Friday, May 31, 2013

True Colors

Sometimes you just have to have a good laugh at transgender extremists who don't have a clue how they really come across, or who try to make excuses if they do get a clue.  The latest, and greatest such example is "Autumn" Sandeen.  Yes, I write a lot about Mr. Sandeen, but dog gone it, he is just the gift that keeps on giving.  He is the poster boy for transgender cluelessness.  And he very often shows his "true colors" as they say...

I mean, I think, in Mr. Sandeen's mind, he sees himself as a perfect vision of feminine perfection.  In reality, he is a bad joke.  His clothing choices are laughable, he apparently has a serious hat fetish, and he really can't seem to grasp that his prancing around in a women's naval uniform is seen as a joke.

But his "apology" for acting exactly like what he really is, a man, is really just too much.  Here, from Cathy Brennan, in inescapable detail, is what Mr. Sandeen felt he needed to "apologize" for:
Autumn Sandeen uses Violent Man speak towards women. GenderTrender published an exchange between Autumn and GallusMag that highlights this tactic. 
AS: Oh please, Cathy. Send me a current email address and I’ll email you my documentation showing I know who you are, coward. … You are a full-on coward.

AS: Again, you live up to the label of coward. You won’t out yourself like bugbrennan & I have. What a loser you’ve proven yrself 2b. Seriously “Gallus”, you are such a freaking coward. Brennan and I have outed ourselves- What’s wrong with you? Afraid, girl?

AS: I can’t put up or shut up if you won’t send me an email, you f**king coward. Email me, & I’ll show you.

AS: Jesus Cathy, you are such a f**king loser/coward. …
AS: email me f**kwad. Prove I’m wrong via email. I’ll publicly admit if I am. You? You’re pretty much a f**king fearful coward.
Now, call me a prude, but I admit, I modified some of the language.   I doubt it will take much imagination to figure out that the two missing letters are "uc" but unlike Mr. Sandeen, I don't care for such language.

Cathy Brennan sums it up very well:
Dear Transwomen: The whole “coward” thing is so, so, so Male… like… dude, you can’t punk Females… especially if they were not in the military where that kind of name calling constantly puts your Manhood in question. You are creepy.
I've actually been on the receiving end of that same sort of rhetoric.  Mr. "Cristan" Williams is actually engaged in EXACTLY what Mr. Sandeen is apologizing for, minus, perhaps the more salty language, but with the same attempts to "punk" Gallus Mag into a debate.  And on the EXACT SAME web site where Mr. Sandeen has posted his, uh, "apology."  And, it is a classic, lame excuse as is typical of a violent man...
I could make excuses about my behavior relating what was going on in my brick-and-mortar world that had nothing to do with GallusMag that were negatively impacting my life, as well as make excuses regarding how GallusMag’s and Cathy Brennan’s past behavior could justify my inappropriate language and behavior. But, I won’t. Basically, I just failed to live up to my own standards that I learned in reading the words of Martin Luther King Jr....
Yes, he "could" make excuses....and oh wait, he did... If he didn't want to hide behind such classic dodges as "I had a bad day..." and "You made me get angry..." then why even mention them at all?  As someone who grew up in a household with an abusive father, who caused my mother to have to seek medical treatment more than once, I have heard it all.  It was never "really" his fault.  It was, "I had a bad day at work..." or "You pushed, and pushed, and pushed...until I couldn't take it any more...."  I grew up worrying that the slightest thing might trigger him into explosive rage.  And yes, I was the target on occasion as well.  

A comment at Gender Trender puts it very well....
michelle Says:
May 31, 2013 at 12:38 am
Just like a man…offer a half-assed apology while, in the same breath, basically claiming to have been goaded into being an asshole. And THAT, “Autumn,” is yet another example of why you and your type will never be anything BUT male…
Then, again, I am still waiting for an apology from Mr. Sandeen for his repeated attempts to cyber-stalk me....  Oh well.  I'm not holding my breath.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

When Extremist Kooks Collide...

