Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dr. Keith Ablow Makes Some Good Points

The transgender community was renting their clothes, and wearing sackcloth and ashes over the comments of Dr. Keith Ablow about Chaz Bono's appearance on Dancing With the Stars.  Dr. Ablow suggested that seeing Bono on TV might cause "impressionable" children to question their own gender identity.  While I think that is a bit overblown, he does make a few good points when he suggests that there should be an examination of the current trends in therapy for "transgender" people.

Dr. Ablow has also been roundly attacked for saying that Bono is "not a man." Now, of course that is a mortal sin according to the transgender extremists.  After all, their approach to "sex" is that people can claim to be something, and they automatically are.  But, is he a man?  Well, not according to his own words.  After being booted from DWTS Bono made the comment that he wanted to show America, "...a different kind of man."  In this context, that means, quite simply, that he is not really a man.  Being a man, like being a woman, is a very binary thing.  You either are, or you are not.  There are not degrees of being a man.

Now, I really doubt that kids are going to watch Bono and decide they too are transsexual.  It might plant the idea that being transgender is a way to "rebel," which is another issue.  But that is not really the point.  One problem is that there are problems with celebrating what is, in reality, a serious medical issue.

I mean, if Chaz Bono were truly a transsexual and actually wanted to simply live his life as a man, then why would he make such a big deal out of shoving his issues into everyone's face.  It drastically reduces the chance that he will be seen as a man, and instead insures that he will be seen as, well, "transgender."  No, I realize that it might be difficult for someone who is a celebrity to transition quietly, but quite honestly, Chaz Bono was not that well know before his very public transition.  He made a somewhat unsuccessful attempt at a musical career, but after becoming an LGBT activist, he became a bit more prominent.

I am sure that Dr. Ablow and I would find a lot to disagree on.  But, we would at least have common ground for dialog.  For the transgender crowd, there is no common ground.  He has some valid issues, and they, well they simply don't.  They are upset because he is actually speaking the truth, albeit in a rather forceful, and flawed manner.  He clearly leans away from acceptance of the validity of transsexualism, but apparently he does not reject it completely.  Ironically, some of the more extremist transgender activists do.

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Just Jennifer said...

"Jack Molay has left a new comment on your post "Dr. Keith Ablow Makes Some Good Points": "

I got a notification of this comment, but it does not seem to be here, But I wanted to respond to this anyway"

"Does this mean that transmen will have to agree with your particular view of what it means to be a man to actually be a man?"

What a complete load of crap. It has NOTHING to do with agreement, There are people who completely disagree with me that i see as men, or women. It is about actually being a man or woman, which most who identify as transgender are not remotely interested in. They are more interested in being "transgender."

"And if that is the case, does this also mean that women with two X chromosomes are men if they do not believe in the binary?"

Huh? No, it just means they have some pretty screwy beliefs.

?"if Chaz Bono were truly a transsexual and actually wanted to simply live his life as a man, then why would he make such a big deal out of shoving his issues into everyone's face."

Could it simply be that he wants to help other transsexuals by showing them that transitioning is an option? "

Uh, that might be his excuse, but I suspect he enjoys rubbing it in people's nose. He certainly does not see interested in being a man himself, so how is he going to help those who actually are interested.

"It is also much harder for the transphobic part of the population to persecute transsexuals if the majority see them as complete human beings. But for that to happen they have to be visible."

This is total silliness. If a person is successful as a transsexual (as opposed to being transgender) then they are seen as a human being. Interestingly enough, if one is "stealth" and does get outed, they are generally treated better than if they are "in your face" from the start. If you start out pushing the fact that you are a really "a man" or ""originally a woman,: that is how people will actually see you, They may put on a show of acceptance, but it will be acceptance as a transponder, not what you really claim to be. But for a transgender, that is the whole idea. The problem is, they demand that transsexuals come down to their level.