Monday, March 4, 2013

A Very Odd Story...

A few months ago, we were all treated to the exploits of "Colleen" Francis, the pervert in Washington State who was protected from being "discriminated" against when he flashed his junk to young girls whose swim team was attending a meet at a local college.  Francis, claims to be a woman, and the college ruled that even though he is fully equipped with a penis, he is entitled to invade women's space and parade around in the nude.

Now, we have a rather odd story out of Virginia, where another "transgender woman" was tossed from a spa.  Now, the stories make comments about how "was asked to leave the spa after complaints about "her" appearance. Now, I have not seen a single article, all of which seem to be from "transgender sources" that mention her operative status. It is made all the more strange because Suisling states that:
"None of the complaints, as they were described to me, referenced my genitalia in any way,”
I have to wonder why Suisling would make such a comment, unless a) Suisling is physically a male, and b) was, as we would say back in Alabama, "Naked as a jay bird."

It is not clear what Suisling's operative status is, but it does make a difference.  If this person is physically a male, and was parading about in women's spa, sans clothing, then they had every right to ask Suisling to leave.  And in spite of what Suisling claims, if that were the case, it would not be illegal in California.  It is perfectly legal here to exclude a person who has not undergone SRS from an area were "inevitable nudity" is likely.

I have to say, it is getting more and more ridiculous.  And again, if I encountered a nude male in such a situation, well, that's what pepper spray is for.  Once in the eyes, and a heavy dose in the crotch,


Erika Marie said...

This is somewhat off-topic to this post, but I wanted to get this off my chest. I just had a discussion on twitter with some trans people--I am an MtF transsexual--and there were some things they were saying that I couldn't quite get, so I asked for clarification. They immediately dismissed me as trolls and blocked me.

Is it just me, or do trans people often seem to act like that? I've never seen that in other political spheres.

Rosenkreuz said...

Operative status matters but only somewhat. After all, some of the men in dresses DO get surgery, and they proceed to flaunt the whole "AW YEAH IM A WIMMUN NOW" and this might be part of it. Takes more than surgery to assimilate as a woman.

Actually one thing I notice that transsexuals do and "TGs" don't is that transsexuals are intensely worried about assimilation, while TGs seem more worried about maintaining an effective illusion.

Just Jennifer said...

I would say that something like 90% of "transgender" blogs engage in very heavy censorship. I reluctantly had to go to a policy of moderating posts because of someone who was deliberately attempting to invade my privacy, but since that person gave up, I have not blocked a single post, and never because of content. In short, the answer is, yes, "trans people" act that way most of the time.

Just Jennifer said...

That is a very good point. Yes, I have seen that quite a bit, and on more than one occasion, I have spoken of the "two sided coin." I can think of several examples of what you describe, In most cases, it is someone who actually regrets their surgery, but refuses to simply admit it.

Actually, many TGs don't even try to maintain an "illusion." They openly flaunt their history, while demanding that people engage in "political correctness by properly acknowledging their "womanhood." They literally act like very bad caricatures of women, while demanding that everyone pretend to accept them as "the real thing." In some cases, it is hard to tell where delusion ends, and arrogance begins.