Friday, October 7, 2011


In his unique style of cluelessness, "Autumn" Sandeen seems to have "discovered" that transgender people have incurred the wrath of the Religious Right.  It is not clear of Mr. Sandeen has just just discovered this, or if he was desperate for something to write about.  I mean, "transgender" people have been, as he puts it, "...On The Religious Right’s/Social Conservative’s Radar" for some years.  This is nothing new.  

The primary reason for this is the insistence of those, like Mr. Sandeen, that "transgender" has to be linked to "Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual," even though it really has little in common, and is not a sexual orientation.  But, given the Religious Right's obsession with homosexuality, that they have "noticed" transgender should come as no surprise.

Truth be told, for many years, the vast majority of the Religious Right tended to largely ignore the whole issue.  Oh, if the question came up, they would certainly disapprove of cross dressing, but it was not something they paid much attention to outside of the association with "drag queens."  And while it has nothing to actually do with transgender, transsexualism was, with some exceptions, largely ignored and even accepted, especially if people were educated about the medical nature of the condition.  Even now, the Religious Right finds it easier to attack transsexualism  by linking it to transgender and homosexuality.

And a very good question would be if Mr. Sandeen is really that upset by getting attention from the Religious Right.  I suspect he is actually not upset at all.  In fact, I think he craves the attention.

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Not your friend said...

Remember this is from the man who said this yesterday.

"One of my favorite things to do is to pack and wear a skirt."

If I could ever get a person who knew Sandeen to post what she knows there would be no doubt that sandeen is a fetish driven man.