Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

It was with some degree of amusement that I watched "Cristan" Williams' hissy fits about Dr. Keith Ablow's comments about Chaz Bono's appearance on "Dancing With the Stars."  Now, let me start by saying I don't particularly agree with Ablow.  I did find it interesting that he seems to concede that he might well fail in his attempts to "cure" Chaz, and that if it came to it, he would support Chaz in seeking surgery.

That, of course, is a rather extreme version of how therapists should approach the treatment of transsexuals.  They certainly should not rubber stamp requests for SRS.  When they do, you end up with a very serious possibility of someone making a tragic error.  I have seen it happen.  SRS is not something to be rushed into,

But there is a bigger issue here.  Mr. Williams is infuriated that Dr. Ablow would dare disagree with transgender dogma.  The result has been an almost comedic attempt to destroy Ablow's career.  Now, as I said, I don't particularly agree with Ablow, and even less so with Paul McHugh, who Ablow has apparently quoted in support of his positions.

Ablow has expressed some opinions I find a bit amusing, like suggesting that parents should not allow their children to watch "Dancing With the Stars" because it might cause them to decide they are "transgender."  And he has made some nasty comments where he conflates transsexualism with transgender (that is probably what I would find most disturbing), but to suggest, as Mr. Williams does, that Ablow has violated medical ethics is, well, laughable.

Ablow is entitled to his views.  He is not the only doctor to disagree with surgical treatment for transsexuals.  So what?  Does Mr. Williams really imagine that someone might mistakenly choose Ablow as their therapist in pursuit of surgery?  Ironically, if that person was a true transsexual, Ablow has indicated that he would ultimately support them in pursuing SRS.  That is better than many therapists, who firmly oppose anyone ever having surgery.

The problem here is simple.  Some, especially those who made a poor choice, are so insecure that even the most minor of challenge to "transgender dogma" sends them into fits.  Ablow is one opinion among many.  Those inclined to think transsexuals in error will continue to do so.  Those who understand the needs of true transsexuals will not be persuaded by his rants.  And those like Mr. Williams, who feel the need to demand ideological purity with continue to have hissy fits about any disagreement.  And they will continue to engage in behavior that will make themselves look foolish, like filing silly ethics complaints in desperate attempts to be noticed and feel important.

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Not your friend said...

The Tee-Gees don't seem to comprehend the concept that any attention is not good attention. They went through this when a second rate, make that third rate professor JM Bailey published a paper that was touted as a reporting of some work done by a second rate professor Ray Blanchard. At the time a washed up professional TS named Ardenia James and a closet autogynophille named Lynn Conway had a tantrum, posted some wildly inaccurate things about a couple of real TS who also didn't give Bailey any credit and the whole mess made the Tee-Gees (which James and Conway are self acknowledged members) made themselves and true transsexuals at large look bad.

I find myself wondering if history is going to repeat itself. the only thing that is missing are the cadre of kooks from Canada. This leaves me with some serious questions.

When did Dancing the Stars a show on the same level as Jerry Springer rise to such importance?

Why is it the Tee-Gees get so upset over something someone says when that someone has no more credibility than the average man on the street?

When are the Tee-Gees going to learn to be more discriminating about the battles they chose to fight?

And where are James, Conway and their trusted friend Arune?