Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Rather Blatant Lie From Transadvocate

Well, I guess it should not come as a surprise, but Mr. "Cristan" Williams has posted another blatant lie on Transadvocate.  And not also not surprising is that it is targeted at "TERFs," his favorite term for Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists.  This time around, it is the form of a cartoon that claims that they are blaming "transgender people" for any violence inflicted on them.

The cartoon shows a highly insulting caricature of a rather butch looking female pointing at the grave of Angie Zapata.  Ironically, that is the murder case that resulted in the former editor of Transadvocate exposing Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen's rather atrocious behavior during the coverage of the trial.  I should add, it appears that one of the articles linked to in Abernathy's article has been removed from Pam's House Blend, but that is why we can be thankful for the Internet Archive, also known as the Way Back Machine.

Anyway, the cartoon completely distorts what has been said, which is simply the truth.  When someone who is transgender is murdered, it is usually because of homophobia, not "transphobia."  In fact, with the possible example of Brandon Teena, I cannot think of a single case where such a claim would be valid.  And, as Mr. Williams, and the rather silly cartoonist, try to avoid, homophobia is pretty much male violence, and it is most certainly not something that can be validly referred to as "transphobia,"  

Not that Mr. Williams ever shows much regard for the truth.

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Nicky said...

It's very typical of trans and Mr. "Cristan" Williams to blam all his problems on TERFS or Radical feminist. It seems like Mr. "Cristan" Williams is doing the Male mentality by blaming others for his own action and not manning up to the fact that he created them