Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bil Browning Strikes Out Again...

It has been a while since he has made a complete ass of himself, but Bil Browning is at it again. Browning, who runs the hilariously over the top gay blog site Bilerico decided to trash Ashley Love, a post-op transsexual woman who has had the audacity to be both highly successful, and to disagree with the transgender party line.  Bil is quite disgusted with the simple fact that Ms. Love will not meekly accept the label of "transgender," which he arrogantly goes out of his way to impose on Ms. Love.  She does not identify that way, but Browning doesn't care.  Of course the fact that she is quite articulate and is someone who is able to get her voice heard clearly sends Browning into fits of rage.  How dare she disagree with him!!!!

Ms. Love speaks the truth, and this is just something that Browning will not abide.  She refutes the party line, and that angers the transgender extremists, including others, such as "Autumn" Sandeen, "Monica" Helms" and "Antonia D'orsay Dyssonance."  In another words, she is hated by the worst of the transgender kooks.  Sounds to me like she is doing a pretty good job.  About the only major transgender kook who has not viciously attacked Ms. Love is "Monica" Roberts, who has expressed issues, but is unwilling to go after her like the others because, well, Ashley is African-American.  So, she only gets a little hate from Roberts.  The rest of the boys are not so kind.  It would be interesting to see if Ms. Love agrees with Roberts' racist rants.

But the real fun in a Bilerico post is usually in the comments, and this one is no exception.  They open with a woman taking on Browning for his nastiness.  A couple of transgender kooks jump her case because, like Ms. Love, she doesn't parrot the party line, and then Mr. Dyssonance himself jumps her case and tries to slam her hard.  Typical.  He really puts the kook in transgender kook.  When dealing with that one, you simply have to remember, he is not sane, so trying to make sense of his rhetoric will only give you a headache.

After the woman who started us off puts Dyssonance in his place, one of the kooks comes back after her, shocked that she actually supports Ms. Love (it is always funny watching someone who simply cannot comprehend that anyone would not swallow the transgender party line without question).

Then another wannabe chimes in that he just can't understand why some distinguish between transgender and transsexual.  He can't even muster the courage to "transition" (i.e. I would assume he means he can't bring himself to actually start crossdressing full time).  There is no so blind....

Now, things start to really get interesting...  Another nutcase (ironic, isn't it?) suggests that Ms. Love might be mentally ill and is just trying to get attention.  Now, hold that thought....we are going to come back to it quickly.  Anyway, things go back and forth about whether this person was attacking Ms. Love for being transsexual, or for not adhering to the appropriate party line.

Okay, another person takes Browning to task of his nastiness and actually does a pretty good job of putting him in his place.  This brings the wrath of "Monica" Helms, one of the most extreme of the extremists.  Now, Helms lets us know that he does not like Ms. Love, but he also takes a swat at Browning, who has actually put him him his place for acting the fool.  Helms is too nasty for even Browning.

Things continue in this manner for a bit, and someone speaks up for Ms. Love, pointing out that she speaks for transsexuals, who are being somewhat oppressed by the transgender extremists which angers Mr. Dyssonance,  He is not going to tolerate anyone trying to slip the yoke of being labeled as a transgender.  In another words, he is a classic gender fascist.  A few comments later, he attacks someone for pointing out that Ms. Love is not transgender, and that calling her such is "misgendering" her.  In this case, I would have to agree.  Of course, Mr. Dyssonance is having none of that.

A few comments later, things take a surreal turn.  Helms, who has one of the most overinflated egos among the transgender kooks, picks up on the idea that Ms. Love is trying to get attention, making a comment about how she "is trying to force herself into the spotlight."  Now, given both Helms' behavior, and that of his brother-in-arms "Autumn" Sandeen, that is downright hilarious.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...

And so it goes....  I am a little surprised that Browning had the good sense to stay out of the comments.  It must have been hard for him to refrain from moderating all those people taking him to task for being such a jerk....

Dr. Keith Ablow Makes Some Good Points

The transgender community was renting their clothes, and wearing sackcloth and ashes over the comments of Dr. Keith Ablow about Chaz Bono's appearance on Dancing With the Stars.  Dr. Ablow suggested that seeing Bono on TV might cause "impressionable" children to question their own gender identity.  While I think that is a bit overblown, he does make a few good points when he suggests that there should be an examination of the current trends in therapy for "transgender" people.

Dr. Ablow has also been roundly attacked for saying that Bono is "not a man." Now, of course that is a mortal sin according to the transgender extremists.  After all, their approach to "sex" is that people can claim to be something, and they automatically are.  But, is he a man?  Well, not according to his own words.  After being booted from DWTS Bono made the comment that he wanted to show America, "...a different kind of man."  In this context, that means, quite simply, that he is not really a man.  Being a man, like being a woman, is a very binary thing.  You either are, or you are not.  There are not degrees of being a man.

Now, I really doubt that kids are going to watch Bono and decide they too are transsexual.  It might plant the idea that being transgender is a way to "rebel," which is another issue.  But that is not really the point.  One problem is that there are problems with celebrating what is, in reality, a serious medical issue.

I mean, if Chaz Bono were truly a transsexual and actually wanted to simply live his life as a man, then why would he make such a big deal out of shoving his issues into everyone's face.  It drastically reduces the chance that he will be seen as a man, and instead insures that he will be seen as, well, "transgender."  No, I realize that it might be difficult for someone who is a celebrity to transition quietly, but quite honestly, Chaz Bono was not that well know before his very public transition.  He made a somewhat unsuccessful attempt at a musical career, but after becoming an LGBT activist, he became a bit more prominent.

