Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Invincible Ignorance

When one is dealing with the transgender community, one of the most important things to remember is that you are dealing with people who have no real grasp on reality.  They live in an imaginary world where women have penises, men have vaginas, and such.  This was especially brought home to me by a post from "Cristan" Williams, who, at least at times, seems to have no grasp on reality, and a response from "Autumn" Sandeen, who is perhaps one person with even less of a grasp on reality than Willams.

Williams is engaged in one of his favorite activities, taunting Dana Lane Taylor, who Williams has an obsession with, over a response Taylor made on Facebook.  What did Taylor say that has Williams in such a rage?  Why she had the audacity to point out to Williams that she does not completely disagree with certain actions taken by the government that Williams decided to strut and crow about like a Banty Rooster.  This, of course, pretty much puts the lie to Williams claims, but naturally, he cannot have that.  After all, he is never least in his imagination.

Amazingly clueless as ever, Williams drags out an argument that shows that both he, and apparently certain forces within the Obama administration, have their heads so far up their....well, lets say that where they have their heads stuck, the sun never shines (unless, of course, your doctor is using a solar powered proctoscope, and the smell is not very least not for those who are remotely normal) that they are completely oblivious to the fact that they are exceedingly misogynistic.

The example that Williams uses, and one which it is implied is taken from a government presentation, involves a man showing up at a shelter in women's clothing, sporting a full beard, and asking to be admitted.   Now, the government slide does not specify exactly what is, and is not permissible.  The obvious implication is that such a person cannot be denied shelter.  Williams tries to imply that such a person would have to be housed with women, irregardless of how much discomfort this might cause.  In fact, one senses that Williams is delighting in the very idea that such a person would make the women extremely uncomfortable.

This is an extremely misogynistic position, implying that the rights of women are not as important as those of men who engage in crossdressing.  Let's be honest, such a person does not have a female gender identity.  Period, end of discussion.  This person is engaged in the behavior know as "gender queer."  They are mocking societal norms, almost certainly with a desire to upset other people.  I cannot remotely see why such a person should be allowed to do such a thing to women who are already in an extremely unpleasant situation.  But hey, Williams is not a woman, has no sense of what women feel, and I suspect, probably has some innate hatred of women.

The bottom line is, Williams hates Dana Taylor because Taylor has effectively refuted William's silly attempts to force women to accept men in women's restrooms.  Williams supports a law that provides no restrictions on men invading women's spaces.  All one has to do is say that one's "gender identity" is female, even if only temporarily, and one has no restrictions on entering the women's room.

But this lack of reality does not stop with Williams.  Sandeen gets in on the fun as well.  He decided to comment on Dana Taylor in one of his more bizarre rants in some time.  He starts off by complaining that Taylor has "functionally defined" him as a male because of his "surgery," which of course, consisted of being castrated.  Sandeen has a penis, wishes to keep his penis, and is, therefore, functionally a male.  That is pretty obvious to anyone with a shred of intelligence.  Then Sandeen goes on to make the complaint that Taylor has "implicitly defined me as a 'eunuch' in the comment thread for my recent column"  Actually, if you read the column, you will find that Sandeen is the one who cites Matthew 19:12 in a rather bizarre attempt to claim that the Bible mentions transgender people.  This passage refers to eunuchs, so it is not Dana Taylor who has defined Sandeen as a eunuch.  Of course, Sandeen, being a eunuch, might be a bit sensitive about this.  

Sandeen goes on to attack Dana Taylor through a series of bizarre non sequiturs.  The first is Sandeen's objection to a very reasonable statement by Taylor that any transsexual who identifies as transgender is fighting against our rights as women.  Of course, this logic is lost on a man like Sandeen.  He does not identify as a woman.  He identifies as a transgender.  This means he wishes to hang on to his penis (literally in his case), though some transgender people who actually have surgery do so figuratively.  Identifying as transgender implies a lack of desire to move on and become fully a woman.

The next is a statement that simply shows that Sandeen is not remotely a transsexual.  He takes offense at Dana Taylor's response to his bizarre post that claims that "transgender people are the cool kids."  That was a post where Sandeen appeared, flouncing about like a horrible misogynistic caricature of a woman in a costume that was not remotely something a real woman would would wear, particularly one of Sandeen's age.  It was amusing in a very creepy sort of way.  Taylor makes the statement:
I don’t find being transsexual cool one bit. It is a horrible condition. It is a crime against humanity. How can that be celebrated as being cool?
Sandeen tries to claim that this indicates that Taylor "loathes" being a transsexual.  I don't think I have ever met anyone who would have chosen to actually be a transsexual.  Many people choose to be "transgender," often deciding to claim to be transsexual, but no one who is actually transsexual would remotely think it is cool.  This just proves what I have said about Sandeen for a long time.  He has no actual history as a transsexual.  He was clearly a transvestite who decided, in his later years, to take his hobby full time.  Keep in mind, this is someone who loves to brag about his 20 years of service in the Navy.  Twenty years of being a man in a very masculine environment.  This is not a transsexual.  

And then Sandeen, goes on to claim that Dana Taylor will not answer the question, "Do you consider non-op transsexuals to be women?"  Now, given how Sandeen chooses to spin this, the use of "non-op" seems odd.  Perhaps Sandeen actually meant "pre-op," or perhaps Sandeen is just trying to scam people.

For me, the answer is simple.  Anyone who claims to be a "non-op transsexual" is delusional. There is no such thing.  It is an oxymoron.  That is someone, like Sandeen, who is saying "I have a penis, I want to keep my penis, but I am a woman."  No, such a person is not a woman.  And Dana Taylor is not a "non-op," so why Sandeen would claim, "If she answers that question with a yes, then she denies that she’s a woman at this point in your life. If she answers it with a no, then she’s forced to embrace that she isn’t a woman until she has a vaginoplasty — a vaginoplasty we know she needs to be comfortable in her own skin and to fully be complete as the woman we know she is."  It means nothing of the sort.  A pre-op transsexual is working to correct their birth defect, unlike Sandeen, who is nothing but a man with a fetish for pretending to be a "woman with a penis."

