Saturday, August 1, 2015

This Is Insane, Even For Mr. Sandeen

Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen has a new cause...protecting crossdressers from being labeled as men if they happen to get murdered.  In yet another of his diatribes on Transadvocate, he tells us about the murder of Kenton Haggard, a 66 year-old male meth addict who had recently started crossdressing, and who was stabbed in the neck my another man who was apparently looking for a prostitute.

Now, the Fresno police have a very common sense policy.  They to crime victims by their physiological sex and will only note a person’s transgender status if that information will help the investigation.  And in this case, they had received no information indicating that the victim was transgender.  Of course, according to the transgender kooks, anytime a male crossdresses, he automatically becomes a full-fledged "female."  And anyone who happens to disagree is, of course, a transphobic bigot.  I guess by that standard, if, like many women, I were to put on a pair of men's jeans, and an old shirt I borrowed from my boyfriend to do something where I was going to get dirty, or otherwise stain my clothing, I would magically become a man.

Ironically, Mr. Sandeen tells us that "...Fresno is the city where Joel Robles was killed, and her death is one of the reasons why we first had the Justice For Gwen Araujo Act (AB 1170) and later the End Panic Defense act (AB 2501)," but then goes on, in the same paragraph, to say "Joel Robles was crossdressed at the time, as he was most weekends."  Whoops, I guess Mr. Sandeen forgot the very rule he is arguing for....

But, if there is any question at all about how absurd this is all becoming, one only has to look at the statement Mr. Sandeen offers up from "Rachel" Bowman, who he describes as a transgender "woman" who helps organize the annual Fresno Pride Parade.  This person, we are told, "said if a person was dressed in female attire, then that person should be called transgender or a woman, unless it’s Halloween. She said law enforcement should make the decision on the side of the person being transgender."

I mean seriously, this sounds like something from The Onion.  But in the crazy world of transgender kookiness, its pretty much par for the course.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Finally, a Bit of Common Sense!

I just saw a news report that the murderer Robert "Michelle" Kosilek's appeal to have sex reassignment surgery paid for by the Massachusetts' Department of Corrections has been denied by the Supreme Court.  Basically, the High Court simply declined to hear the appeal, allowing the lower court's ruling denying the surgery to stand.

Kosilek had brutally murdered his wife, and then claimed he had started transition, though there was no evidence that he had.  He had previously had a court order that he immediately receive the surgery, but thankfully sanity has resulted in it being finally, and for the foreseeable future, denied.

This case, among others, has been a major cause for a number of transgender extremists, who will no doubt be heartbroken that Mr. Kosilek will not be rewarded for having murdered his wife.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Who Is REALLY Obsessed With Bathrooms?

One of the most common memes among the transgender kooks is "The Christian Right is obsessed with bathrooms."  Of course, you can also substituted "TERFs," "Republicans," "Social Conservatives,"  or any other term that refers to some group that the transgender kooks want to object to.  The idea is to paint such groups as being out of touch, and desirous of violating some inalienable right that the kooks imagine they have to invade women's spaces.  But, simply put, this is not actually the case.

While some of the more extreme measures to come out of this issue are outrageous (like the suggestion in Florida that access to bathrooms be based on chromosomes) they are just another example of the very real harm that the transgender movement has caused for transsexuals.

No, the ones who are really obsessed with bathrooms are the transgender kooks themselves.  The men in dresses like Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen, Mr. "Cristan" Williams, Mr. "Dana" Taylor, and others too numerous to mention.

When I first transitioned over 20 years ago (24 to be precise) I took a very careful approach to the "bathroom issue."  I did not do what is now seen as the "norm" and charge into the women's room, with total disregard for the feelings of other women.  I started out cautiously, at first seeking out toilets that were less likely to be crowded.  I was very aware of how people reacted to me, and as it became clear that I was not causing a disturbance, I became more confident in my visits.

What I didn't do, was assert an absolute right to be present in women's space, and certainly not in a place where nudity would be an issue.  Now, the transgender kooks expect women to not even object to pre-ops (not really an issue if the person is a true transsexual) and, more to the point, transgender people who belong to the "They'll take my penis when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers" club, walking into showers and locker rooms with their manhood flapping about for all to see.

The transgender community is obsessed with being able to enter any women's space, anytime, anywhere, regardless of their anatomy, appearance, or any problems it might cause.  Anyone who objects is painted as the one with a problem.  In short, they have created the situation that has led to extremists trying to pass laws that would not only affect transgender people (the vast, overwhelming majority of which will remain physically male to the day they die) but also transsexuals (far worse than any effect it might have on the men in dresses crowd) and even worse, those who are intersex or who have the condition known as complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (women who have XY chromosomes, but who are born physically female because their bodies do not react to testosterone).

A classic example of this sort of silliness is unfolding on Twitter, where Mr. Sandeen is attacking a transsexual woman for having the audacity to take the side of a woman who was booted from Planet Fitness because she had the courage to speak up about a man being in the women's locker room.  In typical form, Mr. Sandeen, who mistakenly thinks I cannot read his tweets, goes after her for not adhering to the "party line."

