Monday, December 3, 2012

Who's Afraid of "Virginia Prince."

For obvious reasons, the gender fascist "Cristan" Williams wants to, as he puts it, kill what he calls the "Virginia Prince Fountainhead Myth."  This is the fact that Charles Lowman, aka Charles "Virginia" Prince, was largely responsible for the rise of the use of therm "transgender."

Lowman was the person who founded the beginning of what would eventually become the modern transgender movement.  He formed a crossdresser's club, which was referred to by several names, including Phi Pi Epsilon (also referred to as FPE, which stands for "full personality expression"), "The Society for the Second Self," "Tri Sigma," and finally  "Tri Ess." Several of the names reprsent rather silly attempts to again sound like a Greek letter sor.  Lowman also produced a magazine that was originally entitled "Heel and Hose," and later "Transvestia," wrote several books of instructions for male crossdressers, and involved himself with various researchers in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and sexology.  Most notable among these was Robert Stoller who apparently based quite a bit of his ideas on transvestites on Lowman's information.

Lowman is also well known for being extremely homophobic, and having a visceral aversion to the concept of transsexualism.  It has been alleged that he was turned down as candidate for sex reassignment surgery, and was extremely bitter as a result.

In what would become a foreshadow of the modern "transgender movement," Lowman, in later years, became a full-time crossdresser.  He was very active in the modern transgender movement. especially the International Foundation for Gender Education, which has an award named for him.

So, what is it about this person that so terrifies Mr. Williams that he goes to desperate extremes to deny the fact that what we today refer to as "transgender" exists largely because of Mr. Lowman?  I mean, other than the obvious.

Whether Lowman actually "coined" the term "transgenderist," or perhaps used a term that had made several previous appearances is beside the point.  This is another example of Mr. Williams' attempts at distraction.  Lowman was quite obsessed with concepts like 
respectability and is generally credited with coining more than a few terms, or at the very least, popularizing them.  I know he has been credited with terms like "crossdresser," and "bigendered," for example.  When one term began to take on negative connotations, he would come up with a new one.  He had no problem with "transvestite" until people began to catch on that it referred to a form of sexual fetish.  Lowman did not like having his behavior linked to sex, even though he himself admitted to Stoller that crossdressing did have sexual aspects.  

Lowman was very much the pioneer of the modern transgender movement, which is really all about denying reality.  It is about men claiming to be women, simply because they "identify" as women. Never mind that they may look, act, and behave like men, if they say they are women and/or put on women's clothes, they are "women."  We are all supposed to pretend that many, perhaps most, transgender people engage in what many would consider to be bizarre behavior.  

In an article on the Advocate website, Nick Adams complains about a negative portrayal on the TV show CSI of a "male transvestite" who was being used as a drug mule.  The character, who he complains clearly looked like a man, was referred to as "delusional," after stating that he was pregnant, and referred to with "male pronouns," and during the autopsy as a "male Caucasian."  Sorry, but I thought it a pretty realistic portrayal of some transgender people.  Apparently, we are all supposed to pretend that such people are really women, even to the point of using inaccurate terminology during a legal autopsy and criminal investigation...

Yes, whether he invented the term "transgender" or not, Arnold Lowmam was truly the first among many who would attempt to deny reality and is truly the father of the modern transgender movement.

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Miz Know-It-All said...

I've no idea if he really did coin the term, but that did nothing to stop him from taking credit for it! In his coversations to me (he was trying to stop me from having SRS) he laid that claim repeatedly and I've no reason to think him wrong!

Also you are spot on vis a vie his homophobia and transsexuality! Not only wa the idea that one might have their penis and testicles removed was repugnant to him, but that once done that person would willingly submit to penetration by males... That, like it does for most straight males made him physically ill!