Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And the Clue-Meter is Pegged on Dead Zero

Another day, another update on the continue saga of Mr. "Dana" Taylor's death spiral into absurdity...

Yesterday, Mr. Taylor posted a comment concerning a person who comments here, and number of other places, on Gender Trender.  Not only was this comment completely off-topic (the article it was posted to was about an excruciatingly bad vocal performance by some kook singing about how the New York Senate should pass GENDA.  I suspect it is more likely to cause them to pass a ban on torturing people with truly awful videos.  It is tempting to say it falls into the "so bad, it's good" category, as it is laughable, but no....this video is just excruciatingly horrid.  But I digress...

Mr. Taylor did not, unsurprisingly, get the response he expected.  Instead, he pretty much was made to look like a fool.  Not that he is likely to realize that.

Gallus Mag responded:
Dana, your hobby is ingesting massive quantities of synthetic female hormones so that you can expel a form of male breast milk from your moobs which you then post pictures of on your blog. I don’t think you are in a good position to call out another man for “perversion”.
And that was followed by a picture of Mr. Taylor's blog page, complete with the infamous photo of his trophy milk.  Now, anyone with sense would have slinked off in shame, but not Mr. Taylor....  He came back with...
So you excuse actual sexism? Okay…good on you. Thanks for sharing my photo.
I almost feel sorry for Mr. he really that arrogant?  And again, he said...
Gallus is okay with Nicky’s sexism. :) Thanks.
No, that is not what was said at all.  What was said was, "I don’t think you are in a good position to call out another man for “perversion”.  Big difference, but totally lost on Mr. Taylor.  

If that wasn't enough to get across to Mr. Taylor that maybe he had made, shall we say, a major strategic blunder, you would think this would:
Okay this dick can afford a dual electric breast pump. I never thought I could get more angry at one of these bastards but this just triggered it. F**K NO women who have infants can’t afford one of those. To rent one is crazy expensive–sick. People a dual electric breast pump is top of line like $300. You disgusting prick. He bought a breast pump for his fetish and women who actually need them to express for sick infants in hospital can’t afford them. You know what? When the vote to keep keeping this dicks out of womens spaces comes up my state I am on the state house steps handing these pics out. Come on by Dana I will be with the La leche women. Trans Rights live the sick fetish to the fullest. Dana your gonna be famous baby. I honestly did not think these guys could come up with anything else–I was wrong.
I have to say, Mr. Taylor is doing far more damage now, than he ever did when he was delusional enough to think he as actually a transsexual.

No, someone with a shred of intelligence would realize they were licked at this point.  But, not Mr. Taylor.  He was back this morning with yet another clueless post on his website:
For those who seem obsessed with my breasts and lactation. When I first lactated it was totally unexpected. I did some research and found more information about Prolacton. Prolactin is important in development of the breasts. I am currently trying to naturally increase the size of my breasts and increased prolactin will hopefully help. No matter how many of you haters try to same me for having control over my own body, it won’t work. So keep crying. I live of the tears of haters.
There are several points this pervert needs to grasp...

  1. No one is obsessed with his moobs...
  2. We are simply using him has the poster boy for transgender idiocy and perversion.
  3. Trying to cover your...uh, posterior, is only making your look every sillier.  
  4. Those are tears, except, perhaps, from laughing so hard.
BTW, look closely at how he worded that.  After having made an effort to produce milk, and having spend a ridiculous amount of money for a toy (, you know the old line), he goes back and tries to find something to try to hide his perversion behind.  He didn't know this before, and makes that clear, but tries to now act like this is why he did this.  I mean, really, this is hilarious.

And, in the final bit of cluelessness, the crowning touch, if you will...I have to say, he picked the perfect website.  They have a section on Male Breast Enlargement.  And that is their words, not mine.  No "Trans Woman Breast Development, or something else like that, but what it really is, breast development for men who want to indulge in fetishistic fantasies.  They certainly know their audience:
It (sic) you’re a biological male who dreams of having beautiful, voluptuous female breasts, there are several routes available to take you there. Many of them require some research, some planning, and a lot of gumption. None of the methods listed below are going to transform a male body into a female body overnight. But regularity and time can produce the breasts you’ve always dreamed of.
It's like...well, Mr. Taylor's dream come true.  The perfect place to indulge his fantasies.

Ah, Mr. Taylor, the gift that keeps on giving.

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Nicky said...

Have you seen how Mr. "Dana" Taylor tried to attack me. He tried to distract people from seeing his true perversion by insulting and attacking me. He's trying so hard to attack, intimidate and silence me, but instead it's backfiring on him in a big way. It's very classic male behavior,and Mr. "Dana" Taylor is clearly showing off how Male he is despite his perversion for women. It's clear that he is trying to misdirect people, but it's falling flat on his face.

You really have to laugh at the fact that he tried to take pot shots of me at Gallusmag's blog, thinking that he would get a good response from Radical feminist and distract people from seeing how perverted he really is. Instead,it backfired on him and clearly it blew up on his face. In reality he made a major strategic blunder that's will cost him dearly and what he did will surely incite radical feminist to go after him. Which he'll never recover from.

He clearly made a mistake in going after me on Gallusmag's blog. Which will haunt him and backfire on him. He clearly doesn't have a clue and clearly is very delusional. You can see why Radical feminist such as Gallusmag hate people such as Mr. "Dana" Taylor.