Sandeen actually saying something even more incredibly ignorant to the realities of transsexualism, adding, "To answer the question means she has to acknowledge the loathing she has for a body part that she was born with one that separates her from the rest of the community of women — in a sense she has to fully embrace that she’s one of the transsexual people she loathes being. I believe the term for what she’s feeling is referred to as 'internalized transphobia.' "

Simply put, and I realize this would be completely lost on Sandeen, part of being a transsexual is having a loathing for one's male genitalia.  Again, Sandeen's statement prove he is not remotely a transsexual.  He has no understanding of what transsexuals feel.  He cannot comprehend that one would choose to be a transsexual if such a thing were possible, and that wishing one had not suffered through what transsexuals suffer through is not "internalized transphobia."  What Sandeen actually means is that the fact that Dana Taylor is a true transsexual, who has felt things that Sandeen has never felt, threatens Sandeen's delusions and fantasies, and must be attacked.

Ironically, Sandeen is deep in the closet.  He is hiding from the fact that he is a transvestite, who will never be more than a transvestite, and he actually believes he must "advance" up the imaginary transgender hierarchy, even though he really doesn't want to.  He has sacrificed his testicles to this goal, even as he is terrified at the idea of losing his precious penis.

Rather than embrace what he really is, he lies and tries to be what he is not.

Sandeen, and Williams are deeply mired in "Invincible ignorance."  They simply refuse to learn, even as they demand to teach everyone and further that ignorance.

Update:  I have to admit, I was really taken in by Taylor.  This person was a self-deceiving fraud who has decided, after some soul-searching, that his is really "transgender" and is now Mr. Cristan Williams latest BFF...  And a full-fledged transgender kook to boot.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Simple Proposal

This blog started on August 28, 2007.  This post is the 200th, which makes this sort of, kind of special.  Think of it as a collector's item.  Who knows, maybe someday it will be worth something.  Or, more likely, not....  But, hey, 200 posts.  That's quite a few.

Well, I wanted to post something special to mark this occasion, and I decided to to a post that has been rattling around my brain for a while.  I know a lot of people are tired of the stupid gender wars that are fueled by the insistence of those who demand that everyone join in a lock step march under the transgender umbrella.  And it should be obvious to those pushing that view that, well, it just is not going to happen.  Oh wait, I forget, they are a bunch of men who think they can push women around...

So, I make the following proposal to settle the matter once and for all.

The gender fascists simply acknowledge what they already know....that transgender is an identity, not an objective state of being.  That is, they openly acknowledge that no one should ever be referred to as transgender, gender variant, or other such terms unless they have specifically identified themselves as being such.  Period, end of story, no exceptions.  No more claims as to who is transgender, only an acknowledgement that transgender is an identity that some adopt.

This would be changed in places like the GLAAD media guide, pointing out that unless a person willingly identifies as transgender, they should not be referred to as such.  It would also be communicated to the medical profession.  

This would end the fighting over language.  Those who identify as transgender could rally for their rights, and leave the rest of us alone.  And we could move on and discuss our own issues, without having to worry about being associated with groups we do not identify as members of.

I know....  It is not likely to happen.  Men like "Cristan" Williams, "Autumn" Sandeen, and "Monica" Helms need the lie that transgender people include transsexuals.  They are not really transsexuals, but they want to use that label when it suits them.  They want, very much, to be "women with penises," even though such does not really exist.

But under my suggestion, they can make that claim all they want, and well, the rest of us can join our true peers in having a good laugh.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Sometimes the invincible ignorance of certain transgender extremists proves to be surprising.  For example, "Autumn" Sandeen, who cannot tolerate anyone actually making valid and logical arguments against his silliness, has come out with a real doozy!

He is carrying on about the fact that some among the Religious Right think that transsexual women are "super gay."  Hmmm.....and this surprises Mr. Sandeen, why?

After all, Sandeen is a leader among those who wish to tightly going "transgender" which he falsely claims includes transsexuals, to lesbians, gays, and bisexuals.  So, what does he expect?  For extremists on the Right to have more sense that extremists on the left and somehow realize that this is all a silly political construct?  Oh wait, not even Sandeen fully understands that.

Of course, the Religious Right now sees transsexuals as "super gay."  Why wouldn't they, when fools like Sandeen are effectively telling them that transsexuals are, well, part of the LGBT community?

Oh, and Sandeen tries to argue that the Bible supports transgender people because  Matthew 19:12 says:
“For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men; and there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to accept this, let him accept it.”
Now, Sandeen, who is himself a eunuch, who has tried to falsely claim that having his testicles removed was "genital reconstruction surgery," actually makes the completely absurd argument that since this was the "only genital reconstruction surgery available in Biblical times," it means that God approves of transsexuals.

Now, I wrote a paper that was presented at an HBIGDA meeting concerning the religious aspects of Harry Benjamin Syndrome (aka transsexualism) and I did not need to resort to silliness like this.  I mean, this is a completely bogus argument.  This has nothing to do with gender identity, transsexualism, or silly men like Sandeen who want to be women with penises.

It is about eunuchs, men who have been castrated.  Under Jewish law, such men were excluded from the Temple, though this was later changed under the Prophets.  Jesus was just reiterating something mentioned elsewhere in the Bible.

And I cannot help but notice that Sandeen has finally persuaded the powers that be at LGBT Weekly in San Diego to block me from commenting there.  As I say, he cannot abide anyone actually countering his silliness.