Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Simple Solution to the Bathroom Issue

The transgender blogosphere has been abuzz over the removal of "public accommodations"  from a Maryland civil rights law that covers "gender identity."  They are screaming because this change does not allow the "men in dresses" crowd to invade the women's bathroom.  

Of course, this seems at times to be the primary goal of the transgender community.  They seem obsessed with bathrooms.  Of course, so do the people opposed to extending rights to them.  One of the latest rounds is a post by "Mercedes" Allen on Bilereco.  This person's idea is to have people take stickers to be left in bathrooms indicating that a transgender person has used the bathroom and that "nothing bad happened."  Of course, the obvious problem with this is, the fact that a transgender person was in bathroom will be seen by many as something bad happening.  The cluelessness of the "men in dresses" crowd is astounding.

This is a classic male attitude.  A form of "counting coup" it allows them to make sure that people know they were there.  I am sure it appeals to their exhibitionistic nature.  Rubbing people's noses in their presence in the bathroom.  It would not make things better.

I have a simpler solution...

  • If you are not a properly diagnosed surgery-tracked transsexual (i.e. you were honest with yourself and with your therapist, stay out of the bathroom in public while you are crossdressed.  That includes those who are full time crossdressers.  Yes, it is inconvenient, but you made your lifestyle choice, live with the consequences.
  • If you are a properly diagnosed surgery-tracked transsexual, then wait until you have reached the point where you can enter the bathroom without causing a major scandal.  Or, at least until you can't go into the bathroom corresponding to your birth sex without upsetting people.
When I began transition, one of my primary concerns was that I not cause discomfort for other women.  I could understand how offensive a "man" in the ladies room might be.  I didn't want to be the one causing that upset.  As I became confident that I was accepted as a woman, I began to use the ladies room.  Of course, like most, I went through a period where I was living a duel life.  I remember all too well that last trip to the men's room.  Some poor guy almost had a heart attack when he saw me at the sink washing my hands.  I knew it was time to official begin my transition.

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