I am sure that Dr. Ablow and I would find a lot to disagree on.  But, we would at least have common ground for dialog.  For the transgender crowd, there is no common ground.  He has some valid issues, and they, well they simply don't.  They are upset because he is actually speaking the truth, albeit in a rather forceful, and flawed manner.  He clearly leans away from acceptance of the validity of transsexualism, but apparently he does not reject it completely.  Ironically, some of the more extremist transgender activists do.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yet Another Example of Transgender Silliness

The audacity of transgender activists never fails to amaze me.  But the recent actions of "Megan" Stabler really takes the cake.  Stabler, who is the current token "trannie" at the Human Rights Campaign married a woman in Texas by claiming to be a man, even though Stabler has had sex reassignment surgery.  I normally, with certain specific exceptions, treat post-ops as their target sex, but I will respect Mr. Stabler's apparent wishes, and refer to him as a male.

The story was first broken by the San Diego LGBT Weekly under the completely bizarre headline:

HRC trans board member marries as sex opposite of post-op gender

This, of course, is typical TG double-talk.  It always amuses me that while the TG extremists make a big deal about how "sex is between the legs, gender is between the ears," they also attempt to imply that gender "changes" with transition."  Gender is immutable.  You are born with a brain wired male, or one wired female.  You can change your gender expression, and your sex, to match your gender, or to be contrary.  Transgender people change their gender expression to the opposite of their inherent gender, and transsexuals move to conform to their true gender.  Transgender generally wish to remain their birth sex, as this enhances their transgression of gender, but their are exceptions.  Stabler appears to be one of those cases.

The fact that Stabler is with HRC goes a long way towards explaining this travesty.  There is a common, but erroneous belief among transgender people that a hierarchy exists with post-ops at the pinnacle.  Of course, this is based, in part, on the insistence that transsexuals must accept assimilation under the transgender umbrella.  While some true transsexuals do identify as transgender, many, perhaps most, do not.

Stabler has made a choice, and it will be the policy of this blog to refer to him with male pronouns.  He has legally identified as male, and that is how he will be referred to.  I generally refer, with very rare exceptions to post-op MTF transsexuals as women.  Stabler will be one of those exceptions.

I should also note that "Autumn" Sandeen is defending Stabler's outrageous behavior as something done in support of "marriage equality."  Of course, ultimately, it is not.  It harms both the cause of same-sex marriage, and that of true transsexuals.  It makes a mockery of changes to birth certificates, and it provide ammunition to the Religious Right.

Oh well, as I say, transgender idiocy knows no limits.....

Friday, October 7, 2011


In his unique style of cluelessness, "Autumn" Sandeen seems to have "discovered" that transgender people have incurred the wrath of the Religious Right.  It is not clear of Mr. Sandeen has just just discovered this, or if he was desperate for something to write about.  I mean, "transgender" people have been, as he puts it, "...On The Religious Right’s/Social Conservative’s Radar" for some years.  This is nothing new.  

The primary reason for this is the insistence of those, like Mr. Sandeen, that "transgender" has to be linked to "Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual," even though it really has little in common, and is not a sexual orientation.  But, given the Religious Right's obsession with homosexuality, that they have "noticed" transgender should come as no surprise.

Truth be told, for many years, the vast majority of the Religious Right tended to largely ignore the whole issue.  Oh, if the question came up, they would certainly disapprove of cross dressing, but it was not something they paid much attention to outside of the association with "drag queens."  And while it has nothing to actually do with transgender, transsexualism was, with some exceptions, largely ignored and even accepted, especially if people were educated about the medical nature of the condition.  Even now, the Religious Right finds it easier to attack transsexualism  by linking it to transgender and homosexuality.

And a very good question would be if Mr. Sandeen is really that upset by getting attention from the Religious Right.  I suspect he is actually not upset at all.  In fact, I think he craves the attention.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Classic Example of the Harm Transgender Extremists Do to Transsexuals

There was a momentary possibility that Medicaid in the State of  New York would cover sex reassignment surgery.  That quickly disappeared.  Now, there are a number of good reasons that such surgery should be covered.  For one, it is medically necessary for transsexuals.  Unfortunately, the surgery was mislabeled as "transgender" surgery, and the usual kooks and extremists came out of the wood work and started pushing for it.

The opens the door for conservatives to start in about how we should not be indulging these disturbed people, and how limited resources should not be wasted.

Now, the truth is, those pushing for such coverage would likely never take advantage of it.  The overwhelming majority are life-time members of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry My Cold Dead Fingers From It" Club.  Oh, they will whine about how they "would" have the surgery if only it was not so expensive, and how they wish it was covered, but let's be serious...they often have had numerous chances to have the surgery, and even when such people have it offered they rarely take advantage.

When San Francisco approved providing surgery for city workers, the number taking advantage was surprisingly low.  The same thing was the result when the University of California made it part of their medical benefits.  The truth is, transsexuals are actually very rare.   Transgender people don't want to change their sex.  That would spoil the fun.

But, they are quick to come out of the woodwork and scare authorities into declining to provide them with a benefit they demand, but will never use, thus denying it to those who really need it.