Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoist by Her Own Petard

Let me preface this by saying that I personally have no problem with same-sex marriages, though I do believe it is up to individual states to decide the issue, and I believe that unless a state approves of such a marriage, one should be bound by the law in a given state.  That said, this is an interesting turn of events in a story that I have written on before.

"Thomas" Beatie, the infamous "pregnant man" has been told that she cannot divorce her wife of nine years because the judge cannot determine that they were married to begin with.  Now, it should be noted that the judge did not base the ruling on it being a same sex marriage, just that Beatie, who kept his reproductive organs intact, and who has born children will claiming to be a man, failed to establish that she was a transsexual man at the time of the marriage.  Well, DUH!!!!!

Oh, and the worst part...she wants to compete to get pregnant with her new girlfriend, commenting that perhaps both will be pregnant at the same time...

Here is a link to the story.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh Good Grief, ANOTHER One....

I swear, there seems to be a never ending stream of examples of the sort of silliness that the transgender extremists are trying to foist on the world....  I just found another one who is blogging on the site of a newspaper in New York State.  In this case, an elderly male has taken to calling himself "Renate" and is out to tell the world how he is really a female.  In another article, he tells about the "birth of his female self."

Too funny....

I mean, all the classic TG stuff is there....

Successful career as a male....check.

Defines being a woman in terms of stereotypical "female" behavior....check.

Waited until he was retired, and then some to start living as a woman, well a caricature of a "woman"...check.

Speaks of his "male self" as having died even though he claims he was always female gendered....check.

Calls himself a lesbian....check.

Thinks his wife should accept it....check.

Says he loves his wife, but clearly not as much as he loves crossdressing....check

Doesn't want to give up his penis.....check.

Almost certainly a lifelong crossdresser, but too old for the sexual part....check.

Thinks that women have penises....check.

Has his own name for his condition....check.

Couldn't want to start telling the world about how he is a "woman with a penis"....check.

As I said, another one....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Don't "Misgender" People

In reaction to an article on "Cristan" Williams' rather sudden, and somewhat bizarre, endorsement of theories that hold that transsexual women have brains that are sexually differentiated at odds with their bodies (this would be something of a reversal of his previous positions, I was taken to task for using "incorrect pronouns" when referring to Mr. Williams.  Of course, this is not the first time this accusation has been made.  

But, I would contend that no, I do no such thing.  While some might disagree on grounds of political correctness, I don't think I am using the wrong pronouns at all.  Nor, for that matter, do I think that anyone is automatically entitled to demand the use of pronouns based on their "preference."  This, of course, is a major tenet of "transgender activism."  And, as which most of transgender activism, I disagree vehemently.

As I have pointed out, the entire transgender paradigm is basically an artificial social and political construct.  It has no basis in reality.  This, for example, is very much brought out in an article that is cross-posted to The Transadvocate blog.  In it, a woman who is "gender queer" identified, who is dating a "trans woman" talks about the politics involved.  Yes, even simply dating a "trans woman" becomes a political matter.  What a complete load of silliness.  But this, is, of course, identity politics at its most extreme.

And that is the problem in much of this...people who identify as women as part of some social/political play-acting demand rights that they have no real claim to, all so they can force their bizarre behavior on society as a whole, which then, based on false claims made by these freaks and perverts, assumes that transsexuals are just like that.  And then they wonder, or at least pretend to wonder, why transsexuals want no part of their silliness.

No, I believe that concepts like male and female, man and woman, have real meanings, and are not just labels that can be claimed on a whim.  I don't believe there is some inalienable right to be called a woman, or a man, if one is not.  If someone makes more of an issue of being trans than an effort to be a woman, then why should I call them a woman?

I don't choose which pronouns I use based on whether or not I agree with someone.  If that were true, then I would, for example, refer to one blogger very differently than I do.  As much as I vehemently disagree with that person, I don't see them as male.  Misguided?  Yes.  Politically extremist?  Without question?  Insane?  Very likely.  But male?  No.  I believe that person has allowed her political leanings, coupled with an overblown ego that is devastated by the realization that she is not the alpha transsexual she once thought she was to allow her to seek the adulation she receives from basically abandoning what she once espoused to influence her...that, and possibly more than a bit of senility or dementia, but no, not being male.

