Friday, March 9, 2012

A Simple Proposal

This blog started on August 28, 2007.  This post is the 200th, which makes this sort of, kind of special.  Think of it as a collector's item.  Who knows, maybe someday it will be worth something.  Or, more likely, not....  But, hey, 200 posts.  That's quite a few.

Well, I wanted to post something special to mark this occasion, and I decided to to a post that has been rattling around my brain for a while.  I know a lot of people are tired of the stupid gender wars that are fueled by the insistence of those who demand that everyone join in a lock step march under the transgender umbrella.  And it should be obvious to those pushing that view that, well, it just is not going to happen.  Oh wait, I forget, they are a bunch of men who think they can push women around...

So, I make the following proposal to settle the matter once and for all.

The gender fascists simply acknowledge what they already know....that transgender is an identity, not an objective state of being.  That is, they openly acknowledge that no one should ever be referred to as transgender, gender variant, or other such terms unless they have specifically identified themselves as being such.  Period, end of story, no exceptions.  No more claims as to who is transgender, only an acknowledgement that transgender is an identity that some adopt.

This would be changed in places like the GLAAD media guide, pointing out that unless a person willingly identifies as transgender, they should not be referred to as such.  It would also be communicated to the medical profession.  

This would end the fighting over language.  Those who identify as transgender could rally for their rights, and leave the rest of us alone.  And we could move on and discuss our own issues, without having to worry about being associated with groups we do not identify as members of.

I know....  It is not likely to happen.  Men like "Cristan" Williams, "Autumn" Sandeen, and "Monica" Helms need the lie that transgender people include transsexuals.  They are not really transsexuals, but they want to use that label when it suits them.  They want, very much, to be "women with penises," even though such does not really exist.

But under my suggestion, they can make that claim all they want, and well, the rest of us can join our true peers in having a good laugh.

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