Monday, June 12, 2017

The Transgender Movement's Dirty Little Secret

I've been thinking about this post for quite some time.  It is about something that is quite obvious, but which is kind of easy to overlook in all the rhetoric that spews out of the "transgender movement."  But, an article at LGBT Weekly by Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, one of the leading voices of that movement finally pushed me to write it.

In the article, titled "Fourteen years ago and now," Mr. Sandeen says
"I remember coming out in early 2003 as a transsexual – that’s what we called ourselves back then. When those of us who called ourselves transsexual also called ourselves transgender, it was actually kind of political – we were also identifying ourselves as falling under a transgender umbrella of gender nonconforming people."
This quote pretty much sums up what the transgender movement is really all about.  First off, it is not about being "transsexual."  Mr. Sandeen may have called himself a "transsexual," but he is not, and never was remotely a transsexual.  He may have even been able to find some doctor who is willing to rubber stamp his fantasies, but he has been a life long member of the "They Will Take My Penis When They Pry it From My Cold Dead Fingers" club.  He occasionally flirts with the idea of SRS, but has made no real move in that direction.  Even during the period when the VA was supposedly going to cover it.  He has had an orchidectomy, rendering him an eunuch, and has tried to pass this off as sex reassignment surgery, but he still retains his penis.

Next he states that he also called himself "transgender" he connects that with being "gender non-conforming."  This is where the truth really begins to come out.  First off, being transsexual is NOT remotely about being "gender non-conforming."  It is quite the opposite. It is about being fully the gender, and sex, that you really are.  Here Mr. Sandeen is letting the secret out.  Transgender is really all a scam.

The transgender movement has tried, for some time, to use transsexualism as, in effect, their "beard."  That is, they have claimed to be "transsexual" to justify their demands.  But they are not transsexual, and in fact, have no desire to be anything other than what they were born as.  They only want to be "gender non-conforming."  In order to be that, they must remain their birth gender.  They may claim to "really" be a gender different from what they were assigned at birth, but this is simply not the case.

Take Mr. Sandeen, for example.  He served about 20 years in the United States Navy.  If his "true" gender had been female, he would have probably not made it through one tour of duty.  He would have not been able to fit in to the male culture that military service requires of men.  He would not have been able to tolerate being forced to dress and shower with other men.  I remember how much I dreaded changing during high school PE.  I went out of my way to avoid showering when others were present during the one semester I lived in a dorm with communal showers.  The rest of the time, I lived in what was either a dorm with "suites" where you had the bathroom to yourself, or in a dorm that was originally a women's dorm, where the showers had individual stalls.

All of this brings us to the big secret.  Transgender people, for the most part, do not really want to be what they claim.  They want to retain their birth gender, and more often than not, their birth sex.  In many cases, when they do change their sex, they seem to regret, and they go out of their way to make sure that others know their birth sex.  For them, it is not about actually being "their true gender and proper sex," but is about forcing people to "accept" them as something they work very hard to not actually be.  

People who identify a transgender seem to have this compulsion to force people to both see them as their birth sex and gender, but treat them as the opposite.  They want to invade spaces where they really don't belong, and increasingly, to expose their bodies while demanding people pretend that their genitals are something that they are not.

Transsexuals are disgusted by the idea of having someone see them naked before their surgery.  I remember having to endure being examined by the surgeons who performed my SRS.  It was excruciating.  But when I went in for a follow-up, and had a rather handsome young doctor removing stitches, his face right up in my privates, I suddenly realized that it did not bother me at all.

SRS does make a world of different for those who actually need it.  For those who don't. it just makes them rather miserable.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Obama Administration Has Gone Way Too Far

Last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development issued an order that requires any shelter receiving Federal funding in any form to allow transgender people equal access to the facility based on their "gender identity."  The transgender kooks are all excited by this.  And women are appalled. 