I've been kind of busy the last week or so...I had a major project I was involved in, and it took up quite a bit of my time, and besides, there hasn't been much of interest to write about.  I mean, after a while, it becomes kind of dreary just pointing out that kooks like "Autumn" Sandeen, or Suzan Cooke are posting the same repetitive dribble.  Cooke is still trying to relive her glory days as a radical wannabe from the Sixties, and Sandeen...well, he has spent the past week trumpeting the fact that he did something transsexuals have done for some time, actually, apparently lying and claiming he has pulled off some major victory as the first to get his idea changed.  Granted, Sandeen may be the first to fraudulently claim to have had SRS in order to effect such a change.

But one rather amusing bit has turned up on "Cristan" Williams' blog Ehipassiko, which is named for one of the six "supreme qualities" of the Teaching of the Buddha.  The idea is that one should come and see for their self, and put it to the test.  Of course, that is rather ironic, as Mr. Williams' blog is centered on him telling you what to believe, and attacking anyone who disagrees.

Anyway, Mr. Williams' latest obsession centers around what has come to be labeled "TERFs," and acronym for "Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists."  This is used to refer to the relatively tiny group of extremist lesbian-separatists who follow in the footsteps of Janice Raymond, who wrote the largely forgotten (except among the transgender kooks) book, "The Transsexual Empire."  Raymond's book falls into the category of kooky conspiracy theory, basically putting forward the idea that "transsexualism" is part of a conspiracy to subvert feminism and that transsexuals symbolically rape women's bodies by acquiring one of their own.  In short, it is the sort of silliness that might get some attention within a very small, very radical, dark corner of academia, but which would go largely unnoticed by most.

But for the transgender extremists, who insist that gender and sex are matters of choice, and can be switched about on a whim, the so-called "TERFs" are a major issue.  Apparently, it especially galls the "male lesbian" crowd that a group of extremist lesbians absolutely despise them.  

In this most recent post, we see Mr. Williams at his most boorishness.  In his typically macho style, he tries to goad his adversary, a radical feminist who uses the screen name GallusMag into debating him:
If you actually possesses the courage of your convictions, I’ll gladly public debate you live on a Google Hangout so that everyone can enjoy watching you display your own special view of reality. Let’s debate the criticisms that you’ve failed to actually address. If you feel that you need to advantage yourself by publicly hiding during the debate, you could always use an avatar on camera while I own my public words with my real identity. Debate me live so that all your supporters can watch you articulate your points in that very special way you’re known for. Be their champion, GallusMag.
But, Mr. Williams does not stop there....
Will you fail to live up to your supposed convictions and if so, I wonder what excuse you’ll use that will be most pleasing to your audience. Will you pretend that rejecting my challenge is the radically feminist to do because debates are somehow male-centric? Maybe you’ll say that you’re too offended by my open challenge. Maybe you’ll pretend that the reason you’re backing out is a lack of trust, logistics or any other reason you can think of that will allow you to save face while you abandon your supposed convictions. Maybe you’ll just pretend to ignore this debate challenge.
This is typical of Mr. Williams.  He loves to goad his opponents.  Of course, if they do give in, and agree to debate him, he then tries every dirty trick he can think of to advance his cause through logical fallacies.  In this case, he goes so far as to agree to not accuse his opponent of "hate" if they debate.  But I am sure he has plenty of other ad hominem attacks at the ready.

The real kicker is Mr.  Williams' little timer he is using to taunt:
So far, GallusMag has been ducking an honest debate about transgenderism for 2 days 2 minutes 25 seconds.
On Williams' site, it is slowly ticking away, in a silly, and rather childish attempt to bully GallusMag into a confrontation.  That is what makes Mr. Williams such a clown.  He actually seems to think this is how women act.  And then he complains when the radical feminists call him on his totally male behavior.  And it would be a miracle if Mr. Williams actually engaged in an honest debate.  He tends to pull out every dishonest logical fallacy in the book.

