Friday, August 24, 2012

Cooke Joins the Borg

Suzan Cooke created a silly term known as "Women Born Transsexual."  It is silly, because it is rooted in radical feminist "Womyn Born Womyn" meme.  Cooke was clearly trying to suck up to what are now referred to commonly as "radfems."  I think Cooke should start using "Dudes Born Transgender" because that is what Cooke seems, more and more, to be a part of.

I mean seriously, Cooke is attacking Ashley Love now.  I always wondered if Cooke had some sort of need to be the Alpha Transsexual, and now I know.  Cooke would rather be adored and worshipped than be right.  Cooke originally accepted the term "Harry Benjamin Syndrome," but then turned on it when it became a serious challenge to the WBT meme.  Cooke does not like competition.

Cooke generally has been lashing out at anyone who staunchly defends transsexuals against the silliness of what Cooke labeled the "Transgender Borg."  Now, Cooke has created a "Transsexual Borg," to attack, while increasingly defending the "Transgender Borg?"  Why might this be?

Because no one with a shred of intelligence can possibly Cooke seriously anymore.  Oh, Cooke has a few followers, but I have to wonder why they would take anything Cooke says seriously.  Cooke's politics are what some would term "loony Left."  Cooke has lost all sense of reality, and espouses politics that make little real sense. 

I actually kind of pity Cooke.  Cooke claims to have done certain things, and I have no real reason to question them, but I do suspect that the memories a bit more grandiose than the reality.  Cooke's ego needs a regular boost, and it appears that Cooke is finding that from the transgender crowd, and as this happens, and transsexuals distance themselves from Cooke (well, at least the real ones) Cooke turns more and more into the Borg Queen, which I suppose, is what Cooke actually craves.  

Cooke is so obsessed with radical politics, so determined to be at odds with anything that might remotely be seen as acceptable to the mainstream, that Cooke has become, in effect, if not completely, a transgender person.  Cooke is no longer about having a need to transition, and get on with one's life. Instead, Cooke is coming to embrace the transgression model that is pushed by the likes of "Cristan" Williams, and "Autumn" Sandeen.

It's sad in a way...I could laugh off, and at, Cooke's ridiculous political views.  But Cooke's views on transsexualism, that is another matter...  And all, so Cooke can be the Alpha Tranny.  

But I do want to think Cooke for the lovely compliment, connecting me to Ashley Love. Ashley, of course, is welcome to comment here whenever she wants.  Then again, Cooke is as well, though I know Cooke never plays in a playground that Cooke doesn't have control over, or at least where Cooke knows the moderator will prevent anyone from seriously challenging Cooke's views.

A quick update:  When I first saw Cooke's post, I got the impression that Ashley had said something about one of Cooke's new friends over in the Dude Born Transsexual group.  Instead, it appears that Ashley actually stood up to Cooke, and took Cooke to task for some nasty things Cooke had said (Note:  Cooke's Rule is "Do what I say, not what I do.  I insult whoever I wish, but woe to the person who insults me!"  Since Cooke did not let the comment through, I have no idea what was actually said...but I imagine it was more a minor disagreement than an actual insult.  Cooke's ego is extremely fragile, and the slightest challenge is more than Cooke can handle.

I know this personally.  I was a member of Cooke's Women Born Transsexual mailing list.  I made the mistake of unknowingly making a suggestion that Cooke would go ballistic over (the idea of hiring a non-transsexual woman as a spokesperson for transsexuals.  Cooke blew up, I didn't immediately beg forgiveness, but allowed that some might disagree, and the next thing I knew, it was like something out the Cultural Revolution.  I was summarily found guilty of, I guess, being counter-revolutionary, and booted from the group.  It was a bit surreal, but I moved on, and put it behind me.  Then, when Cooke started the "Women Born Transsexual" blog, I extended a welcome, and was promptly told, rather profanely, what Cooke thought of me.  That pretty much sums up why no one with a working brain cell should ever take Cooke seriously.  Extreme is one thing, but Cooke went off the deep end a long time ago, and seems to like it there. 


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Lyndon Evans said...

I just looked at the newest Borg blog and what I see is just another cut/paste cookie cutter blog like Mr. Autumn Sandeen and many others have.

At least you Jennifer provide original content and writings.

Keep up your good work.

Very appreciative,

Lyndon Evans
Publisher, Focus On The Rainbow

Just Jennifer said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, most of the content over at "Dudes Born Transgender" comes from other sources. That is not the purpose of a least not in my view. But then I have had some training in journalism, and regurgitating someone else's writing goes against my way of thinking.