Friday, September 14, 2012

A Curious Discovery

While dealing with the unfortunate incident with the autogynephile who calls himself Dev (and no I am not using male pronouns because he disagree with me, but because he showed himself to be classically male) I discovered that I had "spam" comments in my spam filter.  I had never even bothered checking, since I did not expect anything to be there.

Much to my further surprise, I discovered that a number of them were repeats of a single comment from none other than "Autumn" Sandeen, the noted gender fascist and eunuch.  The comments were in response to my challenge to his attempt to obtain a passport as a "female" by taking advantage of an outrageous loophole provided by the Obama administration that allows men who can get a doctor to write a note to fraudulently claim to be females.

Mr. Sandeen proceeded to whine about how he was just following the new rules, and was not claiming to have actually completed changing his sex.

Now, I admit, he has a well as a "pointer" but that comment now seems awfully ironic in light of his actual fraudulent act of obtaining a California birth certificate as a female.  Unlike Federal regulations (which can, and probably will be changed by a future administation, California law does not really allow a man, with a penis, to claim to be a woman.  In fact, here in San Francisco, where you would expect the rules to be the loosest, the paperwork specifically states that you must have completed sex reassignment surgery,  None of this "completed transition" silliness that Sandeen's fraud involved.

So, he not only did what he denied he was doing with the passport application, he bragged about it online.  I wonder...if Sandeen is ever arrested and prosecuted for his perjury, will he claim that his birth certificate entitles him to serve his time in a women's prison?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Dare You?

There are four things the transgender extremists cannot stand...

The first, is the idea that anyone who is a transsexual would not gladly accept being labeled as "transgender."  Tell them you are not transgender and they will usually insist that you actually are, and that you have no choice in the matter.  Funny, in a way, since many of them think being a woman (or a man) is simply a matter of choice.

They also cannot stand anyone disagreeing with them.  If you actually speak out against their silliness, they will accuse you of transphobia, either internalized or overt, depending on whether they claim you as one of them, as well as a bigot any any number of other nasty things.  Shoot, Suzan Cooke will probably even throw in Nazi, a term used by said person to the point where it becomes effectively meaningless.

Even worse is if you actually best them at a debate.  They will either simply disappear and pretend that the debate isn't occurring, or worse they will resort of the most vile of ad hominems.

And the final thing that the transgender extremists cannot stand is for anyone to actually maintain privacy concerning their history.  They demand that one be "out, loud, and proud."  Ironically, they often brag about how well they pass, even as they proclaim their "outness."  But to actually just get on with one's life as who you really are?  That is horrible.  It cannot be allowed.  Shame!  Fear!  Hiding!  Deception!  That last pretty ironic from men with penises who claim lly female...

I saw all of this played out recently at a place called "Outserve Magazine."  One of their contibutors did a nasty piece about how there are no "true transsexuals."  I, of course, responded.  Much to my surprise, for once a radically transgender blog site did not go crazy with censorship.  The debate became rather heated, but I was able to make some very good points.  My joy at seeing true debate allowed was shattered when, rather suddenly, the entire collections of comments disappeared (even though the article indicates that are still 97 comments).  Worse, they now require you to log in through Facebook.  In another words, in order to comment, you have to effectively "out" yourself.  This is outrageous.  I have already had more than one cyberstalker harass me (including "Autumn" Sandeen, who was tipped off by another, very vicious cyberstalker who puts others up to doing his dirty work.

So, no, I will not comment at Outserve in the least not without setting up a fake Facebook account, which is technically a violation of the Facebook's terms of service.  The radical transgender types are, quite frankly, not very nice people at all.