Friday, May 10, 2013

A Small Glimmer of Hope Amidst the Insanity

It is not often that one finds much hope in the silliness that comes out of the "transgender community."  But every once in a while someone actually posts the truth, and it serves as a slap in the fact to fools like Mr. "Cristan" Williams who has spent a lot of time trying to force people under the umbrella.  Or Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, who is again trying to push that idea.

Jillian Page, who is one of the more sane writers out there, makes just that point in an article that is titled Why Most Transitioned People Don’t Carry the Transgender Torch.  She begins:
“Where is it written that someone who has transitioned MUST help the (transgender) community?” asks reader Karyn Maynard in response to someone else on the comments board of a GLAAD post about Dawn Ennis.
Karyn makes a good point, and the fact of the matter is, most people who transition move on from trans issues. They don’t actually see themselves as transgender people, even if they embraced the cause of “transgenderism” at some point in their journey. But they don’t live between the gender binary as so many transgender people happily do: the transitioned MtF person IS a female, and the FtM person IS a male. The point of transitioning was to fully live life as a female (or male in the case of FtMs). Hence, many just ride off into the sunset, or go “stealth,” as some like to say.
In another words, we wish to live quiet, normal lives.  Something that seems to drive some transgender extremists up the wall:
Over the years, I have received complaints from some transgender readers who don’t accept that many transitioned people drop the “transgender” label and just see themselves as women (or men). They don’t understand it. “You are denying your heritage,” they say. They also seem to be saying that transitioned women and men are something less than “real” women and men.
Our "heritage?"  Where do they get this stuff from?  I honestly believe what they are really upset about is that we don't want to join them in being "other." This is what I have labeled as "cisphobia." (Hey, if the transgender kooks can make up silly words....)

I particularly like this part of the article...
When the media does it, they are essentially qualifying the womanhood or manhood of transitioned individuals, saying basically that they are something less than women or men. The “transgender” word is essentially an asterisk . But I can tell you that there is no asterisk beside the “female” designation on my birth certificate, driver’s licence, medicare card etc.
Yes, and that is also what the transgender kooks are doing when they refer to themselves as "trans women," or "trans men."  They don't want to be "normal."

But many of us want just that, even as the transgender kooks spew venom at us, telling us that we don't.  But I agree with what she says:
Little wonder that so many transitioned women and men disappear into the woodwork.
Of course, as I am sure you can imagine, this sort of thing does not go over well with the transgender kooks, and there has already been at least one bit of back lash....

In an article entitled You’re Only as Transitioned and Stealth as the Next Person Says You Aren’t, "Katrina" Rose tries to negate the truth, attempting to "scare" anyone who might get the idea of rejecting the efforts of their transgender masters:
Uh huh…
There is no asterisk until someone – someone with the power to make their opinion stick – says there is.
And then you need a torch-bearer to vindicate the non-asterisk portions of your identity papers.
What Mr. Rose ignores is that most who have such problems do so because they insist on flaunting their transgender status.  Yes, there may be cases where someone accidentally discovers someone is a transsexual, but if one has already made it clear by their actions that they are not interested in being "trans" but instead are attempting to live a quiet, normal life, then one will usually encounter less problems.

He  then goes on to make a whiney complaint that apparently boils down to the old "bad people in LGB groups don't treat us "T's" as equals.  Uh, might that be because most of the "T's" act like fools, demanding that people accept that "women have penises" and "men can get pregnant?"


Innis Anity said...

These trans-extremists are at war against the gender binary, just as they are against traditional marriage because they, (the T'xtremimists), are abnormal and subsequently hate/fear the norm and wish to destroy it.

Nicky said...

These Trans extremist are also at war with Intersex people, women and radical feminist as well. They want to erase all things that are biological. They hate everything that has to do with biological sex and gender.