Here is a link to an article my Gallus Mag, on which, Zoey Tur, the transsexual that Mr. Sandeen is attacking commented.  Mr. Sandeen is just having a hissy fit because, well, Zoey spoke the truth:
So, as the nation deals with this confusing issue we’re going to have unfortuante situations like a woman having her membership revoked at Planet Fitness for complaining about a “man” in the women’s dressing room. The transgender person at the center of this controversy is a cross dresser that took advantage of Planet Fitness’ no discrimination policy to push the envelope at the gym. No hormones, no surgeries, no transition, just $12 leggings and a baggy sweatshirt. Not fair for anyone.Apologizes to the trans community, but situations like this invariably lead to well meaning fools taking action. Take for example anti-transgender bathroom laws being proposed, and even passed in progressive states, like Florida and Texas where I could face serious jail time for using the women’s room.
Interestingly enough, I had started working on this post before I discovered what Zoey wrote.  It's nice to see that I am not the only one who sees this.  What Zoey writes about is Mr. Sandeen's vision for America.   He sees no problem with, and actually pushes for, men to have the right to invade women's spaces with their penises wagging about, ala Mr. "Colleen" Francis.  I'm sure he will feel quite righteous when even post-op transsexuals are barred from the women's room in states like Texas and Florida.  Sadly, he doesn't have the sense to see the damage he does.
  Of course, being men, they want to hide behind the women, and push us out there as they fight for their right to invade our space.  This obsession has, quite naturally, triggered a reaction, and now, an over-reaction from people at the opposite extreme.  And neither side is remotely willing to accept a reasonable middle. And unless that happens, it will end very badly for those who are truly transsexual.  Either we will face prosecution because we will be associated with kooks like Sandeen and Williams, or we, along with other women, will have to put up with men invading our private space, exposing their penises, and demanding that we "acknowledge" them as fully female.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Creation of a Trans-Martyr's Mythology

Simply put, it is a tragedy whenever any person reaches a point, for any reason, where they feel that they must take their own life.  In the case of the person who is generally referred to as "Leelah" Alcorn (his legal name was Joshua Ryan Alcorn) this tragedy has been compounded by the hateful, and outrageous attempts by transgender extremists to use this case to further their absurd agenda.

Alcorn is presented as a "trans girl," though the evidence is pretty clear that he was more likely a deeply ego dystonic gay male.  Worse, the fact that he clearly had a number of mental health issues that lead to his death have been swept aside in the effort to promote him as a martyr to the cause.

First off, in his "suicide note," he uses language that shows his confusion, referring to himself as "gay," and making a big issue out of having to wait less than a year to begin transition because he thinks he will be too late to have an appropriate appearance.  That, of course, is absurd.  He also talks about how he "lied" to his therapist and claimed to be straight.

Alcorn's parents reacted according to their beliefs, and did what they thought best for their son.  There was nothing criminal in their actions, and it is clear from Alcorn's postings that he was not physically abused.  He was simply not allowed to behave in a manner that his parent's felt was wrong.  And given his reference to himself as the "transgender queen of hell," and "Satan's wifey" show that he was in a serious rebellion against his parents.  I, personally, cannot blame them for trying to reign him in.

His parents, who stated that they told him that they loved him unconditionally, have been portrayed as monsters.  Of course, the truth is rarely, if ever, presented by transgender extremists who attempt to make his parent's statement look far different than what they are.

And it is also telling that his death was a typical male suicide.  Females rarely kill themselves in such a violent manner.  Alcorn was a deeply disturbed person, and his death truly is a tragedy, but using him to attack those who do not share the radical agenda of the transgender extremists is also a real tragedy.  Hopefully his promotion as a martyr will not lead to other suicides.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Lask Ups His Game

Well, my long term cyber-stalker, "Diane" Lask has upped his game.  He sent me another anonymous message, this time including a more overt threat.  I guess it will have to have a talk with the San Francisco Police Department sooner, rather than later.  Apparently Lask has taken complete leave of his senses.  His first message was enough to qualify as threatening, and will like result in his being investigated for stalking.  This one, well it will cinch such a case.  He really must be aching to be some hunky prisoner's date.  Remember, Lask is apparently non-op, and thus would end up in with men, not women.  I'm sure he will be very popular.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Somewhat Scary Email

Well, it appears that David Lask, who calls himself Diane Lask, the obsessive stalker who has been harassing me for years, is up to his old tricks.  Now, he has sent me an email in which he makes it clear that he knows my current address, claims he knows my phone number (he mentions my carrier), and then proceeds, in his typical style, to make his usual round of lies.  He has little idea of what he is talking about.  

I am pretty sure it is Lask, because he again makes the claim of having a Corvette (he claimed this before, and it turned out to be a lie).

Sorry, but my relationships with my daughter is just fine...unlike some people who are writing about how they are so depressed this time of the year.  I am considering a trip back to visit my daughter and grandchildren next year, so the claim that "you will never see your grandchildren" is also bogus.  And, as he should be aware, I am clearly not homeless.

