Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Comparing Apples and.....Well, People

"Autumn" Sandeen is complaining that we don't have an acceptable word that covers everyone that he wants to be covered by transgender.  Apparently, he is now throwing in the towel on forcing everyone under the transgender umbrella and is hoping to coin a new term.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sandeen misses the bigger picture.  We do not need such a term.  There is nothing that connects these diverse groups.  Crossdressers are not the same as drag queens, who have nothing common with transsexuals, who are completely unrelated to gender queers....etc.  The only ones who really want such a term are those like Mr. Sandeen who have some bizarre need to identify as something they clearly are not.

Mr. Sandeen has a desperate need to identify as a transsexual even though he clearly has no desire to actually change his sex, seeking instead to perpetuate a bizarre fantasy of being a woman with a penis...well, more specifically, "a legal female with a penis."  This is absurd.  But it is Mr. Sandeen's goal.

No, we don't need a new term.  The old one has proven to be a failure.  Mr. Sandeen should take a lesson from that, but I don't see that happening.

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Not your friend said...

It all sounds tootie Frutie to me.