Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hoist By One's Own Petard

Danielle Pauline Severson, born Dana Paul Severson who claims to be a pre-op transsexual has a problem.  Severson wants to get a woman.  But, Severson has a California driver's license that says "female."  So, when Severson went to get a license in Reno, Nevada the clerk said "No, we don't allow same-sex marriages."  Now, obviously, the authorities in Nevada were mistaken.  Severson is still a male.  But since the license says female, and Severson appeared to be a female, they said no.  So, Severson and partner had to go to California where Severson was able to get a license as a male.

Now, I have no problem with same sex marriage.  I have several gay and lesbian friends who are legally married, having tied the knot before Prop. 8 was passed.  But, I do have a problem with transgender people wanting to have their cake and eat it too.  If you claim to be a woman, and you want society to accept you as a woman, then you should be ready to play by the rules that apply to being a woman.

I find it absolutely hilarious that someone wants to be treated like a woman, until it become inconvenient.  This reminds me of the outrageous behavior of a certain Texas lawyer who invited post-op lesbians to come and marry their partners (provided they were born female) after the Littleton case.  Phillip "Phyllis" Frye loves to pull such stunts, even though the net effect is to simply make things worse.

So, once again we see someone who wants it both ways.

Truly sad.

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danielle lover said...

you got it wrong girl! a pre op are post up according to the law will allways be there organl gender! yes some get married but its not legal! two if you go to jaul they dont look at your drivers lisense! they look whats between your legs so because i love women i will follow that! till the us changes compleatly to let all marriy i will do what i have to! so get it straight