Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A new outrage...

Word is out that the American Psychological Association has appointed Kenneth Zucker and Ray Blanchard to the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders working group to help revise the DSM-V. This means that two men who are notorious for their dislike of women with HBS (formerly refered to as transsexualism) will play a major role in defining how those people are viewed by the psychiatric community.

Simply put, this is an outrage.

Zucker has a long history of trying to use what is referred to as "reparative therapy" to bully male children who exhibit early signs of possible HBS into accepting a male identity. And Blanchard is notorious for his ridiculous theories that try to classify all transsexuals as either homosexual or autogynephillic, as well as his notorious comments that post-op transsexuals are men without penises. His theories are a direct attack on the concepts behind HBS.

Putting these men on this group is a direct slap at women with HBS, and an outrage. There appears to be little balance to this panel, and it looks like it may be a much longer time before any real progress is made towards a more accurate view of HBS.