googled it, and it turns out that it comes from a comment on Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor's Blog, which also appears to be the "source" of the other comment mentioned above.  That comment appears to be a total fabrication.

Once I saw the full quote on Mr. Taylor's blog, from someone claiming to be "Rebecca" it made a bit more sense.  My daughter is not sure exactly where it came from, but whatever the source, it is clear that it was posted at a time, about nine years ago, when we were not on the best of terms.  That is long past history, and it appears that someone has been very naughty, and has gone to great lengths to find anything they can use.  This is not something that would be easily found...

I am not going to provide details as to the conflict between us, except to say that it has been settled, that the cause had nothing to do with my being a transsexual, that the stuff was written by someone who was in a very bad place at the time, and that I have a very wonderful relationship with my daughter and my grandchildren.

In another words, potentially illegal activities are afoot, so to speak.  Not surprising, as I have clearly upset some very violent men, including both Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Williams.  Mr. Williams has been accused, though he is full of denials, of threatening a journalist, mainly because said person does not believe men should be able to put on women's clothing and force their way into women's spaces.  Mr. Williams does not handle disagreement, or rejection very well.  If he doesn't get his way, well, let's just say he can be very nasty.

I am about 99% certain who the cyberstalker is.  Mr. Williams, like Mr. Sandeen before him, is simply allowing this sleaze-ball to use him.  The person in question is a very disturbed man, who used to be a terror on Usenet.  There, ironically, he harassed a person who posted as "Laura Masters" and later as "Laura Blake" for years.   It's ironic, because Blake was one of the first true transgender kooks.  His spiel was that no one should have surgery, and we should all accept that were were "woman/male." Sort of an early version of the woman with a penis crap preached now. That feud is approaching 20 years I believe, and began on Fidonet.

The style is classic, and his tactic is to take a bit of true information when he can find it, and then basically extrapolate wildly.  The said thing is, I actually tried, at one time, to help this person out.  So, you might ask, what did I do that turned him into my mortal enemy?  I declined to go along with a request that we effectively shut down the old group on Usenet by pulling out.  He then started posting anonymously, but some of his comments gave away who he really was.  Now that Usenet is effectively dead, he moved on to stalking people on blogs and such.

Oh well, if the nasty boys think they can scare me off, like they did at least one blogger, they can think again.  Their lies don't bother me.  Obviously I worry them....  That's nice.  It means they know I am telling the truth, which is the one thing they can't abide.

Oh, and one other bit of irony...  I you go back and you read the post that started Mr. Dana Lane Taylor on his hateful path, I was actually trying to be nice.  I honestly felt that he was hurting, and I tried to cut him some slack.  But, hey, even if you do it nicely, the transgender kooks just can't handle disagreement any better than they can handle rejection.  Mr. Taylor went off the deep end because he found out he can't demand that lesbians have sex with him...  I mean, after all, just because he has a penis is no reason for a woman, who prefers women, to reject him.

Oh, and no, I am not mad "because [he] got the first 'Mr.' in..."  And no, we never had the same mindset.  He was delusional, and clearly was never a transsexual. 

And things are getting more interesting...  My daughter called me back after getting the grandkids to bed, and we spent some time figuring out how someone found that old site.  They had to have searched through Facebook to find her.  I have my Facebook privacy setting on the highest level, just for the purpose of preventing people from bothering me and my friends.  They had to have looked for anyone who might be related to me.

On top of that, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen posted a comment, an unwelcome comment, on her old journal page.  As she put it, "What he did is just....creepy."  Then, in what has to be one of the most idiotic moves that fool has ever made, he sent me a friend request on Facebook.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If There Was Any Doubt That "Dana" Taylor Is Nuts....

His new blog removes them completely...

And his over the top, autogynephilic obsession with his breasts...including lactation... (warning, NSFW or if you have a weak stomach)

I find myself did this kook manage to fool us as long as he did?

I guess the first is supposed to just devastate me.  It doesn't.  

The second, however, I find pretty revolting.  Some men are really disturbed, and disturbing.

Truly sad...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Choice? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No.

Over at the Huffington Post, which is becoming a regular mouthpiece for transgender extremists, "Brynn" Tannehill, a former officer in the U.S. Navy, and current transgender extremist, is trying to argue the issue of whether or not he had a choice about "transitioning," which in his case, means putting on women's clothes and claiming he is now a full fledged woman with a penis, lesbian class.

Now, let's consider this for a moment.  This is a person who had no problem getting accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy.  Now, the Naval Academy, like all of the service academies, adheres to what is referred to as the "Honor Concept."
Midshipmen are persons of integrity: We stand for that which is right.
We tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known. We do not lie.
We embrace fairness in all actions. We ensure that work submitted as their own is their own, and that assistance received from any source is authorized and properly documented. We do not cheat. 
We respect the property of others and ensure that others are able to benefit from the use of their own property. We do not steal.
Now, it is that second line that is the problematic one here.  If Mr. Tannehill is really a transsexual, then he would have known, by the time he entered the Naval Academy, that something was very wrong (to say the very least) and let's be blunt, since we can assume he entered the Academy around 1993 or so, it is unlikely he would not be aware of being a transsexual, which would have meant that he would have lied during his physical.  He would have also have had to hide this fact throughout his time at the Academy.  Actually, it is very likely that he did hide the fact that he was a closeted crossdresser at that time.  

The simple bottom line is, if you are a transsexual, you might try to hide that fact from others, and even from yourself, but you are not going to be very successful.  I was relatively late transitioning, and even later having surgery.  I knew some was wrong very early on.  I didn't know what it was, or what could be done.  When I learned, I got bad information that delayed my transition for years.  By the time I did transition, my life was pretty much messed up, and it took a few years to sort things out.  And that involved, as much as possible, trying to be as stealth as possible.  I wasn't interested, as Mr. Tannehill is, in rubbing people's noses in it, but instead, simply wanted to be what I should have been all along.

Did I have a choice?  Yes, between continuing to suffer, or having a relatively normal life.  Did Mr. Tannehill have a choice?  Yes, between having a relatively normal life, or being a public spectacle.  Funny how that works out....