Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Bit of Ignorance From Bilerico

Bil Browning has done it again.  He has posted an article on Bilerico about a person who claims to be transsexual who appeared on a Thai reality show.  I don't know enough about the contestant to really comment, but during the performance, the song features both a female and a male part, with the singer doing both parts, changing voice while doing so.

Okay, that's bad enough.  It is one of those classic moments, like when the extremely credible looking drag performer whips off the wig, revealing that "she" is really a man.  It kind of reminds me of a bar here in San Francisco called Asia-SF where the servers are referred to as "gender illusionists."  I cannot understand how anyone who is actually transsexual could put up with such an insulting term.  

In the video which Browning includes with the post, the contestant is told by the judge that he assumed this person was actually a female until he heard the male part.  Then he realized it was a transsexual, and urges that the "deception" continue.  Browning seems oblivious to how insulting such a remark would be to a transsexual.  Of course, to an "out, loud, and proud" transgender, it would probably be taken as a compliment.  

Browning has shown strong animosity for those who wish to simply complete their transition and get on with their lives.  He is the sort who would accuse a transsexual who engages in what is commonly referred to as "stealth" of being deceptive.  So, I guess a man telling a person who might be a transsexual to "keep on deceiving us" is perfectly fine with him.  For the rest of us, it is a horrific insult.

This is the idiocy of the transgender paradigm.  You have to accept a man, who wants to hang on to his male history, and in most cases, his male parts, as a woman if that is what he claims to be....but a transsexual, who simply wants to transition and be the woman she really is, well she is being deceptive and should be attacked.

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