Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is the Transgender Crowd So Afraid Of?

Something interesting has happened recently. In several blogs, the topics of Harry Benjamin Syndrome and what is referred to has "transsexual separatism" have come under attack from "transgender" activists.

They are adamant that those who do not wish to be referred to as "transgender" have on choice but to accept this label, even hurling insults at those who object. They seem to fear the very idea that someone might not wish to be called "transgender."

What could possibly be leading to this behavior?

A lot of transsexuals have never been happy with being labeled transgender. There are several reasons for this. Some feel the term is inaccurate, as they do not change their gender. Others prefer to not be lumped in with groups they feel they have nothing in common with. And many are uncomfortable with certain ideas that are becoming associate with "transgender," such as "gender deconstruction," and the rejection of "binary gender."

And now, they have become vocal enough that the transgender activists have taken notice. And they are very upset. And it appears that battle lines are being drawn between what is becoming known as the "deconstructionists," and the "separatists."

One, particularly outspoken activists went so far as to refer to the separatists as "gender fundamentalists." That is particularly ironic. The "deconstructionists" are the ones who are clinging to outdated ideas, who reject scientific evidence, and who insist on forcing labels onto people.

What are they afraid of? Perhaps they fear losing some of their numbers? They certainly try to extend the definition of "transgender" to the point that it is almost meaningless. But, more likely, they fear the truth. I think they fear the public realizing that many of them are trying to subvert society. And I think they fear facing the truth about themselves.