Monday, July 21, 2008

And the Beat (down) Goes On

One of the things you can absolutely count on is that anyone who dares disagree with gender facists is going to be attacked, beaten down, and silenced as much as possible. A recent example of this occured when Cathryn Plantine dare to speak her mind on one of the more notorious gender fascist's blogs. She was banned, her diary was deleted, along with not only ever comment she had made, but also every comment that anyone had made in response to those comments.

What she said, that send them into a fury was this, "It is my belief that the excesses of those pushing the transgender agenda are becoming so apparent they have sown the seeds of their own eventual destruction…..and anyone who demands entry into women’s space as a trans anything is exhibiting absolute alpha male behavior. Women belong in women’s space, if you don’t come there as a woman, you absolutely do not belong there."

Of course, that was too much truth for the likes of Autumn Sandeen, Monica Helms, and Marti Abernathy. They immediately went ballistic and started screaming for Cathryn's head on a platter.

As a result of her making this remark, she was banned from "Pam's House Blend" which bills itself as "An Online Magazine in the Reality-Based Community." Apparently they have a rather strange view of what constitutes reality. I think their definition pretty much boils down to "Reality is anything we agree with..."

Now, Pam makes such lofty statement as "The LGBT community is obviously not monolithic. Issues of concern to one element may not resonate with another, be it race, gender, gender expression or position on the political spectrum. What unites us all is that the hearty portion of the larger society is demonizing us," and "The Blend is about community, civility and friendly debate. It's never going to be highbrow content at the Blend, but it is always newsworthy and I like to mix up the fun and the political quite a bit -- as long as it makes people think." Of course, that is only true as long as you toe the party line. Step out of line, and you get tossed, and everything you had written previously gets tossed with you. And this is the case, not only at Pam's House Blend, but at numerous other TG blog sites as well.

Oh I say, the beat (down) goes on...and on....and on...and on...