Monday, July 22, 2013

Wow, The Boys Want to Play Rough!

Let's see...  I just had to censor (something I really hate doing) a comment from Mr. "Cristan" Williams, because he violated the one rule I have here, which is you don't invade privacy.  First off, he mention something about a regular commenter here, and that alone was grounds for his post being blocked.

But then I noticed he has joined the recent effort to get really nasty with cyberstalking me.  He quoted something that I was not familiar with, that allegedly came from my daughter.  Well, of course I placed a phone call to her.  She had me send her the quote, which she was rather surprised by.  

Now, she did something rather smart.  She Googled it, and it turns out that it comes from a comment on Mr. "Dana" Lane Taylor's Blog, which also appears to be the "source" of the other comment mentioned above.  That comment appears to be a total fabrication.

Once I saw the full quote on Mr. Taylor's blog, from someone claiming to be "Rebecca" it made a bit more sense.  My daughter is not sure exactly where it came from, but whatever the source, it is clear that it was posted at a time, about nine years ago, when we were not on the best of terms.  That is long past history, and it appears that someone has been very naughty, and has gone to great lengths to find anything they can use.  This is not something that would be easily found...

I am not going to provide details as to the conflict between us, except to say that it has been settled, that the cause had nothing to do with my being a transsexual, that the stuff was written by someone who was in a very bad place at the time, and that I have a very wonderful relationship with my daughter and my grandchildren.

In another words, potentially illegal activities are afoot, so to speak.  Not surprising, as I have clearly upset some very violent men, including both Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Williams.  Mr. Williams has been accused, though he is full of denials, of threatening a journalist, mainly because said person does not believe men should be able to put on women's clothing and force their way into women's spaces.  Mr. Williams does not handle disagreement, or rejection very well.  If he doesn't get his way, well, let's just say he can be very nasty.

I am about 99% certain who the cyberstalker is.  Mr. Williams, like Mr. Sandeen before him, is simply allowing this sleaze-ball to use him.  The person in question is a very disturbed man, who used to be a terror on Usenet.  There, ironically, he harassed a person who posted as "Laura Masters" and later as "Laura Blake" for years.   It's ironic, because Blake was one of the first true transgender kooks.  His spiel was that no one should have surgery, and we should all accept that were were "woman/male." Sort of an early version of the woman with a penis crap preached now. That feud is approaching 20 years I believe, and began on Fidonet.

The style is classic, and his tactic is to take a bit of true information when he can find it, and then basically extrapolate wildly.  The said thing is, I actually tried, at one time, to help this person out.  So, you might ask, what did I do that turned him into my mortal enemy?  I declined to go along with a request that we effectively shut down the old group on Usenet by pulling out.  He then started posting anonymously, but some of his comments gave away who he really was.  Now that Usenet is effectively dead, he moved on to stalking people on blogs and such.

Oh well, if the nasty boys think they can scare me off, like they did at least one blogger, they can think again.  Their lies don't bother me.  Obviously I worry them....  That's nice.  It means they know I am telling the truth, which is the one thing they can't abide.

Oh, and one other bit of irony...  I you go back and you read the post that started Mr. Dana Lane Taylor on his hateful path, I was actually trying to be nice.  I honestly felt that he was hurting, and I tried to cut him some slack.  But, hey, even if you do it nicely, the transgender kooks just can't handle disagreement any better than they can handle rejection.  Mr. Taylor went off the deep end because he found out he can't demand that lesbians have sex with him...  I mean, after all, just because he has a penis is no reason for a woman, who prefers women, to reject him.

Oh, and no, I am not mad "because [he] got the first 'Mr.' in..."  And no, we never had the same mindset.  He was delusional, and clearly was never a transsexual. 

And things are getting more interesting...  My daughter called me back after getting the grandkids to bed, and we spent some time figuring out how someone found that old site.  They had to have searched through Facebook to find her.  I have my Facebook privacy setting on the highest level, just for the purpose of preventing people from bothering me and my friends.  They had to have looked for anyone who might be related to me.

On top of that, Mr. "Autumn" Sandeen posted a comment, an unwelcome comment, on her old journal page.  As she put it, "What he did is just....creepy."  Then, in what has to be one of the most idiotic moves that fool has ever made, he sent me a friend request on Facebook.


Nicky said...

It just seems to me that Mr. "Cristan" Williams is doing the typical transgender extremist tactics of intimidating, bullying and even threatening physical violence on anyone who disagrees with them. It's clear that they are using their male behavior. Just like Mr "Dana" Taylor, he's starting to follow the same path that transgender extremist are doing to people.

What's clear is that these transgender extremist are getting more dangerous by the day. It's why I had to get a pistol permit and be allowed to carry a pistol for self defense against these Transgender kooks. They are getting more violent and more extremist to the point that they may end up using their male upbringing, male behavior and male mentality to push their fragile ideology on to people. It could include physical violence to push their ideology.

It's why people are starting to take notice and these transgender kooks are really showing their true colors to people.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, it is basically typical male behavior, period. I was bullied growing up. Including physical violence. They have no sense of boundaries, and they have no understanding of how women might perceive their remarks.

I honestly hate guns. I had a friend who was all gung ho to be me a pistol after I was assaulted some years ago. His partner talked him into asking me first, before spending the money. He decided to buy me some pepper spray, and ask if I wanted something more. I'm just fine with the pepper spray. Ironically, I actually am a pretty good shot. I had an idiot cousin who used to get drunk and shoot at bottle and cans in the water at my parent's weekend place, I quickly learned to outshoot him, so he would be embarrassed and put the gun away.

Nicky said...

Basically,people like Mr. "Cristan" Williams are using their typical male behavior. It's typical of these men who don't know what boundaries are and really don't know how or what women might think of them. They simply are using their Male in bullying people into agreeing with their mental illness.

It's why I have seen many transgender kooks have gone extremist and have threatened, harassed, stalked and bullied anyone who disagrees with them. If they think what they are doing is scoring points with people, they are sadly mistaken and are losing more points than they are gaining.

That's why I had to get a Pistol permit from a friend of mine who is a police officer and was taught by him on how to defend themselves. I had way too many transgender kooks and extremist who have threatened to physically harm me. It's why Women, Lesbian and intersex people are wising up to all the games the transgender kooks and extremist are playing and they are seeing them for who they are.