Monday, February 14, 2011

The Vulture Sandeen Continues to Pick the Bones of Mike Penner

If you possibly thought that Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen could sink no lower in his attempts to use the late Mike Penner, also known as Christine Daniels, as a source of self-promotion, then you haven't read the latest drivel in his column at Pam's House Blend.

It seems that the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation had awarded Penner, then known as Christine Daniels, its 2008 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Newspaper Columnist.  Unfortunately for them, Penner was in the process of returning to a male role, so he never bothered picking up the award.  And as Mr. Sandeen pointed out, he would have trashed it if he had received it.

So, GLAAD decided to give it to Mr. Sandeen, who has blown his acquaintance with Penner into "a cherished friendship."  Of course, this was clearly not how Mike Penner saw things, but that is not about to stop Mr. Sandeen from using this tragedy for self-promotion.  And since he is such a loyal lap dog for GLAAD, they are more than happy to assist him in the effort.

Of course, when Mr. Sandeen is taken to task for his own behavior, he is quick to use the power of censorship to block such criticism.  Even some of his peers in the transgender extremist cliche are disgusted by his use of Penner's suicide to self-promote, but Sandeen's true believers are quick to shout them down.

Mike Penner should be allowed to rest in peace.  He was driven to suicide, at least in part, by those, like Mr. Sandeen, who sought to use him.  They wanted to push him out into the spotlight that they themselves so desperately crave.  He was a celebrity, and they sought to join him there.  They were disgusting then, and are more so now.