Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crowing Like a Banty Rooster

Sadly, for unknown reasons, Gender Reality has shut down, and disappeared.  Such things happen from time to time.  Sometimes, it is because the author just gets tired of the hassles of running a blog.  Sometimes it is because some cretin has threatened a given author, as happened with Enough Nonsense.  And sometimes, we never find out.

But one thing that seems to happen, again, and again...Mr. "Cristan" Williams will brag as though he single-handed was responsible for the blog's demise.  He engages in this classically male behavior regularly.

I can certainly understand why he might be glad to see them go...they did a pretty good job exposing him to the harsh light of reality.

And he wonders why so many see him for the man he really is?  Oh well, he is nothing, if not completely clueless.

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