Friday, December 28, 2012

Reaping What You Sow

Well, Riki Wilchins, who gave the world "Transexual Menace" (though now even Wilchins is using "Transsexual Menace" seems to be coming face to face with reality.  Wilchins has been very active lately, writing about the issue of testosterone blockers, and how they may bring an end to the nightmares faced by transsexual youth, and then in another article, writing about having to deal with children's question about whether or not Wilchins is a "boy or a girl" when claiming to be a "mother."  

Now, Wilchins basically made a career out of being very publicly "gender queer" even as Wilchins went through transition and had sex reassignment surgery.  I quickly came to see Wilchins as one of those people who was not worth focusing much attention on...sort of like "Kate" Bornstein, who I suspect regrets having transitioned and who is trying to deal with now being a man trapped in a woman's body...sort of a bizarre, almost Twilight Zone twist if there ever was one.

Wilchins never really made an effort to assimilate, or "pass" as Wilchins puts it.  Now, as I have stated before, I have come to realize that "passing" is very much a transgender concept.  It is basically an assertion that one is not really a woman, but is fooling everyone else into thinking one really is.  That is why I say, "I simply am," rather than "I pass."  I am not fooling anyone.  I am not trying to.  And, quite frankly, I don't have to.

Wilchins, who has a six year-old daughter who has been confronted by children saying "you can't be her mother."  Wilchins, interestingly enough, is upset by this.  Could it be that Wilchins really was transsexual, but got caught up in a bizarre political/social revolution, and now, as they say, "the chickens have come home to roost?"  Could Wilchins have made a bad choice?  Is Wilchins, as they say, now "hoist by one's own petard?"

If so, it would certainly be a rather ironic situation.  Wilchins did a lot of damage to transsexuals.  Wilchins was one of the more obnoxious voices pushing for gender upheaval when most of us just wanted to get on with normal, quiet lives.  Wilchins actively sought the spotlight when most of us wished to avoid it, and quite frankly, wished Wilchins would just shut up.  

Among other things, Wilchins was active in Camp Trans, and attempt by a group of transgender males to force their way into the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.  It should be noted that more than a few post-op transsexuals have simply ignored the "womyn born womyn" and attended the festival.  Camp Trans, as evidenced by some nasty graffiti painted on one of the camp's kitchens, was about intact males forcing themselves on the festival.

So, someone who made a career out of "not really being a woman" is forced to face the reality of choices made.  Sad in a way, but also rather satisfyingly ironic.  A morality tale for the transgender community.  You really do "reap what you sow."

Friday, December 21, 2012

His Own Worst Enemy

The man who would be king, well at least of the transgender fascists has been very busy lately.  Yes, Mr. "Cristan" Williams, who spends his time trying to prove that the modern transgender movement has been around a lot longer than it actually has is at it again, and he is doing a pretty good job of proving the things he has devoted himself to disproving.

In three recent articles, he has shown exactly the reasons true transsexuals want no part of the movement he attempts to force us into, and even ignores it a major leader's somewhat sage advice.

In the first article, he carries on about how Phillip Frye (not the character from Futurama, but Houston's best known transvestite) who was one of those who created a movement that no sane transsexual would want a part of was a major force in the early gay rights movement, and worked diligently to force the LGB to tack on the T.  Frye has done more than his share of damage to transsexuals.  He was one of the louder voices carrying the mantle of Arnold Lowman, aka Charles "Virginia" Prince that surgery was not necessary, and even undesirable.  He also pulled some absurd stunts that did more than a little to discredit transsexuals legitimacy, such as seeking out post-op "lesbians" in relationships with biological women to have them get "legally" married in Texas as a response to the Littleton case.  In another words, a woman was supposed to legally marry another woman.  But all the Texas authorities did was grin a stupid grin, and say, "Yep, as we all said, they're men, and they are jus' marryin' some problem."

Then he posts about Lee Brewster, a gay drag queen/transvestite who ran a specialty boutique for drag queens and transvestites in New York City until his death.  Brewster, like Frye was basically a transvestite who got a bit carried away, but who had no desire to actually be a woman.

Then he writes about Leslie Feinberg, someone who is really more butch lesbian than anything else, who played a major role in creating the modern transgender movement, the one he tries to claim existed long before, in the mid-Nineties.  But I have to love the fact that he quotes Feinberg in the following exchange from 1993:
Would you consider anyone who is a butch woman or an effeminate man to be transgendered?
Leslie: I think the point is not whether I would, but whether they would. What I think is that the gender community is forming a movement and starting to be visible and that more and more people will decide whether they are or are not gender oppressed.
So, Feinberg, a founder of the movement acknowledges that people have a right to be "separatists."  It was, is, and should be about "identity" not being forced to accept a label.  The only people I feel "gender oppressed" by are people like Williams, who try to tell me how I can view my "gender."