Oh, and as to my relation with God, well he is wrong about that as well.

Of course, this could be someone impersonating Lask, but given the nature of the message, I think contacting the police, and filing charges will be appropriate.  A message such as this carries implied threats, and would certainly fall under laws against stalking.  I do believe he has gone a bit too far.  And, well, depending on the anonymous server he used, he may, or may not, be easy to trace.

Oh, and for those who may not remember, or who may be new to this blog, Mr. Lask is the kook who terrorized people on for years.  He harassed anyone he considered unworthy.  The ironic part was, Lask turned out to be a classic transgender, non-op, having had a history of being a member of a group that was pretty much a local variant of the Tri-Ess type cross dresser's club in San Francisco.  His best friend, who died at his keyboard was a guy who called himself "Cheryl Mullins."  That person, who also lied about being a post-op, turned out to be an intact male.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh MY! The Men in Dresses Are Having a Hissy Fit!!!!

Since I basically shredded Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen's puff pieces in support of Mr. "Cristan" Williams', and Mr. "Dana" Taylor's claims that they have uncovered the true name of GallusMag, they have been frantic.  I have been subjected to regular cyberstalking on Twitter, by those three, the comments on Mr. Sandeen's column at LGBT Weekly have been removed, and in general they are beside themselves with anger and hate.

The cyberstalking on Twitter has ranged from the hilarious (Mr. Taylor's remark about my blog getting no comments...perhaps he hasn't noticed that the same is true for most of the latest drivel at Transadvocate) to the downright hateful (Mr. Sandeen has again tried to drag my daughter into this).  This is nothing new, and before, Mr. Taylor was heavily involved.  When all this started a bit over a year ago, my daughter was very upset at what these creeps were up to.  Of course, they could care less about how some mere woman feels.  They have shown that, time and time again.

Again, they have taken a comment that my daughter made at a time when we were estranged.  What caused this is really none of their business, and I refuse to violate my daughter's privacy.  Simply put, we have a disagreement, and we did not speak for a while.  Then, she contacted me, and we patched things up.  End of story.  Contrary to some of the crap they have tried to read into this, we are very close.  I speak to her regularly on the phone, and since that time, I have visited her, and my grandchildren a number of times.  I am also, contrary to some rather outrageous claims, on good terms with my ex.

As to the rest of their claims, they have made quite a bit out of stuff they have no capacity to understand.  As I have pointed out many times, none of these three are transsexuals (well, Mr. Williams is a possible exception, having possibly become what would be, effectively an FTM).  All three are basically fetishistic crossdressers who have crossed over to full time.

The stuff my daughter made reference to, again at a time when she was angry with me, was from the time before I made my transition.  I was, quite frankly, non-functional as a "man."  Yes, my ex supported us.  When you are basically living a lie, it can be hard to keep a job.  Like other transsexuals, I had to basically create a false shell to hide inside of.  That was true from childhood.  I remember having to pretend to care about things I was expected to like, and having to hide what I really wanted.  For example, I learned to tell people that my favorite baseball player was Roger Maris.  Now, I could not have told anyone what position he played, any thing about his record, or probably even what team he played for.  But, I could simply give that as an answer to a common question, and people were satisfied.  In truth, I hated sports, and considered them a nuisance because they kept me from getting to watch what I wanted on TV.

I also learned that being honest about other interests would, at best, cause me to be mocked by my peers, and my father, and at worst could result in my suffering abuse.  When I was in elementary school, I regularly hid what I really wanted, or felt, because otherwise, I would have received regular beatings for being a sissy.  Actually, on more than one occasion, I got them anyway.  On rare occasions, when I trusted someone, I usually found it to be a mistake.

These three clowns understand none of this.  They had no problems being men.  Mr. Sandeen, for example, served for TWENTY years in the U.S. Navy, as a man, without any real problems.  Truth be told, I would not have lasted 20 days.  Now, I know, some will argue that many women serve in the Navy, and this is quite true.  But, they are serving as women, and what they go through is radically different.  Of course, I doubt Mr. Sandeen can even comprehend something like that.

Likewise, Mr. Taylor had a relatively successful career as a man, as did Mr. Williams.  In fact, a photo of Mr. Williams in a full beard was recently published on Gender Identity Watch.  I find that rather interesting, since when I hit puberty, I rather obsessively tried to hide the fact that I was sprouting facial hair, and tweezed them out until there was too many, and then secretly shaved to avoid having to go through the time-honored ritual of having my father teach me to shave.  In fact, my parents were rather puzzled that I didn't seem to shave even after I was married.  And I could never, ever, imagine actually growing a beard or even a mustache. 

No, before I transitioned, I was not a very pleasant person to be around.  I was often very angry at the world, and suffered from depression, and self-hatred.  Unlike these three, who seem to have had no problem being men, and still don't.  And they have no idea what actually being a transsexual actually is...though they still keep trying to claim that transsexual, and transgender men like them, are really all the same.