Seriously, only a man could come ups with something like:
My debate invitation will remain open to you. If at some point you work up the courage to stand firm upon your convictions and face me live (even if you have to hide behind an avatar to do it), I’ll be happy to allow you to prove just how clever you believe yourself to be. Think of it. You’ll get to hide behind a fake face and fake identity while publicly putting me in my place in front of a live audience – all while I’m forced to own my words, actions and views by publicly debating you live.
What have you got to lose, GallusMag? So, how about it?
Seriously, what a clueless twit Mr. Williams is to actually go online and taunt a woman...  How very butch of him.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Whopper of a Lie

In a typically bizarre and disjointed post, Mr. "Cristan" Williams has again created a "big lie." And this time, it is a whopper.  Apparently the "next big thing" from the transgender extremist is to claim that "trans excluding radical feminists," or TERFs, are responsible for the "transphobia that causes "trans women" to be killed.  POPPYCOCK!!!!

In the article, Mr. Williams makes this assertion:
The real Trans Day of Remembrance gives trans people a chance to honor the memory of those whose lives were cut short through anti-trans violence. Remembrance affords members of the trans community an opportunity to publicly acknowledge our humanity, our loss and our strength as a community. The TERF DOR site attempts to use the death of trans people to promote the TERF belief that it is not the confluence of cis-privilege and transphobia which leads to the slaughter of trans people, but rather something they call “male violence” – that is, the belief that men are inherently violent by virtue of their maleness. 
Paradoxically, TERFs believe, assert and promote that transwomen are men.
First off, it is NOT transphobia, or "anti-trans violence" that leads to the murder in most cases.  It is HOMOPHOBIA.  Of course, "transphobia" is a neologism that was cooked up by the transgender extremist in what was originally a rather silly bit of plagiarism of the term "homophobia," and which now is apparently being used to cover-up the fact that it really is homophobia that gets so--called "trans women" murdered.

The simple fact of the matter, which the transgender extremists seem to have decided to cover up, is that so-called "trans women" are not murdered because they are "trans," and certainly not because they are "women," and without question not because of the "transphobia" of the TERFs, but for the simple, undeniable fact that they are....MEN!  MALES!  HUMAN BEINGS WITH PENISES!!!  Wow, what a shocker that must be for some.

Seriously.  Transgender people most often get killed because some guys suddenly realizes that what he thought was a woman, turns out to be a man, and he is suddenly confronted with a horrible, though often somewhat irrational, thought.  He was attracted, sexually, to a man.  And that would mean he is, gay.  So, he freaks out.  Now, if he stopped and thought for a moment, he might realize that he was attracted to a woman, but that it turns out that what he thought was a woman...what he was attracted to, is actually a male, and well, he is no longer attracted, and thus is not remotely gay, and so he has nothing to worry about in that regard, and it was all a simple misunderstanding, and he should just move on.

But, he we are talking about men here.  They are not always going to stop and think things through.  They are going to react, irrationally, and violently, not because of some imaginary "transphobia," but because of good, old-fashioned, homophobia. Which is actually a pretty accurate use of the term in this case.

Now, the transgender community is being confronted with this fact by the radical feminists.  They are pointing out that men can be, and often are, quite violent.  The transgender extremists, who are of course, men, are upset by this.  It is quite telling that a bunch of men, who claim to "really" be women, can't seem to grasp something most women learn early on.  Men can be, and often are, violent.  Yes, women can be violent.  But not nearly as much as men.  It would be interesting to know, out of all the so-called "trans women" killed in a given year, and honored as the fallen martyrs at each year's Transgender Day of Remembrance, were actually killed by a woman.

The claim is made in a post that Mr. Williams links to, that "1 in 12" transgender persons is murdered.  The claim is never backed up, but the author goes out of his way to avoid admitting that someone simply made this number up.  Quite simply, it is absurd on the face of it.  But this is the sort of bad "evidence" that is used by the transgender extremists to cover their lies.

