Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh Good Grief, ANOTHER One....

I swear, there seems to be a never ending stream of examples of the sort of silliness that the transgender extremists are trying to foist on the world....  I just found another one who is blogging on the site of a newspaper in New York State.  In this case, an elderly male has taken to calling himself "Renate" and is out to tell the world how he is really a female.  In another article, he tells about the "birth of his female self."

Too funny....

I mean, all the classic TG stuff is there....

Successful career as a male....check.

Defines being a woman in terms of stereotypical "female" behavior....check.

Waited until he was retired, and then some to start living as a woman, well a caricature of a "woman"...check.

Speaks of his "male self" as having died even though he claims he was always female gendered....check.

Calls himself a lesbian....check.

Thinks his wife should accept it....check.

Says he loves his wife, but clearly not as much as he loves crossdressing....check

Doesn't want to give up his penis.....check.

Almost certainly a lifelong crossdresser, but too old for the sexual part....check.

Thinks that women have penises....check.

Has his own name for his condition....check.

Couldn't want to start telling the world about how he is a "woman with a penis"....check.

As I said, another one....


Rosenkreuz said...

It's like they're reading it off cue cards. And that's partially because of how fake it is, it's trying to co-opt pieces of the transsexual experience while imposing a "gender-variant" ideology on top.

Anyway, if you want some comedy gold, read this archived thread from a LGBT board on a site called 4chan (don't worry, there are no viruses or anything)

Transvestites going MUH DIK and pretendbians screaming about cotton ceilings inside!

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, as you say, more of the say. I guess one of the funniest parts is that they actually seem to think if they beat us over the head with this stuff, we will finally give in and accept it.

Angel said...
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Just Jennifer said...

As I have said, a few years back, I worked for a research project targeting "transgender people." I was not completely comfortable with the term transgender even then, but since it was in the context of research, I sort of went with the flow. Besides, I liked the idea of being in research.

Well, I met more transgender people than most ever will, and I saw first hand the sort of bizarre behavior that characterizes many. It was an eye-opening experience.

I cannot, because of privacy concerns, discuss individual cases, but suffice to say, I met some real crazies.

Rosenkreuz said...

Which is a shame, because I feel like the neoclit crap and the bad fashion sense is only the tip of the iceberg.

The problem is that with the muddy rhetorical waters, people don't really get what the fuck you and other genuine transsexuals are freaking out about (even I only caught on when I heard the whole "gender social construct" line, which if true would make transsexuality impossible). So people need to see what actually differentiates transsexuals from transvestites.

Also, I wouldn't even use the word "transgender" at all. Remember, the word ONLY exists to muddy the waters between transvestites and transsexuals, and most people think of a transsexual, NOT a crossdresser when they hear the word. Just my opinion.

wxhluyp said...

My perspective being from the fetishistic crowd, I am used to arguing the obvious, that the dysphoria in fetishists (autogynephilia etc) is an internalization of the fetishism, even when the dysphoria is even severe enough to justify something like transition.

P.s, it is interesting to see people hesitant to use the word "transgender" at all. Isn't it that there is nothing inherent to how one identifies, that transcends transsexualism from (trans)gender?

Just Jennifer said...

What dysphoria? You are talking about escalating behavior, not a real disconnect between the brain and the body.