Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Classic Example of What is Wrong With the Transgender Mindset

An article on Bilerico shows a perfect example of what is wrong with the thinking of many transgender activists.  In this article, a post-op by the name of Sera Wohldmann goes into a major rant because of being turned away from selling blood plasma.

Said person is sexually involved with another transgender "woman" and has been since before surgery.  Now, this would be, in the eyes of the blood bank, and example of a male who has had sex with a male since 1977, and therefore someone who is ineligible to give blood.  It may not be a fair rule, but it is the current law as required by the FDA.

The issue here is not whether the rule is right, which I believe it is not, but that this person seems to think that it simply should not apply.  The issue, instead, is the mindset that holds that the law should somehow give someone who identifies as transgender a special pass, simply because they identify a transgender.

Worse, in this person's case, there was a deliberate attempt to be dishonest by trying to claim a "transwoman" as a fiance, implying that they because of being a lesbian there was no possibility of having had sex with a man.  Since the "fiance" was apparently not passable, that made it obvious that there was not only a violation, but a deliberate attempt to be deceitful.

Perhaps the saddest part of the whole story is how, upon finally departing, this person decides to give them "the finger."

No, people who are transgender are not entitled to special treatment.  Again, I don't agree with the idea that gay men should be permanently banned from giving blood, but they are not alone.  I have a friend, totally straight, who cannot give blood because he served in the military and was stationed in Europe.  The concern in his case is that he might have been exposed to Mad Cow Disease.  

On the other hand, I have regularly donated blood on numerous occasions.  In fact, I am regularly contacted when I am again eligible.  I am listed as a female at the blood bank, and I have no problems.


Anonymous said...

Regulations and laws are different, the FDA rule is a regulation and really doesn't carry the force of law. I do agree that the transwoman in question doesn't possess any special privilege to be entitled to sell her plasma.

There is a minimum standard for acceptance of blood products, what angers me is homosexuals feel it is their right to lie and give blood that is contaminated. There is a bilerico article on this subject from 4 years ago where a homosexual man gives blood knowing he is hiv positive.

That is terrorism, plain and simple and that homo should be given the death penalty.

Quay Summer said...

I'm a gay man. The reality is that gay men do have HIV infection at a higher rate than the general population. I have no problem with being told not to give blood. Being HIV negative I hope that if I ever need a transfusion that I don't get infected with HIV just because some ass thinks he has some kind of right to give blood even though he knows he may be make people sick.