Sorry, but the idea that "trans women" are killed because of "cis-privilege" is a new low, even for Mr. Williams, who can come up with some pretty stupid claims.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Insanity Continues....

Transgender racist "Monica" Roberts is at it again, still carrying on about the fact that a paper in Ohio actually published the legal name of a transgender murder victim.  He really, really needs to buy a clue.  

The deceased, Carl Acoff, had not legally changed his name.  There are indications that he was not actually transitioned, and it seems likely that he was only a woman part of the time.  But, in classic transgender extremist style, his tragic death has been latched onto as a means of promoting the transgender agenda.

The facts remain:
  • This person was murdered.  Now, thankfully, the case has been solved.  But, it is clear that the transgender community was more interested in promoting an agenda, than in seeing justice.  Things that the kooks objected to the mention of, might have helped crack the case.  Things like the person's actual name, how the victim was dressed, etc.
  • This person had serious mental health issues.  The transgender community wants to hide this fact, because, well, I guess they find it a bit embarrassing that a rather large number of people who might well be identified as transgender are, to put it quite frankly, seriously mentally ill.
  • This person engaged in anti-social behavior.  Again, the transgender community wants to make this fact disappear, again, no doubt, because it is an embarrassment.  But the fact remains, a lot of transgender people engage in some seriously anti-social behavior.
As I have stated, I worked doing outreach as part of an AIDS prevention research project that targeted transgender people in San Francisco.  I saw lots of people like Carl Acoff.  And yes, at least one of our clients was murdered.   

Unfortunately, all too often, the transgender community wants to present an imaginary illusion that they are all perfectly normal, completely sane, and pure as the driven snow.  In truth, they are more often mentally ill, engage in seriously anti-social behavior, and well, let's just say "purity" is not a word that would be very applicable.

The transgender community needs to fact reality.  No amount of lies will change the fact that a person who has, and wishes to keep, a penis is not a woman.  And a person who wants to get pregnant is not a man, no matter how she looks otherwise.  They might take all this mucking about with sex and gender quite seriously, but they do not change reality.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Small Glimmer of Hope Amidst the Insanity

It is not often that one finds much hope in the silliness that comes out of the "transgender community."  But every once in a while someone actually posts the truth, and it serves as a slap in the fact to fools like Mr. "Cristan" Williams who has spent a lot of time trying to force people under the umbrella.  Or Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, who is again trying to push that idea.

Jillian Page, who is one of the more sane writers out there, makes just that point in an article that is titled Why Most Transitioned People Don’t Carry the Transgender Torch.  She begins:
“Where is it written that someone who has transitioned MUST help the (transgender) community?” asks reader Karyn Maynard in response to someone else on the comments board of a GLAAD post about Dawn Ennis.
Karyn makes a good point, and the fact of the matter is, most people who transition move on from trans issues. They don’t actually see themselves as transgender people, even if they embraced the cause of “transgenderism” at some point in their journey. But they don’t live between the gender binary as so many transgender people happily do: the transitioned MtF person IS a female, and the FtM person IS a male. The point of transitioning was to fully live life as a female (or male in the case of FtMs). Hence, many just ride off into the sunset, or go “stealth,” as some like to say.
In another words, we wish to live quiet, normal lives.  Something that seems to drive some transgender extremists up the wall:
Over the years, I have received complaints from some transgender readers who don’t accept that many transitioned people drop the “transgender” label and just see themselves as women (or men). They don’t understand it. “You are denying your heritage,” they say. They also seem to be saying that transitioned women and men are something less than “real” women and men.
Our "heritage?"  Where do they get this stuff from?  I honestly believe what they are really upset about is that we don't want to join them in being "other." This is what I have labeled as "cisphobia." (Hey, if the transgender kooks can make up silly words....)

