Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's Wrong With Being Stealth?

The simple answer for transsexuals, or better, those with Harry Benjamin Syndrome, is "Absolutely nothing!" A lot of so-called "transgender activists" spend a lot of time whining about how people should be "out, loud, and proud" about being transgender. They heap attacks on anyone who dares "hide" claiming it is out of fear, or shame. And simply put, that is a complete load of hogwash.
Here is it is, another National Coming Out Day. Trangender activists will again demand that transsexuals "come out of the closet." And I will repeat what I have said many times before, "The closet is not applicable to transsexuals." You see, the primary reason for being stealth is not shame, or is because the alternative is to continue living a lie.
If you are "out," then it is pretty much impossible to live as the person you really are. As I have pointed out to many, people may say that they accept you as a woman, but they often qualify that to the point of it being meaningless. In fact, I have referred to this as being a "Woman, but...." as in, "Yes, she is a very nice woman, but....she used to be a man." No, I was never a man. I tried to pretend to be one, and I finally gave up and stopped trying to do that. Now, why would I want to link myself to that past?
Some actually seem to relish their "dual" status. They seem to want to keep one foot firmly in the past. I don't. I hated that life, and I want no part of it.
So, no thanks. I will pass on being "out, loud, and proud." No, instead, I am simply a woman, and proud of it.