Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sandeen Crashes and Burns

The extremely massive ego of "Autumn" Sandeen has finally caught up with him.  He has finally pushed it too far.  Mr. Sandeen, is well known for his exhibitionistic behavior at the White House fence (he joined 12 protesters against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"  who chained themselves to the White House fence...with Mr. Sandeen wearing a female naval uniform, even though he served as a man, and remains quite male).  

Well, in his latest post, he tries to compare himself to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez. Oh, and he tries to beg people to help provide money so he, and his fellow protesters, can afford to fly back to Washington for their trial.  After all, he says, he has already paid a heavy human cost, having gone to jail for his action.  Well, at least having been held for a short period, like any political protester.  I doubt he was there more than a few hours.

I find it interesting that he whines about how he, and his fellow protesters, are all being charged under the the Code of Federal Regulations rather than the usual local law used in these cases.  Mr. Sandeen does not specify what the actual charge is, but complains that it will result in the protesters having a "Federal conviction."  I have to wonder...  It is against Federal law to wear a military uniform unless one is a member of the military, or a properly retired member of the military.  And even then, it is illegal to wear it for the purpose of political protest  Nevermind what the law would say about a male wearing a female Naval uniform, even if said male is retired (Mr. Sandeen claims a service related mental disability).

Of course, at the time that Mr. Sandeen joined the protest, he made a lot of statements about how he knew that repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell would not affect transgender people who want to "serve openly."  As soon as the repeal was approved, he started demanding that it be extended to include transgender people.  Which, of course, is an outrageous proposal.

But the truly funny part of the whole thing is the fact that after Mr. Sandeen's self-aggrandizing post, he has only had one response...telling him that the person responding would consider supporting the protesters, except for the fact that Mr. Sandeen was one of them.  As the person said, they will not be supporting Mr. Sandeen's narcissism.

A Simple Solution to the Bathroom Issue

The transgender blogosphere has been abuzz over the removal of "public accommodations"  from a Maryland civil rights law that covers "gender identity."  They are screaming because this change does not allow the "men in dresses" crowd to invade the women's bathroom.  

Of course, this seems at times to be the primary goal of the transgender community.  They seem obsessed with bathrooms.  Of course, so do the people opposed to extending rights to them.  One of the latest rounds is a post by "Mercedes" Allen on Bilereco.  This person's idea is to have people take stickers to be left in bathrooms indicating that a transgender person has used the bathroom and that "nothing bad happened."  Of course, the obvious problem with this is, the fact that a transgender person was in bathroom will be seen by many as something bad happening.  The cluelessness of the "men in dresses" crowd is astounding.

This is a classic male attitude.  A form of "counting coup" it allows them to make sure that people know they were there.  I am sure it appeals to their exhibitionistic nature.  Rubbing people's noses in their presence in the bathroom.  It would not make things better.

I have a simpler solution...

  • If you are not a properly diagnosed surgery-tracked transsexual (i.e. you were honest with yourself and with your therapist, stay out of the bathroom in public while you are crossdressed.  That includes those who are full time crossdressers.  Yes, it is inconvenient, but you made your lifestyle choice, live with the consequences.
  • If you are a properly diagnosed surgery-tracked transsexual, then wait until you have reached the point where you can enter the bathroom without causing a major scandal.  Or, at least until you can't go into the bathroom corresponding to your birth sex without upsetting people.
When I began transition, one of my primary concerns was that I not cause discomfort for other women.  I could understand how offensive a "man" in the ladies room might be.  I didn't want to be the one causing that upset.  As I became confident that I was accepted as a woman, I began to use the ladies room.  Of course, like most, I went through a period where I was living a duel life.  I remember all too well that last trip to the men's room.  Some poor guy almost had a heart attack when he saw me at the sink washing my hands.  I knew it was time to official begin my transition.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Bit of Ignorance From Bilerico

Bil Browning has done it again.  He has posted an article on Bilerico about a person who claims to be transsexual who appeared on a Thai reality show.  I don't know enough about the contestant to really comment, but during the performance, the song features both a female and a male part, with the singer doing both parts, changing voice while doing so.

Okay, that's bad enough.  It is one of those classic moments, like when the extremely credible looking drag performer whips off the wig, revealing that "she" is really a man.  It kind of reminds me of a bar here in San Francisco called Asia-SF where the servers are referred to as "gender illusionists."  I cannot understand how anyone who is actually transsexual could put up with such an insulting term.  

In the video which Browning includes with the post, the contestant is told by the judge that he assumed this person was actually a female until he heard the male part.  Then he realized it was a transsexual, and urges that the "deception" continue.  Browning seems oblivious to how insulting such a remark would be to a transsexual.  Of course, to an "out, loud, and proud" transgender, it would probably be taken as a compliment.  

Browning has shown strong animosity for those who wish to simply complete their transition and get on with their lives.  He is the sort who would accuse a transsexual who engages in what is commonly referred to as "stealth" of being deceptive.  So, I guess a man telling a person who might be a transsexual to "keep on deceiving us" is perfectly fine with him.  For the rest of us, it is a horrific insult.

This is the idiocy of the transgender paradigm.  You have to accept a man, who wants to hang on to his male history, and in most cases, his male parts, as a woman if that is what he claims to be....but a transsexual, who simply wants to transition and be the woman she really is, well she is being deceptive and should be attacked.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Classic Example of What is Wrong With the Transgender Mindset

An article on Bilerico shows a perfect example of what is wrong with the thinking of many transgender activists.  In this article, a post-op by the name of Sera Wohldmann goes into a major rant because of being turned away from selling blood plasma.

Said person is sexually involved with another transgender "woman" and has been since before surgery.  Now, this would be, in the eyes of the blood bank, and example of a male who has had sex with a male since 1977, and therefore someone who is ineligible to give blood.  It may not be a fair rule, but it is the current law as required by the FDA.

The issue here is not whether the rule is right, which I believe it is not, but that this person seems to think that it simply should not apply.  The issue, instead, is the mindset that holds that the law should somehow give someone who identifies as transgender a special pass, simply because they identify a transgender.

Worse, in this person's case, there was a deliberate attempt to be dishonest by trying to claim a "transwoman" as a fiance, implying that they because of being a lesbian there was no possibility of having had sex with a man.  Since the "fiance" was apparently not passable, that made it obvious that there was not only a violation, but a deliberate attempt to be deceitful.

Perhaps the saddest part of the whole story is how, upon finally departing, this person decides to give them "the finger."

No, people who are transgender are not entitled to special treatment.  Again, I don't agree with the idea that gay men should be permanently banned from giving blood, but they are not alone.  I have a friend, totally straight, who cannot give blood because he served in the military and was stationed in Europe.  The concern in his case is that he might have been exposed to Mad Cow Disease.  

On the other hand, I have regularly donated blood on numerous occasions.  In fact, I am regularly contacted when I am again eligible.  I am listed as a female at the blood bank, and I have no problems.