On the other hand, as I say, when someone is more concerned with hanging on to their past, and reveling in their "gender transgression," why wouldn't I see them as men?  Because, quite frankly, that is what they are.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If You Can't Beat Them, Co-Opt Them...

Well, it appears that Mr. "Cristan" Williams has decided to co-opt those he has vainly claimed victory over.  Mr. Williams, who has spent quite a bit of time telling us that the transsexual separatists movement is dead, and that we all must accept that our true motivation is really gender transgression, has suddenly decided to embrace the very positions he has fought so hard against.

It appears that he is trying to be a "born again HBSer."  On the Transadvocate site that he apparently inherited, he has posted a link to a video entitled Intersex Conditions Within The Transsexual Brain.  Of course, Mr. Williams, never one to leave things well enough alone has added to the title, making it out to be "Gender Orientation: Intersex Conditions Within The Transsexual Brain," which sort of implies that the video is an endorsement of Mr. Williams' attempts to explain transgender behavior.  Actually, the mishmash of psychobabble that Mr. Williams came up with has nothing to do with the topic of the video, which is simple statement that transsexualism can be thought of as a type of intersex condition.  Not a new idea, was suggested by a long line of scientists both before, and including, Dr. Harry Benjamin.  In fact, some actually coined the term "psychic hermaphrodites" to describe what would become know as transsexuals.  The idea being that transsexuals have brains that actually female.  Hmmm, what some have suggested as the basis for the concept of Harry Benjamin Syndrome.  Could Williams suddenly have decided to "co-opt" this idea he has hated so much?  Possibly.  He has certainly taken a video from Stanford, added a new "title page" that makes it look like it is an endorsement of the crap he dreamed up, and posted it to YouTube.  Classic Williams....

Another transgender blogger who has jumped on Williams' bandwagon is none other than Suzan Cooke, who reposted Williams link to the video.

Now, in the video, nothing new is really presented.  It is simply a rehash of information on several scientific discoveries that led some of us to suggest the idea of reclassifying transsexualism as a medical condition and not a mental illness.  Gender identity disorder could, and probably should, remain as a classification those cases where a mental, or at least behavioral disorder diagnosis it appropriate.

Funny, but this is the very stuff that Williams, and others, have rejected, but now seem to want to claim for themselves....maybe they realize, they are actually about to face a major backlash.

They haven't much of a leg to stand on.  They have tried to claim status as transsexuals, but when compared to true transsexuals they look, well, like the kooks they really are.  So, maybe they think they can claim the stuff they have rejected.  This could be interesting....

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Comic Stylings of Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen...

Yes, once again, the clown prince of transgender silliness has posted another hilarious bit of humor.  Unintentionally, of course.  "Autumn" Sandeen's latest, can be found at the Huffington Post, which has, of late, become a major source of transgender propaganda.  Entitled, "Violating Sex And Gender Norms While Traveling," it contains some of Mr. Sandeen's classic jokes, as well as some new material that will have you rolling on the floor, convulsed with laughter.

He starts off with his classic joke of saying, "I'm a transsexual who also identifies as transgender."  Now, that's a real knee-slapper right there.  I mean, seriously, Sandeen?  A transsexual?  Seriously, how does he make this stuff up?  Claiming one is a transsexual while writing an article on violating sex and gender norms is classic absurdist humor.  The whole point of being a transsexual is to conform one's sex to one's innate gender, and to fit within society's norms.  Granted, he does add that bit about being a transgender, but in order to really fit what he describes, a transsexual would have to act in accordance with their birth sex.  In fact, what a transsexual does, when he/she transitions, is to stop violating sex and gender norms.  But hey, this is Mr. Sandeen, so we have to expect truly absurd, off the wall silliness.

