Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If There Was Any Doubt That "Dana" Taylor Is Nuts....

His new blog removes them completely...

And his over the top, autogynephilic obsession with his breasts...including lactation... (warning, NSFW or if you have a weak stomach)

I find myself did this kook manage to fool us as long as he did?

I guess the first is supposed to just devastate me.  It doesn't.  

The second, however, I find pretty revolting.  Some men are really disturbed, and disturbing.

Truly sad...


Teslagirl said...

I can't understand why anyone would want to produce milk if they weren't pregnant...

Just Jennifer said...


Well, actually, not some much pregnant, as having just given birth. The hormone that normally produces lactation is released after the pregnancy has come to term.

Women who experience something like that tend to go to the doctor to find out what is wrong. Those like Taylor find it "thrilling" or something.

Nicky said...

I'm shocked that "Dana" Taylor is in my home state. Shocking because this was the one that pushed for access to women's bathrooms.

What clear is Mr "Dana" Taylor is trying to claim he's a woman and claiming he can produce breast milk. I just find it sickening that he's trying to be a woman, when he will never be one.

Men like Mr "Dana" Taylor are very sick and very disturbing. It's why people like "Dana" Taylor are one of the more dangerous transgender kooks who we don't know. It's the unknown dangerous transgender kooks that scares most people. The ones we know, are well know and we can debunk them really fast.

lisalee18wheeler said...

Adult Nursing Relationships come to mind. There may or may not be a sexual component. I had one with someone that was lactating last year; it created a very strong bond between us. :)

idappaccayata said...

At some point they're just going to put a picture of JJ's mug under the dictionary definition of ad hominem.

Just Jennifer said...

Sorry Mr. Williams, but in this case, truth is a very solid defense. But then again, I doubt you are capable of seeing that. You being a man who has a thing for stalking women.

BTW, a word of advice. If you really want to fool women into thinking you are one of them, and that really is the best you can hope for, as you are not, and never will actually be a woman, you might try understanding that post like the ones you have directed at Victoria Brownworth, are doing nothing to dispel the perception that you are a violent and creepy man. That's what makes you such a source of continuing humor...your true and deep streak of complete cluelessness.

Just Jennifer said...

And uh, "Lisa," you might want to keep your rather bizarre perversions to yourself. Some might find such behavior a bit odd. The rest of us will simply see it as downright creepy.

lisalee18wheeler said...

If the shoe fits, "Jennifer". :)

Just Jennifer said...

Speaking of shoes fitting, I believe Weird Al did a song about you...

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Nicky said...

It makes you wonder why people like Mr "Dana" Taylor are Men in dresses who have a fetish for women and all things women. What's clear is that Mr "Dana" Taylor thinks that lactating milk is being very woman like. When in reality, he has a sick fetish for lactating milk. He clearly is a transgender kook and a delusional kook.

Just Jennifer said...

The bottom line is that people like that have clearly male minds, and this is an example of how the fantasize women are.

Nicky said...

Isn't that the common theme of most transgender kooks such as Mr "Dana" Taylor. They have a sick sexual fetish of women and fantasize so much about trying to be one. When they are still packing a penis.

Just Jennifer said...

Yes, pretty much...

Nicky said...

Pretty much Mr "Dana" Taylor is now a transgender kook, who has a sick sexual fetish for women. You can now class him as a transgender nut case and a psycho with some mental issues.

Just Jennifer said...

Ah, it appears Mr. Cristan Williams tried to sneak in a comment that was a clear violation of the one rule I have hear about privacy. That goes not just for me, but others who post here. Sorry, but nope, even arrogant little men like him don't have the privilege they think they enjoy here.