Thursday, May 9, 2013

Actually, Forcing People To Lie Is the REAL Issue

One of the more insane transgender bloggers, "Toni" D'orsay, aka Dyssonance, has a post up that sort of admits that the TG kooks are really, really obsessed with pronouns.  But what is really the issue is not pronouns, but is the ongoing obsession with forcing people to accept outright lies...  Like "women have penises" and "men can get pregnant."  I guess they would really be over the top if a "man" was made pregnant by a "woman."

Among the topics that Mr. D'Orsay hits on are:
  • The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (the boys in dresses won't be happy until they force their way in).
  • Forcing women to accept men in the ladies room.
  • Forcing states to change the sex birth certificates without the person actually having to change their sex. (as another blogger has pointed out, they hide behind "sterilization."
Then he goes on to push the current "transgender meme" about how the radfems are all about murdering "trans people."  Yes, some extremists kooks have made comments suggesting such, but extremist kooks are extremist kook.  The myth that Janice Raymond is responsible for the deaths of a large number of transsexuals (or even one, for that matter) has already been addressed.  This is a classic example of the sort of silliness that passes for "scholarship" in some circles.  You start out with a fact (Janice Raymond made some comments) and then extrapolate it into a conspiracy theory of epic proportions (Janice and the RadFems killed 50,000 people).  Mr. D'orsay is repeating this lie as fact.

He then goes on to make a statement that is at the heart of the transgender fallacy:
Other people do not get to police how one person’s existence is genuine or not. You do not get to decide if I am enough of a woman, or if I have “female energy”, or if I am the right sort or the proper kind.
It sounds great, doesn't it?  But let's consider the reality of it.  No, I don't allow people to define who, or what I am.  When I transitioned, and certain relatives tried to tell me I was not legitimate, I told them that I was not going to be responsible for their bigotry...but I also went on, an lived my life as a woman authentically not as a "transwoman," or any of the other things that transgender people call themselves.  Mr. D'orsay does not live as a woman, he lives as an out, loud, and pretty darned obnoxious transgender kook.  So, yes, people do get to decide that he is not a woman. "Enough of a woman," is another version of that transgender silliness that womanhood is quantifiable...very male concept at best.  One either is a woman, or one is not.  There is no such thing as a base unit of womanhood, that can be expressed as a measurement.  

Mr. D'orsay has thus to say:
The problem is people not thinking that trans people are what they really are. The problem is people policing trans people’s lives. The problem is f******g a**holes who call trans women men and male, and trans men women and female. 
IF you know someone who does that — no matter what their justifications are for it — you know someone who is actively contributing to the problem, who is part of it, and who is fighting against the solution.
Yes, exactly.  I am fighting Mr. D'orsay's absurd "solution" because, well, it is the real problem.  He, among others, is trying to destroy a major part of our society's structure, for no reason other than his own selfish desires.


Rosenkreuz said...

"Other people do not get to police how one person’s existence is genuine or not. You do not get to decide if I am enough of a woman, or if I have “female energy”, or if I am the right sort or the proper kind."

Keep pounding that point. That is the cornerstone of ideological transgenderism (and it should be an -ism, now that I think about it) - that the individual can "identify" as someone that their neurology - the objective scientific facts of the body says they are not.

Do we accept people who "identify" as having diabetes? No, we test people for diabetes and treat it accordingly.

Do we take people seriously who "identify" as cancer victims? No, we identify cancer in the body and treat it accordingly.

Why can't transsexuality get the same treatment? We can identify it in people, and we have a nearly 100% successful treatment of it?

Nicky said...

What do you expect from the Transgender kooks. They are forcing society to accept their house of Lies and Scams. They are bullying, intimidating and even threatening people to accept their lies, scams and delusions. It's getting to the point where people will wake up and see these transgender kooks as men with a sexual fetish.

Nicky said...

On top of that the Transgender kooks have their handmaidens and their whacked out supporters helping them spread the scams, lies and delusions. Which is why your seeing the Trans becoming more radicalized and more militant.