Next up, Mr. Sandeen delights us with another of his classic lines, "Let me begin by saying that I "pass" as female in almost all settings -- that's including in bathrooms."  Mr. Sandeen, as well all know, does not "pass" at all.  That is, there is no more chance of him fooling anyone into believing he is anything more than a silly man in a dress, than there is of any other crossdressing comedian, say "Benny Hill," or "MIlton Berle" to name a couple of classics.  To add to the hilariousness of that claim, Mr. Sandeen does not offer his readers a clear recent photo of him, so they can judge the veracity of such a claim.  That is a shame, as I am sure they would love to compare it to him in typical attire that looks nothing like what a woman his age would actually wear.  Better yet, would be a video, so they could get the full effect of him flouncing about in his unique parodying of a woman.  He does, however provide  a picture of him being dragged away in his female Navy uniform that does not really show his face very well, and this older picture of him.  I apologize in advance if it leave any readers with nightmares.  

The new humor includes this rather bizarre bit:
When going through a body scanner I actually left seven cents in my right front pocket. So, the TSA officer who was at the scanner station said I was going to be given a full body search. I was taken to a separate room with two female TSA officers. Before they began the search, I disclosed that I was transgender and that they may feel something that wasn't normally expected by to be on a female body when they touched my crotch. They asked me then if I wanted male officers to conduct the search, and I said no: I said I'd prefer female officers to do the search. I was pleasant and smiling when they did the search, and they were pleasant in return.
All joking aside, I honestly feel sorry for the two female officers who were subjected to Sandeen's perversity.  I can just imagine his excitement at the idea of a couple of women being forced to grope him.  I bet he really loved getting to tell him about the "special surprise" waiting for them in his crotch.  Had I ever had such an experience, I would not have been all smiles.  I would have been completely mortified, and would have had the decency to ask them if they would be comfortable performing the search.  But for a freak like Sandeen, it was a "teaching moment."  Yes, he got to leave them with a false impression of what a transsexual really is, as I am sure he emphasized the lie that he is a transsexual.

Thankfully, on the occasions I flew before I completed my transition, I never faced such a situation.  I did have my purse searched once, because a handful of Hershey's Miniatures showed up on the X-ray, and looked like they might be explosives.  The officer who conducted the search and I had a good laugh over that.  But, even though it was not a primary reason, never having to worry about such a mortifying experience played a very small roll in my need for surgery.   I imagine for Mr. Sandeen, he would not want to miss out on future teaching experiences....

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Very Odd Story...

A few months ago, we were all treated to the exploits of "Colleen" Francis, the pervert in Washington State who was protected from being "discriminated" against when he flashed his junk to young girls whose swim team was attending a meet at a local college.  Francis, claims to be a woman, and the college ruled that even though he is fully equipped with a penis, he is entitled to invade women's space and parade around in the nude.

Now, we have a rather odd story out of Virginia, where another "transgender woman" was tossed from a spa.  Now, the stories make comments about how "was asked to leave the spa after complaints about "her" appearance. Now, I have not seen a single article, all of which seem to be from "transgender sources" that mention her operative status. It is made all the more strange because Suisling states that:
"None of the complaints, as they were described to me, referenced my genitalia in any way,”
I have to wonder why Suisling would make such a comment, unless a) Suisling is physically a male, and b) was, as we would say back in Alabama, "Naked as a jay bird."

It is not clear what Suisling's operative status is, but it does make a difference.  If this person is physically a male, and was parading about in women's spa, sans clothing, then they had every right to ask Suisling to leave.  And in spite of what Suisling claims, if that were the case, it would not be illegal in California.  It is perfectly legal here to exclude a person who has not undergone SRS from an area were "inevitable nudity" is likely.

I have to say, it is getting more and more ridiculous.  And again, if I encountered a nude male in such a situation, well, that's what pepper spray is for.  Once in the eyes, and a heavy dose in the crotch,

Friday, March 1, 2013

Some People Are Just TOO Ignorant to Not Be Funny

I always get a kick out of people who are so bigoted that they can't see just how bigoted they are, and therefore think everyone else is bigoted and they are, well, sane.

