Monday, July 29, 2013


Well, Mr. "Dana" Taylor just gets weirder and weirder.

First he posts...
Not bad for a crossdresser, eh Mr. Jennifer Usher? Had to throw that dig in. I am done paying attention to the bigot and hate monger.
Then he proceeds to make the next five out of six posts about me, with the most recent being  a link to a juvenile (in more than one way) video, where he makes the claim that I have asserted that his man boobs are hurting women all over the world.  


Now, where he gets that I remotely said that in a post which was actually about how his behavior exposes him as just another  autogynephile (Bailey and Blanchard would have a field day with some this crazy) is, well, it just doesn't make ANY sense.  

Not to mention his regular comments here...and his persistence in mentioning me in comments every chance he gets.  

In any case, Mr. Taylor's obsession with me continues...  

Update:  Make that six out of seven...

He has posted two in one day.

Does he support rape?  Well, that is a matter of opinion, but he did decide to turn against the radfems, simply because they don't want to have sex with him.  I mean, that is what the whole cotton ceiling silliness is about...trying to force lesbians to accept transgender men, pre-or post op, to have sex with them.  No, I don't trivialize rape.  Mr. Taylor does when he tries, on the one hand, to force women into having sex with him against their will, and then tries to put on a show of false piety about the subject of rape to prove he is just one of the boys in dresses, whoops I mean, one of the "girls."

I take rape very seriously.  People who are very close to me have been raped.  And that is all  I will say on the subject, because I don't violate confidences and privacy.

Mr. Taylor...I think he is doing more harm to the transgender cause no, than he did when he was lying to himself (he was never a transsexual separatist, because, quite frankly, he was never a transsexual to begin with).


Dana Lane Taylor said...

"because they don't want to have sex with him. "

Show proof of this. You are a lying piece of crap. I don't even have a sex life if it is any of your business. You are truly pathetic physical abuser of women.

Nicky said...

What do you expect with Mr. "Dana" Taylor. He's getting more stranger, more mentally unstable and more delusional by the day. It's funny he thinks his Man boobs can pass as a female breast. His man boobs are a JOKE because they are not FEMALE breast and never will be.

One thing about Mr. "Dana" Taylor, he is truly one of the most mentally unstable autogynephile that exist online. Bailey and Blanchard would make a huge sum of money off Mr. "Dana" Taylor. He's as crazy and delusional as they come.

As far as Mr. "Dana" Taylor supporting Rape, of course he dose, because his name that he posted in Gallusmag's Gender Trender blog, links him to that Rape website. he tries so hard to get biological women and lesbian women to have sex with him. Which is why he tied to cozy up with Radical feminist such as Gallusmag and Cathy Brennan. When they say that Rape blog that linked to his name, they started to get suspicious until they found out that Mr. "Dana" Taylor is a Man with a dress trying to con and pretend to be a woman.

Which is why Radical feminist turned against him because they found out he was not one of them, but in reality a MAN with a dress on and a sex perversion for women. They found out that he was linked to a Rape website that he posted under in Gender Trender. Even Gallusmag exposed this autogynephile's obsession with women's breast and how creepy he's trying to equate his Man boobs with Biological born women's breast.

Just Jennifer said...

Sorry, Mr. Taylor, but you are again, as they say, hoist by your own petard...

You have stated that you became upset by the "Cotton Ceiling," which is all about lesbians not wanting to have sex with transgender men such as yourself. To quote, "I became painfully aware of this when the cotton ceiling happened." As has been pointed out, the whole "cotton ceiling" thing has a very "rapey" feel about it. It is not stigma, it is disgust. They don't see you as women, which is their right. And, sir, even if they did, they still have a right to choose who they want to sleep with. Even if their reason for choosing is not one you think is appropriate. And no, I am not a physical abuser of women. You are the one who is the liar. You get called on something you said, and then you start trying to misdirect from what is out there, in your own words. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over. and over...

Nicky said...

It's why he's upset about the "Cotton ceiling". Lesbian women and biological born women don't see Mr. "Dana" Taylor as a woman. They see him for what he is, a MAN in a dress. Who's trying so hard to force Lesbian women and biological born women to have sex with him.

He tried to Cozy up to Radical feminist and tried to claim he was one of them, but when they got wise, they found out that Mr. "Dana" Taylor is a MAN in a dress, pretending to be a woman and trying to claim he supports Radical feminist. They quickly outed him and quickly denounced him as a MAN and an autogynephile with a fetish for women.

He's trying to misdirect people because Mr. "Dana" Taylor doesn't want people to see the fact that he supports raping women who won't have sex with him or won't recognize him as a woman. He doesn't want people to see the Truth that what he posted online about the cotton ceiling and the fact that he doesn't like Lesbian women and Biological women. All because they don't see him as a man and won't have sex with him.

His comments are all online for everyone to see and to see how Manly, Mr. "Dana" Taylor is with his attempts to try and break the cotton ceiling.

Just Jennifer said...

I have decided to not post a rather nasty comment from Mr. "Cristan" Williams. Suffice to say, the answer to the question he asked would be, "Far less than the number of times you have harassed some woman for simply not submitting your control."