I particularly like this part of the article...
When the media does it, they are essentially qualifying the womanhood or manhood of transitioned individuals, saying basically that they are something less than women or men. The “transgender” word is essentially an asterisk . But I can tell you that there is no asterisk beside the “female” designation on my birth certificate, driver’s licence, medicare card etc.
Yes, and that is also what the transgender kooks are doing when they refer to themselves as "trans women," or "trans men."  They don't want to be "normal."

But many of us want just that, even as the transgender kooks spew venom at us, telling us that we don't.  But I agree with what she says:
Little wonder that so many transitioned women and men disappear into the woodwork.
Of course, as I am sure you can imagine, this sort of thing does not go over well with the transgender kooks, and there has already been at least one bit of back lash....

In an article entitled You’re Only as Transitioned and Stealth as the Next Person Says You Aren’t, "Katrina" Rose tries to negate the truth, attempting to "scare" anyone who might get the idea of rejecting the efforts of their transgender masters:
Uh huh…
There is no asterisk until someone – someone with the power to make their opinion stick – says there is.
And then you need a torch-bearer to vindicate the non-asterisk portions of your identity papers.
What Mr. Rose ignores is that most who have such problems do so because they insist on flaunting their transgender status.  Yes, there may be cases where someone accidentally discovers someone is a transsexual, but if one has already made it clear by their actions that they are not interested in being "trans" but instead are attempting to live a quiet, normal life, then one will usually encounter less problems.

He  then goes on to make a whiney complaint that apparently boils down to the old "bad people in LGB groups don't treat us "T's" as equals.  Uh, might that be because most of the "T's" act like fools, demanding that people accept that "women have penises" and "men can get pregnant?"

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Actually, Forcing People To Lie Is the REAL Issue

One of the more insane transgender bloggers, "Toni" D'orsay, aka Dyssonance, has a post up that sort of admits that the TG kooks are really, really obsessed with pronouns.  But what is really the issue is not pronouns, but is the ongoing obsession with forcing people to accept outright lies...  Like "women have penises" and "men can get pregnant."  I guess they would really be over the top if a "man" was made pregnant by a "woman."

Among the topics that Mr. D'Orsay hits on are:
  • The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (the boys in dresses won't be happy until they force their way in).
  • Forcing women to accept men in the ladies room.
  • Forcing states to change the sex birth certificates without the person actually having to change their sex. (as another blogger has pointed out, they hide behind "sterilization."
Then he goes on to push the current "transgender meme" about how the radfems are all about murdering "trans people."  Yes, some extremists kooks have made comments suggesting such, but extremist kooks are extremist kook.  The myth that Janice Raymond is responsible for the deaths of a large number of transsexuals (or even one, for that matter) has already been addressed.  This is a classic example of the sort of silliness that passes for "scholarship" in some circles.  You start out with a fact (Janice Raymond made some comments) and then extrapolate it into a conspiracy theory of epic proportions (Janice and the RadFems killed 50,000 people).  Mr. D'orsay is repeating this lie as fact.

He then goes on to make a statement that is at the heart of the transgender fallacy:
Other people do not get to police how one person’s existence is genuine or not. You do not get to decide if I am enough of a woman, or if I have “female energy”, or if I am the right sort or the proper kind.
It sounds great, doesn't it?  But let's consider the reality of it.  No, I don't allow people to define who, or what I am.  When I transitioned, and certain relatives tried to tell me I was not legitimate, I told them that I was not going to be responsible for their bigotry...but I also went on, an lived my life as a woman authentically not as a "transwoman," or any of the other things that transgender people call themselves.  Mr. D'orsay does not live as a woman, he lives as an out, loud, and pretty darned obnoxious transgender kook.  So, yes, people do get to decide that he is not a woman. "Enough of a woman," is another version of that transgender silliness that womanhood is quantifiable...very male concept at best.  One either is a woman, or one is not.  There is no such thing as a base unit of womanhood, that can be expressed as a measurement.  

