Monday, May 13, 2013

The Insanity Continues....

Transgender racist "Monica" Roberts is at it again, still carrying on about the fact that a paper in Ohio actually published the legal name of a transgender murder victim.  He really, really needs to buy a clue.  

The deceased, Carl Acoff, had not legally changed his name.  There are indications that he was not actually transitioned, and it seems likely that he was only a woman part of the time.  But, in classic transgender extremist style, his tragic death has been latched onto as a means of promoting the transgender agenda.

The facts remain:
  • This person was murdered.  Now, thankfully, the case has been solved.  But, it is clear that the transgender community was more interested in promoting an agenda, than in seeing justice.  Things that the kooks objected to the mention of, might have helped crack the case.  Things like the person's actual name, how the victim was dressed, etc.
  • This person had serious mental health issues.  The transgender community wants to hide this fact, because, well, I guess they find it a bit embarrassing that a rather large number of people who might well be identified as transgender are, to put it quite frankly, seriously mentally ill.
  • This person engaged in anti-social behavior.  Again, the transgender community wants to make this fact disappear, again, no doubt, because it is an embarrassment.  But the fact remains, a lot of transgender people engage in some seriously anti-social behavior.
As I have stated, I worked doing outreach as part of an AIDS prevention research project that targeted transgender people in San Francisco.  I saw lots of people like Carl Acoff.  And yes, at least one of our clients was murdered.   

Unfortunately, all too often, the transgender community wants to present an imaginary illusion that they are all perfectly normal, completely sane, and pure as the driven snow.  In truth, they are more often mentally ill, engage in seriously anti-social behavior, and well, let's just say "purity" is not a word that would be very applicable.

The transgender community needs to fact reality.  No amount of lies will change the fact that a person who has, and wishes to keep, a penis is not a woman.  And a person who wants to get pregnant is not a man, no matter how she looks otherwise.  They might take all this mucking about with sex and gender quite seriously, but they do not change reality.

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