Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Classic Example of the Harm Transgender Extremists Do to Transsexuals

There was a momentary possibility that Medicaid in the State of  New York would cover sex reassignment surgery.  That quickly disappeared.  Now, there are a number of good reasons that such surgery should be covered.  For one, it is medically necessary for transsexuals.  Unfortunately, the surgery was mislabeled as "transgender" surgery, and the usual kooks and extremists came out of the wood work and started pushing for it.

The opens the door for conservatives to start in about how we should not be indulging these disturbed people, and how limited resources should not be wasted.

Now, the truth is, those pushing for such coverage would likely never take advantage of it.  The overwhelming majority are life-time members of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry My Cold Dead Fingers From It" Club.  Oh, they will whine about how they "would" have the surgery if only it was not so expensive, and how they wish it was covered, but let's be serious...they often have had numerous chances to have the surgery, and even when such people have it offered they rarely take advantage.

When San Francisco approved providing surgery for city workers, the number taking advantage was surprisingly low.  The same thing was the result when the University of California made it part of their medical benefits.  The truth is, transsexuals are actually very rare.   Transgender people don't want to change their sex.  That would spoil the fun.

But, they are quick to come out of the woodwork and scare authorities into declining to provide them with a benefit they demand, but will never use, thus denying it to those who really need it.


Ev Maroon said...

You're arguing that because transgender people wouldn't opt for SRS that it failed to pass as law? That doesn't make any sense. Stop the infighting and blaming people in our own community.
--A transsexual

Just Jennifer said...

No, that is not what I am arguing, and no, there is NOT a community. Sorry, but I have nothing in common with people who are transgender. No, I am arguing that people who have NO interest in surgery are hurting the chances of getting it passed. The vast majority of people who identify as transgender are crossdressers and such. They have no interest in surgery, openly proclaim silliness like "women have penises" and "men can get pregnant" and generally create an environment where SRS is seen as something negative. This leads to bad laws in places like New York, where this should be easily passed.

Not your friend said...

I completely agree Jennifer.

Not your friend said...

Well now that AB 433 was signed by Governor MoonBeam Any Chick with a Dick, She-Male and Crossdresser can change his birth certificate to female. This is the ultimate harm that will be done to Transsexuals this will completely invalidate our birth condition and make it into some perverted lifestyle.

Go to Hell Autumn Sandeen and all like you. You are all a bunch of freaks.


lifeafterdawn said...

Totally agree, Jennifer. I am trans, in transition and waiting on a green light from my doctors for surgery. I'm eager to move on and don't understand how someone can think of themselves as female with the most distinguishing characteristic of maleness between their legs. That said, unless they advertise it, it's none of my business or anyone elses's. I do disagree on one point: you ARE a member of a community, Jennifer, but not the "trans community." You - and someday me - are of the community of WOMEN!

indi X said...

our bodies are ours, as a community we are over pathologised however we must also take into consideration those who "need" surgery. We should all have the right to opt in or opt out of surgery. When i marginalised community is oppressed they will turn in on them selves. Both arguments are very valid and important. We are on the same side. Whether you do or you dont you should be supported and treated with respect, especially by your piers. The real fight is out there.