Mr. D'orsay has thus to say:
The problem is people not thinking that trans people are what they really are. The problem is people policing trans people’s lives. The problem is f******g a**holes who call trans women men and male, and trans men women and female. 
IF you know someone who does that — no matter what their justifications are for it — you know someone who is actively contributing to the problem, who is part of it, and who is fighting against the solution.
Yes, exactly.  I am fighting Mr. D'orsay's absurd "solution" because, well, it is the real problem.  He, among others, is trying to destroy a major part of our society's structure, for no reason other than his own selfish desires.

Monday, May 6, 2013

There Has Been a Break In the Case

Not a lot of details are available, but the FBI and Olmsted Township Police report have made an arrest has been made in connection with the murder of Carl Acoff,  the transgender the kooks were more concerned about being referred to by the what they claim are the wrong pronouns, and by his legal name than they were about the fact that he was murdered.   They, apparently, would rather facts that might help solve the case be hidden, than that a killer be arrested.

In what sounds like an episode of the hit CBS show, Criminal Minds, and FBI Task Force assisted in the arrest of Andre L. Bridges, 36  Saturday morning, May 4, 2013.

Bridges was arrested at his residence in Parma.

And, interestingly enough, the transgender kooks are more interesting in whining about pronouns, then in the fact that the case has, hopefully, been solved, and that no one else will likely be murdered by this creep.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Has Anyone Noticed How Much Like Joseph McCarthy the Transgender Kooks Sound?

It appears, in a style reminiscent of Joe McCarthy's pursuit of communists, that the transgender kooks are on the hunt for Trans-exclusive Radical Feminists, or TERFs, in LGBT organizations.

For example Transadvocate has an article by "Katrina Rose" and one by "Marti" Abernathy.

I have this mental image of Mr. "Cristan" Williams bug eyed, and yelling "Are you now, or have you ever been a TERF!

Given that they complain about how lesbian groups hunted down and purged transsexuals, this is sort of ironic.

Ah, once again a bunch of extremists prove true...

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Silliness Continues

Well, now GLADD has become involved in the effort to force the news media to suspend reality and pander to transgender extremists.  They have several complaints...
Describing Acoff as "oddly dressed" is incredibly insulting.
The body was dressing in three bras.  Now, unless this is some very common transgender thing I am unaware of, I would say that can accurately be called "oddly dressed" and would be if the victim were a female.
Her murder did not "end her fight for acceptance," it ended her life. Period
 Well, I can sort of agree that the murder ended the victim's life, but talk about straining out gnats...
There is no need to describe what she was wearing at the time of her murder; she had already been identified at the start of both stories, describing her wardrobe only trivializes her murder.
 It is called "reporting." It also provides information that might help jog someone's memory, and which might help lead police to the killer.  You never know. 
Acoff's criminal record is almost certainly irrelevant to the story, especially when provided without any context concerning the trans community and law enforcement.
 Well, let's provide a little context then, shall we?  Transgender people are often very ant-social and are very likely to engage in criminal behavior.  The police tend to take a dim view of such behavior.  Is that better?  Or are they supposed to lie about that as well?  And yes, I know what I am talking about.  I observed such behavior first hand for several years.  I heard them talk about engaging in criminal behavior, and not just the stuff you would expect, like drugs and sex work.  Shoplifting is a very common activity.  If you look at the "ball culture" scene, it is rife with tales of stealing very expensive garments for shows.  So, yes, let's talk about transgender and the police in context.  It says quite a lot about the real nature of transgender.
And removing pronouns doesn't fix much. Yes, the stories are no longer factually incorrect, but this tact still shows an unwillingness to respect the victim's gender identity and accept her as female.
He wasn't a female.  It is not even clear that he was full time as transgender.  But, you have to love how they blithely demand that reality be ignored, and that the newspaper should report false information.  In fact, in the article, GLADD even makes excuses for why this person might not have presented as female all of the time.  But still, they demand that part of the person's life be the basis for lies.

All, apparently, to spare the feelings of a dead person.