One of the issues that is often raised in objection to such a rige id approach is that a man might simply claim to "really" be a woman in order to get access to a women's shelter.  Of course, there are a number of advantages to this.  Less threats of violence.  A lower population of women, so the chances of getting a bed are greatly improved.  And, of course, the obvious one...being able to be among women.  Of course, we are told by the transgender kooks that this would simply never happen.  And of course it does.

A friend, who happens to be a resident of a large homeless shelter in San Francisco, CA had told me about just such a case.  (I cannot reveal this person's name, or the name of the shelter, because of privacy concerns.)  There is a person residing in that shelter who presents as a "trans woman," who clearly is not.  This person, who I have seen on the street near the shelter, is clearly a man, and other than wearing an ill fitting dress, makes no attempt to present as female.  Some examples:

  • Most of the time he sports a rather full beard.  While he has occasionally shaved it off, it grows back quickly, so you have someone who basically looks like a hard-core homeless man, except he is wearing a dress.
  • The first night she encountered him, he was in an overnight bed.  During the night, she happened to observe him masturbating rather enthusiastically.  She reported this to a monitor, and he was removed for the night, but was allowed to return on later nights.  He now has a longer term bed, but has still be observed to engage in such behavior.
  • On another occasion, a woman using the bathroom noticed that the person in the stall next her was peeing rather loudly.  She leaned down enough to see that person's feet, and recognized the khaki men's sneaker that this alleged "trans woman" wears.  And yes, they were facing the toilet.  He was standing to pee.
This illustrates the very real problem.  As used in this situation, "gender identity" is meaningless.  As my friend observed while we were discussing this, she has a lot of transgender friends, and they are very concerned about how they present.  Even if pre-op, they sit to pee, would never engage in any activity that would make them stand out as male, and of course are far more concerned about their appearance.

No, clearly, this is just one example of a man who is doing what is claimed to never occur.  He is pretending to be "transgender" in order to access a women's shelter.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Can Someone Buy the Transgender Kooks a Clue?

In a recent article in LGBT Weekly. Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen again advocates for "access to bathrooms."  And in this particular article, he exhibits an appalling lack of having a clue.  He launches into one of his favorite themes...feminists sharing similar views to conservative Christians.  And yet, in complaining about this, he misses a very big clue.

Here we have two groups that are, for the most part, polar opposites.  One would expect little common ground between them.  And yes, both stridently oppose unrestricted access to women's spaces, in particular restrooms, by men who claim to be women.  

Now, it is an interesting fact that, for many years, pre-op transsexuals were able to easily access the women's room.  The problem affects those who are more inclined to identify as "transgender."  Now, I have given quite a bit of thought to term, and I have come to the conclusion that the vast, overwhelming majority of those who prefer to be labeled "transgender" tend to retain a considerable amount of identification as "male."  Unlike the classic transsexual, they seem to want people to be forced to "see" them as women, while be totally aware that the person was born male.  Actually being a woman, in a real, meaningful way, is outside their interests.  They want to be women, but male.  They want to adopt a female identify, persona, and dress, but to remain a male.  Some may go so far as to have surgery, but they still insist on being "out, loud, and proud."  They reject the concept of stealth, and have no desire to enter the women's room and only be seen as a woman.

Now, in some cases, this is connected to the sexual arousal that many feel.  Being in the women's room, or shower, or locker room, or other places that they are not really welcome, is part of the thrill.

But, it never occurs to the kooks like Sandeen that perhaps the reason two groups can find common ground in this issue is that it actually is a serious issue that should not be brushed aside so quickly.  That, perhaps, some common sense is called for.  That honestly considering one's appearance, demeanor, and likelihood of being accepted as female, should be considered instead of just barging in, and expecting to be accepted.

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's Been A While...

My last post was back in August.  To be honest, I just got tired of pointing out the never-ending insanity of the transgender kooks, and decided to spend some time on other, more productive, pursuits.  I have, however, looked in from time to time and have a laugh at how absurd it is all becoming.

