Friday, September 9, 2011

In This Case, 'F' Is For Fraud

Well, "Autumn" Sandeen, the freshly minted male eunuch is again bragging about how he is defrauding everyone he can in a post entitled F Is For Female:Part One Of Many.  Now, an interesting thought occurs to me.  If, perhaps even when, Mr. Sandeen gets caught in his little lies, and someone decides to prosecute him for fraud (a lot of what he is doing requires basically swearing that something is true until penalty of perjury) does he realize that no amount of lying about the nature of his surgery is going to cause him to be placed anywhere except in a men's jail or prison.  Likewise, if he gets arrested in another protest, like the one he loves to brag about, he will not be viewed as a female, no matter what his birth certificate claims.  They will take one look at his penis, and pop him over to the male side.  I can almost see him being dragged into a male cell, all the while crying out that he is really a female, while waving his birth certificate for all to see.

No, in Mr. Sandeen's case, 'F' is for fraud, fake, fibber, but most definitely not female.


Not your friend said...

You can't make this stuff up, nobody in their right mind would do what Sandeen is doing. We should expect nothing less from Sandeen considering the mental health discharge from the Navy after serving 20 years as a MAN in a nearly ALL MALE NAVY.

Autumn you are a fake, a fraud and a fruitcake. You are a boil on the ass of the GLBT.

Not your friend said...

F is also for forced censorship.

Grow up Sandeen.