Ah, but there's more...

Some transsexuals regard being transsexual and being transgendered a being very different from each other and don’t really consider the term “transgendered” as being appropriate to their situation. Do you see there being a fundamental difference between being transgendered and being transsexual? 
Leslie: Well, in the literal sense, we’re talking about ether people crossing the lines of the sex they were mandated at birth and people who are crossing the lines of gender. So, of course, I do think there’s a very real difference between the lives of transsexuals and those who are transgendered, but that’s in the ten(sic) literal sense of the word. I also think that transsexuals who are read very easily on the street have very different lives than those who aren’t, but there’s becoming another use of the word “transgender” which is not so literal, which seems to me to be a kind of umbrella term to unite a very diverse population, and that’s the sense in which I use “transgendered.”
Now, I’m also very aware that language changes and that struggle shapes language, but it may be that there will be specific terms – the “transsexual/transgender” community or a term that we haven’t even heard yet, maybe “trans people” will come to mean anyone who crosses any sex or gender lines. So what I like about uniting us under this broad umbrella term is that it unites a group who share more in common than we differ.
Even from the beginnings of what Williams tries, falsely, to claim was around when it wasn't, Feinberg acknowledges that there are differences.  She wants to create a "community" but one born of identity, not forced assimilation.  And, quite frankly, it has pretty much failed.  Feinberg was wrong.  We don't share that much in common after all.
I agree that there needs to be an umbrella term for all of us, but the reason that some transsexuals don’t like that term — and I tend to agree with this — is that it at least has the implication that transsexuals don’t really change sex. So, do you acknowledge that that term at least has the potential to be used in that way?
Leslie: Certainly I’m not using the term to define anybody for themselves or to impose upon them a term that strips them of an important part of their identity, I think that frequently language doesn’t suit the needs of all the individuals of a community. I remember after the Stonewall Rebellion when the word “gay” first came into use that a lot of people were very angered because they felt it trivializes our oppression. Now the word “gay” has become very accepted. For some of us the word “lesbian” was very difficult to say because it sounded so close to slurs that had been used against us. So I think that the more that we grow as a movement and mature, the more our Ianguage will reflect accuracy and more of what each group within that community feels most expresses their identities.
So, there you have it, Mr. Williams hoist by his own petard.  The very actions he has engaged in, repeatedly, condemned by one of the founders of the movement he tries now to force down people's throats.  Even in 1993, the same issues were around.  One of the people most responsible for the modern use of "transgender" acknowledges the possibility of misuse, exactly the misuse that people like "Cristan" Williams and "Autumn" Sandeen, following in the footsteps to Phillip Frye and Arnold Lowman, engage in.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Well, At Least He DID Have A Sex Change

"Gabrielle Monika" Ludwig, a 50 year-old transgender "woman" in Fremont, CA is now playing women's college basketball.  At 6' 6", I am sure this person will be an asset to the team, but I am still appalled by the who thing.  This is just another transgender who has gone too far, but who still cannot seem to give up his life as a man.

Even though he claims to have had "life-long problems" with his gender identity, he managed to have a successful career as a male.  And based on the article I read, it appears he was able to find a surgeon who ignored the SOC and performed the surgery without the requirement of an RLT.  This is an disaster in the making.

He has been featured on the news, and complains because they made him change his birth certificate against his will in order to qualify to play as a woman.  I'm sorry, but this person did not really want to be a woman, just a public spectacle.  Something he seems to have certainly achieved.  He was openly a transvestite while in the Navy (too bad "Autumn" Sandeen didn't know about this guy).

The team, and it's coach have been criticized, and quite rightly.  This person had surgery in July of this year.  The Olympics, for example, require that an athlete wait two years after surgery before competing.  And as I said, at 6' 6" and 230 pounds, she is going to give the the team quite an advantage.

Seriously, is there no end to the silliness that transgender extremists will go to for attention and thrills? 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crowing Like a Banty Rooster

Sadly, for unknown reasons, Gender Reality has shut down, and disappeared.  Such things happen from time to time.  Sometimes, it is because the author just gets tired of the hassles of running a blog.  Sometimes it is because some cretin has threatened a given author, as happened with Enough Nonsense.  And sometimes, we never find out.

But one thing that seems to happen, again, and again...Mr. "Cristan" Williams will brag as though he single-handed was responsible for the blog's demise.  He engages in this classically male behavior regularly.