And on one of those looks, I found out that, nine months later, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen is still obsessing over me.  As is Mr. "Natalie" Reed, who, bizarrely, has apparently accused me of stabbing someone in the chest on a bus.  Uh, no...I've never stabbed anyone, anywhere.

As an interesting aside, Mr. Reed is also ranting about how increasing "gender neutral" bathrooms would serve to invalidate "trans people."  As though the obvious obsession with forcing themselves into places they are not wanted hasn't already done that.  Sort of puts the claims of just wanting to "pee in peace" in a whole new light.  Nope, they want to be able to force women to put up with men, who don't even try to actually live or act like females, invading women's spaces, and to demand that these men, who cling very strongly to their male identification (while maintaining that they are "really women") be fully accepted as women.

I have left my past behind.  I only reveal it when absolutely required, and then with an explanation that I am a transsexual, not "transgender."  And an explanation of what the difference is.  Simply put, Mr. Sandeen, Mr. Reed, and all the rest of their ilk, don't want to be women.  They just want to force people to say they are, all the while knowing that this does not jibe with reality.

Oh well, back to doing what these kooks can never my life as a woman.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

This Is Insane, Even For Mr. Sandeen

Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen has a new cause...protecting crossdressers from being labeled as men if they happen to get murdered.  In yet another of his diatribes on Transadvocate, he tells us about the murder of Kenton Haggard, a 66 year-old male meth addict who had recently started crossdressing, and who was stabbed in the neck my another man who was apparently looking for a prostitute.

Now, the Fresno police have a very common sense policy.  They to crime victims by their physiological sex and will only note a person’s transgender status if that information will help the investigation.  And in this case, they had received no information indicating that the victim was transgender.  Of course, according to the transgender kooks, anytime a male crossdresses, he automatically becomes a full-fledged "female."  And anyone who happens to disagree is, of course, a transphobic bigot.  I guess by that standard, if, like many women, I were to put on a pair of men's jeans, and an old shirt I borrowed from my boyfriend to do something where I was going to get dirty, or otherwise stain my clothing, I would magically become a man.

Ironically, Mr. Sandeen tells us that "...Fresno is the city where Joel Robles was killed, and her death is one of the reasons why we first had the Justice For Gwen Araujo Act (AB 1170) and later the End Panic Defense act (AB 2501)," but then goes on, in the same paragraph, to say "Joel Robles was crossdressed at the time, as he was most weekends."  Whoops, I guess Mr. Sandeen forgot the very rule he is arguing for....

But, if there is any question at all about how absurd this is all becoming, one only has to look at the statement Mr. Sandeen offers up from "Rachel" Bowman, who he describes as a transgender "woman" who helps organize the annual Fresno Pride Parade.  This person, we are told, "said if a person was dressed in female attire, then that person should be called transgender or a woman, unless it’s Halloween. She said law enforcement should make the decision on the side of the person being transgender."

I mean seriously, this sounds like something from The Onion.  But in the crazy world of transgender kookiness, its pretty much par for the course.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Finally, a Bit of Common Sense!

I just saw a news report that the murderer Robert "Michelle" Kosilek's appeal to have sex reassignment surgery paid for by the Massachusetts' Department of Corrections has been denied by the Supreme Court.  Basically, the High Court simply declined to hear the appeal, allowing the lower court's ruling denying the surgery to stand.

Kosilek had brutally murdered his wife, and then claimed he had started transition, though there was no evidence that he had.  He had previously had a court order that he immediately receive the surgery, but thankfully sanity has resulted in it being finally, and for the foreseeable future, denied.

This case, among others, has been a major cause for a number of transgender extremists, who will no doubt be heartbroken that Mr. Kosilek will not be rewarded for having murdered his wife.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Who Is REALLY Obsessed With Bathrooms?

One of the most common memes among the transgender kooks is "The Christian Right is obsessed with bathrooms."  Of course, you can also substituted "TERFs," "Republicans," "Social Conservatives,"  or any other term that refers to some group that the transgender kooks want to object to.  The idea is to paint such groups as being out of touch, and desirous of violating some inalienable right that the kooks imagine they have to invade women's spaces.  But, simply put, this is not actually the case.

