Monday, May 6, 2013

There Has Been a Break In the Case

Not a lot of details are available, but the FBI and Olmsted Township Police report have made an arrest has been made in connection with the murder of Carl Acoff,  the transgender the kooks were more concerned about being referred to by the what they claim are the wrong pronouns, and by his legal name than they were about the fact that he was murdered.   They, apparently, would rather facts that might help solve the case be hidden, than that a killer be arrested.

In what sounds like an episode of the hit CBS show, Criminal Minds, and FBI Task Force assisted in the arrest of Andre L. Bridges, 36  Saturday morning, May 4, 2013.

Bridges was arrested at his residence in Parma.

And, interestingly enough, the transgender kooks are more interesting in whining about pronouns, then in the fact that the case has, hopefully, been solved, and that no one else will likely be murdered by this creep.


Rosenkreuz said...

Kinda wondering why the FBI was involved, obviously it's a federal offense and due to the length of decomposition there may be some advanced forensics involved, but doesn't seem like the kind of case where the FBI comes in.

Just Jennifer said...

I wondered about that myself. I could be projecting on to it, but it sort of sounds like something out of the TV show Criminal Minds where they call in the profilers. But I have not seen any indications that they suspected it was a serial killer. Then again, I have not seen any details.

Senrub said...

Murder is a state offense. Perhaps the Feds got involved to please the trannies crying hate crimes

Erika Marie said...

Check this out:

It's pretty clear that this Toby character was not a good candidate for entry into Canada; this person had just had a major mental health crisis 8 months before (which means she could tax the public health system of Canada), this person has no visible means to support herself in Canada (which opens the possibility of taxing the Canadian welfare system), and overall her behavior was nervous and suspicious. Why are the guards being blamed for this? It seemed like they did the best with the information they have.

Just Jennifer said...

The FBI will assist state and local police in some cases, even if the crime is not a Federal case. It could be the hate crime aspect though.

Just Jennifer said...

I wonder if this is the person who used to make the talk show rounds who claimed to be a "true neuter." That person, who also used the name Toby, claimed to be "sort of like a Ken doll down there" and refused to identify as male or female. When quizzed, this person refused to reveal the sex on the birth certificate.

Some years ago, when I was doing outreach work, one of the people I worked with expressed an interest in immigrating to Canada and asked me to find out what would be required for them to immigrate there. I looked it up, and I found that Canada is particularly difficult to immigrate to. You pretty much either have to have very strong, in-demand job skills, or have a job waiting for you. I am not surprised they did not want this person coming, even if they had a "round trip" ticket. That means nothing, especially if the cost was that low.