Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Obama Administration Has Gone Way Too Far

Last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development issued an order that requires any shelter receiving Federal funding in any form to allow transgender people equal access to the facility based on their "gender identity."  The transgender kooks are all excited by this.  And women are appalled. 

One of the issues that is often raised in objection to such a rige id approach is that a man might simply claim to "really" be a woman in order to get access to a women's shelter.  Of course, there are a number of advantages to this.  Less threats of violence.  A lower population of women, so the chances of getting a bed are greatly improved.  And, of course, the obvious one...being able to be among women.  Of course, we are told by the transgender kooks that this would simply never happen.  And of course it does.

A friend, who happens to be a resident of a large homeless shelter in San Francisco, CA had told me about just such a case.  (I cannot reveal this person's name, or the name of the shelter, because of privacy concerns.)  There is a person residing in that shelter who presents as a "trans woman," who clearly is not.  This person, who I have seen on the street near the shelter, is clearly a man, and other than wearing an ill fitting dress, makes no attempt to present as female.  Some examples:

  • Most of the time he sports a rather full beard.  While he has occasionally shaved it off, it grows back quickly, so you have someone who basically looks like a hard-core homeless man, except he is wearing a dress.
  • The first night she encountered him, he was in an overnight bed.  During the night, she happened to observe him masturbating rather enthusiastically.  She reported this to a monitor, and he was removed for the night, but was allowed to return on later nights.  He now has a longer term bed, but has still be observed to engage in such behavior.
  • On another occasion, a woman using the bathroom noticed that the person in the stall next her was peeing rather loudly.  She leaned down enough to see that person's feet, and recognized the khaki men's sneaker that this alleged "trans woman" wears.  And yes, they were facing the toilet.  He was standing to pee.
This illustrates the very real problem.  As used in this situation, "gender identity" is meaningless.  As my friend observed while we were discussing this, she has a lot of transgender friends, and they are very concerned about how they present.  Even if pre-op, they sit to pee, would never engage in any activity that would make them stand out as male, and of course are far more concerned about their appearance.

No, clearly, this is just one example of a man who is doing what is claimed to never occur.  He is pretending to be "transgender" in order to access a women's shelter.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Can Someone Buy the Transgender Kooks a Clue?

In a recent article in LGBT Weekly. Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen again advocates for "access to bathrooms."  And in this particular article, he exhibits an appalling lack of having a clue.  He launches into one of his favorite themes...feminists sharing similar views to conservative Christians.  And yet, in complaining about this, he misses a very big clue.

Here we have two groups that are, for the most part, polar opposites.  One would expect little common ground between them.  And yes, both stridently oppose unrestricted access to women's spaces, in particular restrooms, by men who claim to be women.  

Now, it is an interesting fact that, for many years, pre-op transsexuals were able to easily access the women's room.  The problem affects those who are more inclined to identify as "transgender."  Now, I have given quite a bit of thought to term, and I have come to the conclusion that the vast, overwhelming majority of those who prefer to be labeled "transgender" tend to retain a considerable amount of identification as "male."  Unlike the classic transsexual, they seem to want people to be forced to "see" them as women, while be totally aware that the person was born male.  Actually being a woman, in a real, meaningful way, is outside their interests.  They want to be women, but male.  They want to adopt a female identify, persona, and dress, but to remain a male.  Some may go so far as to have surgery, but they still insist on being "out, loud, and proud."  They reject the concept of stealth, and have no desire to enter the women's room and only be seen as a woman.

Now, in some cases, this is connected to the sexual arousal that many feel.  Being in the women's room, or shower, or locker room, or other places that they are not really welcome, is part of the thrill.

But, it never occurs to the kooks like Sandeen that perhaps the reason two groups can find common ground in this issue is that it actually is a serious issue that should not be brushed aside so quickly.  That, perhaps, some common sense is called for.  That honestly considering one's appearance, demeanor, and likelihood of being accepted as female, should be considered instead of just barging in, and expecting to be accepted.

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's Been A While...

My last post was back in August.  To be honest, I just got tired of pointing out the never-ending insanity of the transgender kooks, and decided to spend some time on other, more productive, pursuits.  I have, however, looked in from time to time and have a laugh at how absurd it is all becoming.

And on one of those looks, I found out that, nine months later, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen is still obsessing over me.  As is Mr. "Natalie" Reed, who, bizarrely, has apparently accused me of stabbing someone in the chest on a bus.  Uh, no...I've never stabbed anyone, anywhere.

As an interesting aside, Mr. Reed is also ranting about how increasing "gender neutral" bathrooms would serve to invalidate "trans people."  As though the obvious obsession with forcing themselves into places they are not wanted hasn't already done that.  Sort of puts the claims of just wanting to "pee in peace" in a whole new light.  Nope, they want to be able to force women to put up with men, who don't even try to actually live or act like females, invading women's spaces, and to demand that these men, who cling very strongly to their male identification (while maintaining that they are "really women") be fully accepted as women.

I have left my past behind.  I only reveal it when absolutely required, and then with an explanation that I am a transsexual, not "transgender."  And an explanation of what the difference is.  Simply put, Mr. Sandeen, Mr. Reed, and all the rest of their ilk, don't want to be women.  They just want to force people to say they are, all the while knowing that this does not jibe with reality.

Oh well, back to doing what these kooks can never my life as a woman.