From Suzan Cooke, who is almost always good for a laugh...
What the hell is wrong with these sick evil f**king Christians? The world would be a much better place without their hatred in the name of some imaginary invisible magic sky daddy.
Let's see...  You have a group of people who hold a view that is different from the one Cooke holds, but who are motivated by honest concern for the well-being of someone they sincerely believe is on the wrong path, and who are acting in a manner that does not actually harm the person in question...versus a profane and hateful bigot who would deny them the basic right to exist, and who uses what basically amounts to outright lies to attack them.

Funny...and sad, but really, just absolutely amazingly ignorant.  But that is what true bigotry is, absolute, amazing ignorance.  What is truly ironic...I would still defend Cooke's right to be an absolutely, amazingly ignorant bigot....  

A Moderate Proposal

Over, and over, I see the radical fringe of the transgender kooks demanding more and more outrageous concessions.  And unfortunately, in some cases, they get them.  I think it is time we rein in the silliness.  Therefore, I would like to put forward some moderate proposals that would provide for a balance between real need, and public safety and opinion.

First, I think that changing of birth certificates should be limited to those who have actually changed their sex.  That means, no "women with penises" or "pregnant males.  If you have not made the changes, you will not legally be viewed as having "changed your sex."  No more of this "change of gender" silliness.

Second, I think a simple compromise on issues like "transgender students in school" is to require any student who wishes to be fully recognized as a a different "gender" to be stealth.  In another words, if a student who is born male wants to allowed to use the girls bathroom, but has not had surgery, then they would be required to transfer to a school where they would be required to be stealth.  No more of this "out, loud, and proud" silliness.  If you claim you are "really" a female, or "really" a male, then really be a female or a male.  If you want to have it both ways, then you either use the bathroom appropriate to your genitalia, or you use a bathroom that is "gender neutral."  As to things like locker rooms (usually not a problem before at least middle school) the student would need to be excused from physical education classes.  

Likewise, I believe that access to bathrooms in general should be based on being in transition.  If you are a crossdresser, and this is all just a bit of a game, then it's YOUR problem.  You don't have a right to force yourself on women (or in extremely rare cases, men) just so you can engage in your fantasies.  And again, if you are pre-op, you cannot use areas where nudity is inevitable, period.

Also, I think restrictions should be made for other situations.  For example, if you are going to claim to have changed sex for purposes like engaging in athletic competition at the college level (it is unlikely that anyone in middle school or high school would be allowed to have undergone sex reassignment surgery) then again, stealth should be a requirement.  Privacy would be protected, so people would not be allowed to "research" information and out someone, but anyone publicly outing their own self would become disqualified.  "Gabrielle" Ludwig, for example, is back in the news. This is not someone who simply wanted to be who he really is, but instead is a classic transgender, seeking attention, and getting it at the expense of legitimate female athletes.

Bottom line, people should not be allowed to use situations as a soap box to push their agenda and take advantage of laws intended to protect people with real needs.  It is time to draw the line.  You want to be the real you?  Fine.  You want to attract attention?  Fine.  But using "legal rights" to attract attention?  Nope.

And lest you think I am being unfair, you should check out an article on "Transadvocate" which is not edited by the king of transsexual extremists, Mr. "Cristan" Williams.  Entitled "California Trans Student Domaine Javier Expelled By a Baptist University For 'Fraud' Is Suing" it takes the person in question to task for having lived stealth (even though the student then went public on MTV's True Life. At first, one might get the impression that the objections raised where simply over statements made on the show about having been "deceptive," but the final quote makes it obvious that the author of the article believes that "transgender" people, who I am sure would include in his mind, "transsexuals, must be, loud, and proud, or face condemnation:
So will Domaine begin to live proudly and authentically with us on our bittersweet road less traveled? Or will she continue to deceive? Watch and see.
In another words, will this person give up actually being a woman, which he already did when he went on True Life?  With transgender extremists, actually living authentically as a woman (or a man) is simply not an option.