Saturday, March 27, 2010

Truly unbelievable....

A few days ago, Cooke posted another diatribe in reaction to my most recent post pointing out how Cooke has joined the transgender movement.  In that post, Cooke made this comment:
In the thirteen months I have been running this blog I have had several people whose blogs seem obsessed with me and how I have somehow failed them. My imagined crimes are many and to prove it they mine my words looking for nuggets they can strip of context to prove their point.
Then, in another more recent post, Cooke dropped this falsehood:
I do not like censorship.
Now, together, these two posts show exactly why I occasionally post about Cooke's rather absurd remarks.  First off, Cooke has an ego as big as the state of Texas.  No, Cooke has not failed me, or anyone else.  I have long considered Cooke to be something of a curiosity.  I remember the absurd "performance art piece" where Cooke took the APA's announcement that they were dropping homosexuality from the DSM and changed it to be about gender identity disorder.  Personally, I thought it just dumb.

I also remember Cooke's tyranny on the mailing list "Women Born Transsexual."  Heaven help the member that actually had the audacity to have an original thought.  Cooke would have none of that, nor would Cooke's partner, Tina.

No, Cooke has never failed me.  The only thing Cooke could fail to do is provide the occasional laugh.

Which brings me to Cooke's claim to "not like censorship."  Now, that is a real knee slapper.  Cooke loves censorship.  In fact, that is the main reason Cooke is the subject of post's here.  Cooke will not allow any criticism on "Women Born Transsexual."  Post a disagreement with Cooke, and chance are you will be banned for life.  Suck up to Cooke, like a certain kook from Canada, and Cooke will let you post, even if your ideas are completely at odds with Cooke's.

I will remind people, any and all are free to post comments here.  The only time I remove any of them are if the contain personal attack, particularly on others...or if they contain links to to ads, especially for sex or porn sites.

But, I notice that those like Cooke don't like to post where they can't control the argument.  If they can't censor it, then they want no part of it,

Friday, March 19, 2010

A New Low

Over the past year, I watched as Suzy Cooke cozied up to the transgender types.  At first I was a but puzzled, as Cooke was one of the staunchest advocates of separatism.  But, Cooke got closer, and closer until it reached the point where it was clear that Cooke's position has shifted drastically.

Now, Cooke has really gone off the deep end...  Cooke is clearly taking up the position of Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence.  The same position taken by Paul McHugh and most of the rest who would oppress transsexuals.

Cooke has declared that transsexuals do not have "female brains."  Even more puzzling, Cooke has declared the idea that we do to be "misogynistic."  I'm not sure where that leaves the concept of "Women Born Transsexual," since the alternative is "men who choose to be transsexual."

This is a position that is taken by some transgender radicals who seem to know that they clearly don't have female brains, but who want to claim to be "just like transsexuals."  It is, for example, the position of "Willow" Arune, and well-known net kook, who by the way, has become a major fan of Cooke.  That also says a lot about what Cooke has turned into.  The main cheerlead for Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawerence, who has made a career out of trashing successful transsexuals, is now cheering on Cooke.

The bottom line is, Cooke, who does not take criticism well, started taking positions that did not sit well with other transsexuals.  We spoke up, and Cooke lashed out.  From there, things went down hill.  Cooke talks about unity, but what Cooke seems to actually mean is blind adherence to the law according to Cooke.  If you don't agree with Cooke, then you are the enemy, to the point where those Cooke used to be allies with are now all the enemy.  Cooke needs to take a look around and realize this.

I theorized earlier that Cooke seemed to want to unite everyone, with Cooke as the supreme leader.  That is obviously the case.  Sadly, right now, Cooke's might force seems to consist of a few hanger's on, including Mr. Arune.  He will cozy up to anyone who will stroke his ego, and tell him he really is a transsexual in spite of his totally bizarre history.  And Cooke, it appears, will accept anyone who blindly follows.

There was a time when Cooke was viewed by many as a major arbiter of who was, and was not, real.  If Cooke accepted you as a "Woman Born Transsexual," you could feel secure in your identity.  Yes, it was silly, but many fell into that trap.  Now, Cooke seems to be struggling to maintain a slowly deteriorating grasp on a secure identity.  And it is kind of sad to watch.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hoist By One's Own Petard

Danielle Pauline Severson, born Dana Paul Severson who claims to be a pre-op transsexual has a problem.  Severson wants to get a woman.  But, Severson has a California driver's license that says "female."  So, when Severson went to get a license in Reno, Nevada the clerk said "No, we don't allow same-sex marriages."  Now, obviously, the authorities in Nevada were mistaken.  Severson is still a male.  But since the license says female, and Severson appeared to be a female, they said no.  So, Severson and partner had to go to California where Severson was able to get a license as a male.

Now, I have no problem with same sex marriage.  I have several gay and lesbian friends who are legally married, having tied the knot before Prop. 8 was passed.  But, I do have a problem with transgender people wanting to have their cake and eat it too.  If you claim to be a woman, and you want society to accept you as a woman, then you should be ready to play by the rules that apply to being a woman.

I find it absolutely hilarious that someone wants to be treated like a woman, until it become inconvenient.  This reminds me of the outrageous behavior of a certain Texas lawyer who invited post-op lesbians to come and marry their partners (provided they were born female) after the Littleton case.  Phillip "Phyllis" Frye loves to pull such stunts, even though the net effect is to simply make things worse.

So, once again we see someone who wants it both ways.

Truly sad.