Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Whopper of a Lie

In a typically bizarre and disjointed post, Mr. "Cristan" Williams has again created a "big lie." And this time, it is a whopper.  Apparently the "next big thing" from the transgender extremist is to claim that "trans excluding radical feminists," or TERFs, are responsible for the "transphobia that causes "trans women" to be killed.  POPPYCOCK!!!!

In the article, Mr. Williams makes this assertion:
The real Trans Day of Remembrance gives trans people a chance to honor the memory of those whose lives were cut short through anti-trans violence. Remembrance affords members of the trans community an opportunity to publicly acknowledge our humanity, our loss and our strength as a community. The TERF DOR site attempts to use the death of trans people to promote the TERF belief that it is not the confluence of cis-privilege and transphobia which leads to the slaughter of trans people, but rather something they call “male violence” – that is, the belief that men are inherently violent by virtue of their maleness. 
Paradoxically, TERFs believe, assert and promote that transwomen are men.
First off, it is NOT transphobia, or "anti-trans violence" that leads to the murder in most cases.  It is HOMOPHOBIA.  Of course, "transphobia" is a neologism that was cooked up by the transgender extremist in what was originally a rather silly bit of plagiarism of the term "homophobia," and which now is apparently being used to cover-up the fact that it really is homophobia that gets so--called "trans women" murdered.

The simple fact of the matter, which the transgender extremists seem to have decided to cover up, is that so-called "trans women" are not murdered because they are "trans," and certainly not because they are "women," and without question not because of the "transphobia" of the TERFs, but for the simple, undeniable fact that they are....MEN!  MALES!  HUMAN BEINGS WITH PENISES!!!  Wow, what a shocker that must be for some.

Seriously.  Transgender people most often get killed because some guys suddenly realizes that what he thought was a woman, turns out to be a man, and he is suddenly confronted with a horrible, though often somewhat irrational, thought.  He was attracted, sexually, to a man.  And that would mean he is, gay.  So, he freaks out.  Now, if he stopped and thought for a moment, he might realize that he was attracted to a woman, but that it turns out that what he thought was a woman...what he was attracted to, is actually a male, and well, he is no longer attracted, and thus is not remotely gay, and so he has nothing to worry about in that regard, and it was all a simple misunderstanding, and he should just move on.

But, he we are talking about men here.  They are not always going to stop and think things through.  They are going to react, irrationally, and violently, not because of some imaginary "transphobia," but because of good, old-fashioned, homophobia. Which is actually a pretty accurate use of the term in this case.

Now, the transgender community is being confronted with this fact by the radical feminists.  They are pointing out that men can be, and often are, quite violent.  The transgender extremists, who are of course, men, are upset by this.  It is quite telling that a bunch of men, who claim to "really" be women, can't seem to grasp something most women learn early on.  Men can be, and often are, violent.  Yes, women can be violent.  But not nearly as much as men.  It would be interesting to know, out of all the so-called "trans women" killed in a given year, and honored as the fallen martyrs at each year's Transgender Day of Remembrance, were actually killed by a woman.

The claim is made in a post that Mr. Williams links to, that "1 in 12" transgender persons is murdered.  The claim is never backed up, but the author goes out of his way to avoid admitting that someone simply made this number up.  Quite simply, it is absurd on the face of it.  But this is the sort of bad "evidence" that is used by the transgender extremists to cover their lies.

Sorry, but the idea that "trans women" are killed because of "cis-privilege" is a new low, even for Mr. Williams, who can come up with some pretty stupid claims.

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Nicky said...

I think that Mr. "Cristan" Williams is trying to pin blame on TERFS to cover up the fact that it's the MEN that are the problem. It also shows that Mr. "Cristan" Williams is scapegoating Radical feminist, lesbians, women and Intersex people to cover up their house of Lies and scams.