Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mr. "Cristan" Williams Hits a New Low, Even For Him

Well, in his never ending battle to make the world safe for men in dresses, Mr. "Cristan" Williams has hit a new low.  He has drug up a story from six years ago, written by a journalist named Victoria Brownworth, who Mr. Williams has labeled a TERF (i.e. a Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist), apparently because she doesn't want Mr. Williams and the other men in dresses to invade the Michigan Womyn's (who can't spell Women) Music Festival.  I mean, we all know how Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen is just dying to go there and wave his "Woman Born Woman" penis in their faces.

The story is about transgender youth who are being exploited as sex workers, and boy is Mr. Williams upset...not that these children are being exploited as sex workers, but that Ms. Brownworth looked at the genitals of a young FTM.  It not only doesn't bother him that these kids are being exploited, in another article on Transadvocate, where Mr. Williams is the editor, it is described as "Trans Survival Sex Work," a phrase often used to justify such behavior.

So, let's see, Mr. Williams is outraged at a female journalist looking at, and describing a young FTM sex worker's genitals, but doesn't seem to have a problem with someone using him as a prostitute.  That, I suppose is okay, since the creep actually have sex with this child is not, a dreaded "TERF."  Such is the wonder world of Mr. Williams' bizarre ethics. Here, is how Mr. Williams describes his moral outrage:

Lets be clear about this:
1. It doesn’t appear that 15 year olds can consent to give random adults access to their genetalia(sic) under the law.
2. Brownworth clearly states that she believed that she was dealing with a 15 or 16 year old kid.
3. Given the opportunity, she – an adult – states that she asked to gawk at this transkid’s genitalia.4. The transkid complied and Brownworth took a good look.5. Brownworth then described – in detail – to the Philadelphia Gay News’ audience what this transkid’s genitalia looked like.6. Nobody – until now – thought that perhaps this was inappropriate.
Isn't it interesting that the ONLY thing Mr. Williams is concerned with is the opportunity to imply that Mr. Brownworth has somehow violated the law. Not a word of concern for the fact that what she did is nothing compared to the real abuse this child suffered.  Oh, but those were just good old boys, not dreaded TERFs.  And the child was just engaging in harmless "Trans Survival Sex Work."  Uh, the sort of "Trans Survival Sex Work" that results in quite a few murders that feed the orgy of outrage known as the "Transgender Day of Remembrance" each year.  I guess Mr. Williams would be heartbroken if he didn't have his yearly supply of martyrs.

Ms. Brownworth was actually trying to shed some light on a very real problem.  Mr. Williams just wants to walk around naked, waving his penis in front of a bunch of lesbians, who he wants to make pretend he is just "one of the girls."

Oh, and it should be noted, Mr. Williams takes advantage of the fact that the original story by Ms. Brownworth is noy available, so we cannot read her words in context.

Sad, when you actually thing about it.  Of course, that is the one thing Mr. Williams doesn't want you to do.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Has The Backlash Started?

Yesterday brought some interesting news. Mr. "Allyson" Robinson, the transgender person who became the Executive Director of OutServe/SLDN has been asked to resign. The details remain murky, but apparently the board of the group that was originally formed to push for an end to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" decided he had to go. Robinson was another of those who served a long career in the military, including graduating from West Point, and then claiming to have "always known they were really a woman." Sorry, but I find that quite a bit too much to swallow.  Robinson has, of course, been at the forefront of the effort to force the military to accept "openly transgender individuals," which has to be one of the more insane ideas pushed by a bunch that is known for pushing some pretty insane ideas.

I have to wonder if this was too much for even those who strongly favored homosexual members of the military openly serving.  While it became increasingly difficult, and finally impossible, for opponents to sustain the argument that gays serving in the military would lead to problems, it is obvious to all but the most radical, that open service by transgender people is just unworkable.