While some of the more extreme measures to come out of this issue are outrageous (like the suggestion in Florida that access to bathrooms be based on chromosomes) they are just another example of the very real harm that the transgender movement has caused for transsexuals.

No, the ones who are really obsessed with bathrooms are the transgender kooks themselves.  The men in dresses like Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, Mr. "Cristan" Williams, Mr. "Dana" Taylor, and others too numerous to mention.

When I first transitioned over 20 years ago (24 to be precise) I took a very careful approach to the "bathroom issue."  I did not do what is now seen as the "norm" and charge into the women's room, with total disregard for the feelings of other women.  I started out cautiously, at first seeking out toilets that were less likely to be crowded.  I was very aware of how people reacted to me, and as it became clear that I was not causing a disturbance, I became more confident in my visits.

What I didn't do, was assert an absolute right to be present in women's space, and certainly not in a place where nudity would be an issue.  Now, the transgender kooks expect women to not even object to pre-ops (not really an issue if the person is a true transsexual) and, more to the point, transgender people who belong to the "They'll take my penis when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers" club, walking into showers and locker rooms with their manhood flapping about for all to see.

The transgender community is obsessed with being able to enter any women's space, anytime, anywhere, regardless of their anatomy, appearance, or any problems it might cause.  Anyone who objects is painted as the one with a problem.  In short, they have created the situation that has led to extremists trying to pass laws that would not only affect transgender people (the vast, overwhelming majority of which will remain physically male to the day they die) but also transsexuals (far worse than any effect it might have on the men in dresses crowd) and even worse, those who are intersex or who have the condition known as complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (women who have XY chromosomes, but who are born physically female because their bodies do not react to testosterone).

A classic example of this sort of silliness is unfolding on Twitter, where Mr. Sandeen is attacking a transsexual woman for having the audacity to take the side of a woman who was booted from Planet Fitness because she had the courage to speak up about a man being in the women's locker room.  In typical form, Mr. Sandeen, who mistakenly thinks I cannot read his tweets, goes after her for not adhering to the "party line."

Here is a link to an article my Gallus Mag, on which, Zoey Tur, the transsexual that Mr. Sandeen is attacking commented.  Mr. Sandeen is just having a hissy fit because, well, Zoey spoke the truth:
So, as the nation deals with this confusing issue we’re going to have unfortuante situations like a woman having her membership revoked at Planet Fitness for complaining about a “man” in the women’s dressing room. The transgender person at the center of this controversy is a cross dresser that took advantage of Planet Fitness’ no discrimination policy to push the envelope at the gym. No hormones, no surgeries, no transition, just $12 leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. Not fair for anyone.Apologizes to the trans community, but situations like this invariably lead to well meaning fools taking action. Take for example anti-transgender bathroom laws being proposed, and even passed in progressive states, like Florida and Texas where I could face serious jail time for using the women’s room.
Interestingly enough, I had started working on this post before I discovered what Zoey wrote.  It's nice to see that I am not the only one who sees this.  What Zoey writes about is Mr. Sandeen's vision for America.   He sees no problem with, and actually pushes for, men to have the right to invade women's spaces with their penises wagging about, ala Mr. "Colleen" Francis.  I'm sure he will feel quite righteous when even post-op transsexuals are barred from the women's room in states like Texas and Florida.  Sadly, he doesn't have the sense to see the damage he does.
  Of course, being men, they want to hide behind the women, and push us out there as they fight for their right to invade our space.  This obsession has, quite naturally, triggered a reaction, and now, an over-reaction from people at the opposite extreme.  And neither side is remotely willing to accept a reasonable middle. And unless that happens, it will end very badly for those who are truly transsexual.  Either we will face prosecution because we will be associated with kooks like Sandeen and Williams, or we, along with other women, will have to put up with men invading our private space, exposing their penises, and demanding that we "acknowledge" them as fully female.