I can certainly understand why he might be glad to see them go...they did a pretty good job exposing him to the harsh light of reality.

And he wonders why so many see him for the man he really is?  Oh well, he is nothing, if not completely clueless.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The transgender blogs are celebrating, as "gender identity disorder," which replaced "transsexualism" (largely because of the transgender kooks) is now "gender dysphoria."  Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen goes so far as to crow and quote "Dana" Beyers, who makes the following incorrect observation:
“A right-winger can’t go out and say all trans people are mentally ill because if you are not dysphoric, that can’t be diagnosed from afar,” Beyer said. “It no longer matters what your body looks like, what you want to do to it, all of that is irrelevant as far as the APA goes.”
Sorry fellows, but most of you, like Mr. Sandeen, are covered by "transvestic disorder."  As to what Beyer claims, well, if you are not "dysphoric" and therefore cannot be diagnosed with a mental disorder, that just makes you a "happy pervert."  In another words, you have to admit that your behavior is chosen, and therefore you have absolutely NO basis to claim things like a right to strut your junk in women's spaces.

The simple fact is, what was called "gender identity disorder" in DSM-IV, and "transsexualism" before that, never really applied to the vast majority of transgender people.  Almost all of them are actually covered by what was called "fetishtic transvestism" and is now called "transvestic disorder."

So, hey, you got what you want...and hey, you are still disordered.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Who's Afraid of "Virginia Prince."

For obvious reasons, the gender fascist "Cristan" Williams wants to, as he puts it, kill what he calls the "Virginia Prince Fountainhead Myth."  This is the fact that Charles Lowman, aka Charles "Virginia" Prince, was largely responsible for the rise of the use of therm "transgender."

Lowman was the person who founded the beginning of what would eventually become the modern transgender movement.  He formed a crossdresser's club, which was referred to by several names, including Phi Pi Epsilon (also referred to as FPE, which stands for "full personality expression"), "The Society for the Second Self," "Tri Sigma," and finally  "Tri Ess." Several of the names reprsent rather silly attempts to again sound like a Greek letter sor.  Lowman also produced a magazine that was originally entitled "Heel and Hose," and later "Transvestia," wrote several books of instructions for male crossdressers, and involved himself with various researchers in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and sexology.  Most notable among these was Robert Stoller who apparently based quite a bit of his ideas on transvestites on Lowman's information.

Lowman is also well known for being extremely homophobic, and having a visceral aversion to the concept of transsexualism.  It has been alleged that he was turned down as candidate for sex reassignment surgery, and was extremely bitter as a result.

In what would become a foreshadow of the modern "transgender movement," Lowman, in later years, became a full-time crossdresser.  He was very active in the modern transgender movement. especially the International Foundation for Gender Education, which has an award named for him.

So, what is it about this person that so terrifies Mr. Williams that he goes to desperate extremes to deny the fact that what we today refer to as "transgender" exists largely because of Mr. Lowman?  I mean, other than the obvious.

Whether Lowman actually "coined" the term "transgenderist," or perhaps used a term that had made several previous appearances is beside the point.  This is another example of Mr. Williams' attempts at distraction.  Lowman was quite obsessed with concepts like 
respectability and is generally credited with coining more than a few terms, or at the very least, popularizing them.  I know he has been credited with terms like "crossdresser," and "bigendered," for example.  When one term began to take on negative connotations, he would come up with a new one.  He had no problem with "transvestite" until people began to catch on that it referred to a form of sexual fetish.  Lowman did not like having his behavior linked to sex, even though he himself admitted to Stoller that crossdressing did have sexual aspects.  

Lowman was very much the pioneer of the modern transgender movement, which is really all about denying reality.  It is about men claiming to be women, simply because they "identify" as women. Never mind that they may look, act, and behave like men, if they say they are women and/or put on women's clothes, they are "women."  We are all supposed to pretend that many, perhaps most, transgender people engage in what many would consider to be bizarre behavior.  

In an article on the Advocate website, Nick Adams complains about a negative portrayal on the TV show CSI of a "male transvestite" who was being used as a drug mule.  The character, who he complains clearly looked like a man, was referred to as "delusional," after stating that he was pregnant, and referred to with "male pronouns," and during the autopsy as a "male Caucasian."  Sorry, but I thought it a pretty realistic portrayal of some transgender people.  Apparently, we are all supposed to pretend that such people are really women, even to the point of using inaccurate terminology during a legal autopsy and criminal investigation...

Yes, whether he invented the term "transgender" or not, Arnold Lowmam was truly the first among many who would attempt to deny reality and is truly the father of the modern transgender movement.