Even as extremist kooks like Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, Mr. "Monica" Helms, and even everyone's least favorite racist, Mr. "Monica" Roberts screech their shrill demands for open transgender service, anyone with a shred of sense can see numerous problems.  The simplest would be where such service members would be housed.  If they are housed with members of their own sex, that would present problems.  Housing them with those who they claim to identify with would be an even greater problem.  And let's not even go in the direction of having a separate transgender unit.  That would just be insane.

Of course, the transgender bloggers have been somewhat quick to react, claiming that he was fired because of gay anti-transgender bias.  Anything to avoid facing the fact that one of their favorite demands is too much for even those who opposed Don't Ask, Don't Tell to swallow.

As the transgender community makes sillier and sillier demands, they can expect more and more pushback from those who are not, well, as insane as they are.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Rather Blatant Lie From Transadvocate

Well, I guess it should not come as a surprise, but Mr. "Cristan" Williams has posted another blatant lie on Transadvocate.  And not also not surprising is that it is targeted at "TERFs," his favorite term for Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists.  This time around, it is the form of a cartoon that claims that they are blaming "transgender people" for any violence inflicted on them.

The cartoon shows a highly insulting caricature of a rather butch looking female pointing at the grave of Angie Zapata.  Ironically, that is the murder case that resulted in the former editor of Transadvocate exposing Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen's rather atrocious behavior during the coverage of the trial.  I should add, it appears that one of the articles linked to in Abernathy's article has been removed from Pam's House Blend, but that is why we can be thankful for the Internet Archive, also known as the Way Back Machine.

Anyway, the cartoon completely distorts what has been said, which is simply the truth.  When someone who is transgender is murdered, it is usually because of homophobia, not "transphobia."  In fact, with the possible example of Brandon Teena, I cannot think of a single case where such a claim would be valid.  And, as Mr. Williams, and the rather silly cartoonist, try to avoid, homophobia is pretty much male violence, and it is most certainly not something that can be validly referred to as "transphobia,"  

Not that Mr. Williams ever shows much regard for the truth.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Uh, No, That's Not Quite the Truth....

In yet another "Autumn" Sandeen story, we have a lie being perpetuated across the Internet by GLAAD.  They state that Mr. Sandeen is the first "transgender  service member to publicly have "her" (sic) gender marker changed on all military documents.  While he might well be the first transgender service member to make a complete ass of himself in public crowing like a banty rooster over having his paperwork changed to reflect a lie based on fraudulent documentation, he is not the first as was documented by several statements made in response to his posting on LGBT Weekly.
From the way this reads things have actually changed for the worst. When I changed my retired USAF ID card in 1986 all I did was go into the personnel office at the nearest facility, show my old id, court ordered name change, and letter from my therapist.
The only bump was that the clerk said “I’m sorry mam. Your husband is going to have to come in himself”. That required a few words of explanation.
All official mail comes in the right name. The VA here (Portland) is fine with my transition. There seem to be quite a few of us in the area.
And as if that lie were not enough, the article is also inaccurate in saying that ALL of Mr. Sandeen's military documents were updated.  In spite of his best efforts to rewrite history (this is the idiot who now tries to claim that his fraudulent birth certificate makes him a "woman born woman") the Navy will not retroactively change the details of his actual service.  
And, changing one’s recorded name and/or gender at the DOD won’t result in being able to obtain an updated DD214 – a servicemember’s Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. According to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records’ Applicant’s Guide To Applying To The Army Board For Correction Of Military Records:
“If you have a name, gender, or social security number (SSN) change after discharge from the military, even if it is court ordered, the name and gender on your military records will not be changed since they are historical documents which record facts during the time you served in the military. If you need a certificate to show your current name or gender and that you served in the military under another, you can request such from the National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records …”
So, bottom line, Sandeen used his fraudulent claim to have actually had SRS (he was castrated, which makes him a eunuch, not a female) to con the Navy into updating his "gender" on his documentation, which is something they have done for some time, but according to GLAAD he is not only the first, but has done something even he admits he did not really do.

Uh, yeah, that's pretty much how it goes....