Friday, March 1, 2013

A Moderate Proposal

Over, and over, I see the radical fringe of the transgender kooks demanding more and more outrageous concessions.  And unfortunately, in some cases, they get them.  I think it is time we rein in the silliness.  Therefore, I would like to put forward some moderate proposals that would provide for a balance between real need, and public safety and opinion.

First, I think that changing of birth certificates should be limited to those who have actually changed their sex.  That means, no "women with penises" or "pregnant males.  If you have not made the changes, you will not legally be viewed as having "changed your sex."  No more of this "change of gender" silliness.

Second, I think a simple compromise on issues like "transgender students in school" is to require any student who wishes to be fully recognized as a a different "gender" to be stealth.  In another words, if a student who is born male wants to allowed to use the girls bathroom, but has not had surgery, then they would be required to transfer to a school where they would be required to be stealth.  No more of this "out, loud, and proud" silliness.  If you claim you are "really" a female, or "really" a male, then really be a female or a male.  If you want to have it both ways, then you either use the bathroom appropriate to your genitalia, or you use a bathroom that is "gender neutral."  As to things like locker rooms (usually not a problem before at least middle school) the student would need to be excused from physical education classes.  

Likewise, I believe that access to bathrooms in general should be based on being in transition.  If you are a crossdresser, and this is all just a bit of a game, then it's YOUR problem.  You don't have a right to force yourself on women (or in extremely rare cases, men) just so you can engage in your fantasies.  And again, if you are pre-op, you cannot use areas where nudity is inevitable, period.

Also, I think restrictions should be made for other situations.  For example, if you are going to claim to have changed sex for purposes like engaging in athletic competition at the college level (it is unlikely that anyone in middle school or high school would be allowed to have undergone sex reassignment surgery) then again, stealth should be a requirement.  Privacy would be protected, so people would not be allowed to "research" information and out someone, but anyone publicly outing their own self would become disqualified.  "Gabrielle" Ludwig, for example, is back in the news. This is not someone who simply wanted to be who he really is, but instead is a classic transgender, seeking attention, and getting it at the expense of legitimate female athletes.

Bottom line, people should not be allowed to use situations as a soap box to push their agenda and take advantage of laws intended to protect people with real needs.  It is time to draw the line.  You want to be the real you?  Fine.  You want to attract attention?  Fine.  But using "legal rights" to attract attention?  Nope.

And lest you think I am being unfair, you should check out an article on "Transadvocate" which is not edited by the king of transsexual extremists, Mr. "Cristan" Williams.  Entitled "California Trans Student Domaine Javier Expelled By a Baptist University For 'Fraud' Is Suing" it takes the person in question to task for having lived stealth (even though the student then went public on MTV's True Life. At first, one might get the impression that the objections raised where simply over statements made on the show about having been "deceptive," but the final quote makes it obvious that the author of the article believes that "transgender" people, who I am sure would include in his mind, "transsexuals, must be, loud, and proud, or face condemnation:
So will Domaine begin to live proudly and authentically with us on our bittersweet road less traveled? Or will she continue to deceive? Watch and see.
In another words, will this person give up actually being a woman, which he already did when he went on True Life?  With transgender extremists, actually living authentically as a woman (or a man) is simply not an option.


Rosenkreuz said...

I just saw the story on Dailykos this morning, I had a feeling you would have an opinion on it :)

I'm really trying to give Javier the benefit of the doubt. Yes, going on TV as a stunt is dumb for a genuine transsexual,especially a preoperative one. But it seems to be just that. It's probably dumb to put F on a document like that while preoperative, but just that.

I'm encouraged by the fact that Javier seems to understand the difference between sex and gender - and the form inquired about her gender, not her sex (if it had, she would have put male, according to her).

I suppose this is an effect of the TG/TV influence that young transitoners aren't told to maintain stealth at all costs. It also is an effect of being a part of the LBG umbrella that the whole "out and proud" thing comes from.

Live and learn I guess.

Just Jennifer said...

Back in the 1990's during the talk show craze, I had a friend who decided to go on Joan Rivers. She came to regret it. She tried to present a reasonable, sane view of transsexualism and was paired with a person who would later make the rounds talking about what a mistake surgery had been (clearly someone who was gay but who thought becoming a woman would make things better) and someone who would be right at home on Ru Paul's Drag Race. They barely gave her any air time as it was.

I have to wonder if she has much of a court case. She was tossed for making a false statement. But, she went on TV and basically bragged about making false statements.

For what it is worth, I wrote the article, which has been floating around my mind for a while and then saw the article and decided to add it as an example. I was more upset by the statement implying that being stealth was wrong.

Rosenkreuz said...

Stealth is "wrong" because transsexuals in stealth serve no political purpose whatsoever. No foot soldiers at protest rallies. No extra agitators for undermining social convention. Etc etc. And furthermore, trashing the idea of stealth means that transsexuals, especially young ones, don't need to go to the Kultus Transvestus for validation and support. And the fact is, it's the people like Javier who keep the whole game going. A fairly convincing young lady (though I haven't heard a word about surgery) who gets pushed into going on TV "for the cause" and now gets her education sacrificed on the pyre of political expediency while creating legitimacy for the ones that can't be put out as spokespeople for the "cause" for obvious reasons.

Rosenkreuz said...

Also, the freak show sells and the normal girl doesn't, simple as that. Your friend's story was, for the suits putting on the show is, to them, BORING. Where's the shock, where's the sizzle, in transsexuals that assimilate as women and live their lives just as their neurological makeup intended? Nah, the RuPaul's drag race guy gets more eyeballs.