Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Dare You?

There are four things the transgender extremists cannot stand...

The first, is the idea that anyone who is a transsexual would not gladly accept being labeled as "transgender."  Tell them you are not transgender and they will usually insist that you actually are, and that you have no choice in the matter.  Funny, in a way, since many of them think being a woman (or a man) is simply a matter of choice.

They also cannot stand anyone disagreeing with them.  If you actually speak out against their silliness, they will accuse you of transphobia, either internalized or overt, depending on whether they claim you as one of them, as well as a bigot any any number of other nasty things.  Shoot, Suzan Cooke will probably even throw in Nazi, a term used by said person to the point where it becomes effectively meaningless.

Even worse is if you actually best them at a debate.  They will either simply disappear and pretend that the debate isn't occurring, or worse they will resort of the most vile of ad hominems.

And the final thing that the transgender extremists cannot stand is for anyone to actually maintain privacy concerning their history.  They demand that one be "out, loud, and proud."  Ironically, they often brag about how well they pass, even as they proclaim their "outness."  But to actually just get on with one's life as who you really are?  That is horrible.  It cannot be allowed.  Shame!  Fear!  Hiding!  Deception!  That last pretty ironic from men with penises who claim lly female...

I saw all of this played out recently at a place called "Outserve Magazine."  One of their contibutors did a nasty piece about how there are no "true transsexuals."  I, of course, responded.  Much to my surprise, for once a radically transgender blog site did not go crazy with censorship.  The debate became rather heated, but I was able to make some very good points.  My joy at seeing true debate allowed was shattered when, rather suddenly, the entire collections of comments disappeared (even though the article indicates that are still 97 comments).  Worse, they now require you to log in through Facebook.  In another words, in order to comment, you have to effectively "out" yourself.  This is outrageous.  I have already had more than one cyberstalker harass me (including "Autumn" Sandeen, who was tipped off by another, very vicious cyberstalker who puts others up to doing his dirty work.

So, no, I will not comment at Outserve in the future...at least not without setting up a fake Facebook account, which is technically a violation of the Facebook's terms of service.  The radical transgender types are, quite frankly, not very nice people at all.


Dev said...

Please change the record and post something interesting.

Frankly, your constant moaning and ad-hominem attacks are a bore. I can't help thinking that your writings show a marked tendency towards Uncle Tom syndrome. You are determined to side with the very people who attack those of us who were born transsexual.

Perhaps one day you will realise that a little civility goes a long way. I think your habit of describing people who identify their gender as female as "Mr" is just rude and unnecessary. How would you like it if I was to refer to you by your former name?

I know that there is a world of difference between transsexual and transgender, and that sex and gender are two distinct things. However, that is no reason to be rude to those who are transgender. That is their choice, and we should respect their choice of how they present themselves. Although their sex may be male, their gender is female and common courtesy should be extended to them.

Please change the record and write something about issues that really affect us, and not just the same old poisonous dirge.

Surely there are more important things happening in this world such as the attacks on working conditions, the attacks on health programmes, the theft of millions from us all by bankers whilst getting us to pay their gambling debts and, of course, the destruction of our environment.

Just Jennifer said...

If you don't like what I write, then don't read it. It sounds like you would prefer the transgender rants of Suzan Cooke. Simply put, I post reality, not fantasy. Calling a man a man is not an attack, it is the truth.

I don't buy into the idea that we are required to accept "identity" as reality. I could "identify" as POTUS but the Secret Service is not going to give me protection. Kit you are a woman I will call you one. But I will not accept a demand based on fantasy.

As to the other stuff you mention, that is not the topic here. And you would not like what I would say anyway. I am very mIddle of the road. I think Cooke's lefty looney politics are as bad as anything from the Far Right.

If you want to be challenged to think, read my log...if you want to be told how to think, read Cooke's. I don't demand that you agree with me, but I don't take kindly to being told What or how to write either.

Dev said...

Frankly your blog isn't "challenging". It is a broken record with the same old crap thrown out on every post with no modicum of civility whatsoever.

As for fanasy, that is a loose term which can cover a vast range, including believing in a deity which is supposed to have created the world in 6 days.

Personally, I don't buy into the idea that we are somehow superior and although we are different to our transgender cousins, we still face the same hatred from the far right, the god-botherers, and attacks on health services which help and support us.

Surely it makes more sense to work together on things which we do have in common than to go looking for a war which allows the far right and the god-botherers to play the old divide and rule game?

Also, there is no need to turn the comment you have posted into another ad-hominem attack on Suzan Cooke. I'm writing a comment of my own thoughts, not on behalf of Suzan, and you follow blindly the idea that any political philosophy which stands up for oppressed people and against capialist exploitation as being "loony".

It's not crazy to come to the conclusion that more fairness is needed in this world and it's not loony or extreme to agitate for social change. If our forebears hadn't agitated for social change then we would have lost our vote the moment we had our birth certificates altered, we wouldn't be allowed to own property, we wouldn't be able to choose what we believe in, we wouldn't have the right to withdraw our labour for better pay and we wouldn't have basic human rights.

I guess you'll brand me as a "loony" too because I am a socialist, but I prefer the term informed and concerned. Concerned that we are seeing our world ruined in the name of big business, concerned that basic human rights are being denied and that people are being put to death without a fair trial or when they have the mental age of a child, and agitating for fair working conditions etc etc etc.

Dev said...

I highly recommend that one day you read the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels. Much of it, especially the principles of communism, is still highly relevant to today's society and Marx was correct when he predicted the crises of capitalism.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, you are entitled to your opinion. Besides I Enjoy a good laugh. Some people cannot be challenged. They canno see beyond their own ideology. Cooke is one such person and you are another. As the Bible says:

Answer not a fool according to his folly lest thou be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly lest he be wise in his own conceit.

And yes you are a fool.

And why would I want to work with people who's ideas I find to be totally repugnant? I don't want the transgender extremists to prevail. Thinly someone who thinks destroying social standard would lean that way. Now, if you are into gender transgression, you are one if them. You are not born transsexual, but have chosen to be transgender.

I have read Marx. His ideas are not realistic. He was not evil, just naive. Talk about foolish faith, now that is foolish faith.

Just Jennifer said...

I simply offer my view. Funny how people take it heart. Shoot, I have been called a man, most recently during the discussion on Outserve, by someone I had just shown to be an autogynephile. I did not take them seriously. But, they sure took me seriously.

Now, speaking of fools, the Bible is found at 220.52 or there snouts, depending on the translation. Now, as to the rest of your remarks, there is only one rule here. You violate my privacy, and that includes posting crap dreamed up by a cyberstalker and you are gone, Period consider this your only warning.

Dev said...
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Dev said...
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Dev said...
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Just Jennifer said...

This Dev bloke reminds me of the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn who would go on and on about how he would not speak when unwelcome.r Dev is the cyber equivalent of a man who harasses a a woman who asks to be left alone. Nasty.... Unfortunately, I have learned that apparently Google does not allow blocking of commenters. Just reporting them as spam. So, until the spam cuter kicks in, I guess he gets to act the fool.