Monday, March 11, 2013

The Comic Stylings of Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen...

Yes, once again, the clown prince of transgender silliness has posted another hilarious bit of humor.  Unintentionally, of course.  "Autumn" Sandeen's latest, can be found at the Huffington Post, which has, of late, become a major source of transgender propaganda.  Entitled, "Violating Sex And Gender Norms While Traveling," it contains some of Mr. Sandeen's classic jokes, as well as some new material that will have you rolling on the floor, convulsed with laughter.

He starts off with his classic joke of saying, "I'm a transsexual who also identifies as transgender."  Now, that's a real knee-slapper right there.  I mean, seriously, Sandeen?  A transsexual?  Seriously, how does he make this stuff up?  Claiming one is a transsexual while writing an article on violating sex and gender norms is classic absurdist humor.  The whole point of being a transsexual is to conform one's sex to one's innate gender, and to fit within society's norms.  Granted, he does add that bit about being a transgender, but in order to really fit what he describes, a transsexual would have to act in accordance with their birth sex.  In fact, what a transsexual does, when he/she transitions, is to stop violating sex and gender norms.  But hey, this is Mr. Sandeen, so we have to expect truly absurd, off the wall silliness.

Next up, Mr. Sandeen delights us with another of his classic lines, "Let me begin by saying that I "pass" as female in almost all settings -- that's including in bathrooms."  Mr. Sandeen, as well all know, does not "pass" at all.  That is, there is no more chance of him fooling anyone into believing he is anything more than a silly man in a dress, than there is of any other crossdressing comedian, say "Benny Hill," or "MIlton Berle" to name a couple of classics.  To add to the hilariousness of that claim, Mr. Sandeen does not offer his readers a clear recent photo of him, so they can judge the veracity of such a claim.  That is a shame, as I am sure they would love to compare it to him in typical attire that looks nothing like what a woman his age would actually wear.  Better yet, would be a video, so they could get the full effect of him flouncing about in his unique parodying of a woman.  He does, however provide  a picture of him being dragged away in his female Navy uniform that does not really show his face very well, and this older picture of him.  I apologize in advance if it leave any readers with nightmares.  

The new humor includes this rather bizarre bit:
When going through a body scanner I actually left seven cents in my right front pocket. So, the TSA officer who was at the scanner station said I was going to be given a full body search. I was taken to a separate room with two female TSA officers. Before they began the search, I disclosed that I was transgender and that they may feel something that wasn't normally expected by to be on a female body when they touched my crotch. They asked me then if I wanted male officers to conduct the search, and I said no: I said I'd prefer female officers to do the search. I was pleasant and smiling when they did the search, and they were pleasant in return.
All joking aside, I honestly feel sorry for the two female officers who were subjected to Sandeen's perversity.  I can just imagine his excitement at the idea of a couple of women being forced to grope him.  I bet he really loved getting to tell him about the "special surprise" waiting for them in his crotch.  Had I ever had such an experience, I would not have been all smiles.  I would have been completely mortified, and would have had the decency to ask them if they would be comfortable performing the search.  But for a freak like Sandeen, it was a "teaching moment."  Yes, he got to leave them with a false impression of what a transsexual really is, as I am sure he emphasized the lie that he is a transsexual.

Thankfully, on the occasions I flew before I completed my transition, I never faced such a situation.  I did have my purse searched once, because a handful of Hershey's Miniatures showed up on the X-ray, and looked like they might be explosives.  The officer who conducted the search and I had a good laugh over that.  But, even though it was not a primary reason, never having to worry about such a mortifying experience played a very small roll in my need for surgery.   I imagine for Mr. Sandeen, he would not want to miss out on future teaching experiences....


Rosenkreuz said...

"Before they began the search, I disclosed that I was transgender and that they may feel something that wasn't normally expected by to be on a female body when they touched my crotch. They asked me then if I wanted male officers to conduct the search, and I said no: I said I'd prefer female officers to do the search."

this is where i fucking lost it

damn i thought I was going to die laughing

I guess I have a terrible sense of humor seeing this guy is more creepy than humorous.

Think of it this way, imagine if a natal female magically aprouted a penis. Would she be advertising the thing to the world and insisting that female TSA officers feel her new package?

This is the result of the apotheosis of the "IM A WIMMAN CUZ I SAYS I AM" idea. The idea that gender and sex roles are socially constructed lead to more and more absurd expressions of that idea - under this view there is nothing that defines a female at all, not sex organs (after all dicks are easier to maintain supposedly), not appearance (Sandeen looks like an 80s glam rocker with a boob job), not feminine traits (because the Left that makes "Autumn" Sandeen possible declared traditional femininity (not the barefoot and pregnant kind, it's hard to verbalize but I'm sure you get it, it's that thing that makes women attractive to men, among other things) as sexist, let alone asking that women adhere to it), not style of dress, not anything.

I hate to trash the Left for this because I'm well left of center on pretty much every issue, but the political Left makes Sandeen possible by declaring gender and sex roles and standards as politically incorrect. This is the logical conclusion of "gender is a social construct as opposed to a neurological construct".

(As an related aside: Also the radfems own it in a big way because they started the deconstruction BS. So why shit like the cotton ceiling is creepy as hell, when radfems bitch about it, as they should, it's only fair to remind them that they made it possible.)

Anyway, I can accept a woman with a penis if she's actively trying to get rid of it and assimilate as a female. I and most guys can be understanding of an awful but curable birth defect, but not someone like Sandeen.

Just Jennifer said...

I never faced such a situation. Actually, I had my surgery before things got as bad as they are. If I had of been told I would be searched, I don't know what I would have done. Very possibly, I would have canceled my flight and fled in tears. I mean, I hated even going to the doctor....

It is either laugh or cry with this sort of pervert. I do feel bad for the two female officers, but at least they were professional.

I understand exactly what you are saying, and I agree. I disagree with most of the radfem's silliness, but they have a few good points about keeping men out of women's spaces. Only the most extreme would exclude post-ops, though I concede, that is probably largely a function of not being able to tell who is not actually born female.

But I do stand with them against men like Sandeen wanting to enter places where nudity is inevitable.

Rosenkreuz said...

Yeah, it's just that the radfems were the one who created the ideological framework for a guy with weird fetishes to say he's a woman (because gender is a social construct, not rooted in neurology, and gender roles are oppressive tools of the capitalist patriarchy!) so it's tempting to say "You made your bed, now sleep in it!"

What bugs me though is there's really nobody who's pushing a line similar to ours.

The Left is all-in on the Sandeen line.
The Right (with some exceptions) is all-in on the "chronosomes are everything" even though there are people who are clearly of one sex despite not having the normal chromosomal makeup of a given sex.

Now, you may not agree but the really sad thing is that I do think TS/HBS people need a genuine lobby for their interests, but it's hard to put a lobby together with 1/30,000 of the population, and everyone else either hates transsexuals or wants to co-opt them. That was the original logic of joining up with TG and the LGBT, but that obviously didn't work. But the need for there to be someone to address TS interests and needs remains.

Just Jennifer said...

Actually, it was Arnold Lowman, aka Charles "Virginia" Prince. The feminists just gave it a patina of legitimacy.

And yes, I do agree. Advocating for that idea is basically what led to Suzan Cooke obsessively hating me (my suggestion did not feature Cooke as the leader, nor me for that matter...) We do need help getting our story out. Interestingly enough, I have an article coming that will address some of this....